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Body Of Proof (Fridays 9/8 Central)


Sep 24, 2010 Web Exclusive
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We have seen the cop’s point of view, the detective’s, the lawyer’s, the crime scene investigator’s, and the forensic anthropologist’s, now, it’s the medical examiner’s turn. Dana Delany is central character, Dr. Megan Hunt. And boy does she think she’s great. Somehow playing Hunt as a smug know-it-all is the way the cleverly titled Body Of Proof decided to go.

After developing paresthesia post-car crash, Hunt had to give up her career as a super-neurosurgeon when her condition caused her to inadvertently kill a patient on the operating table. Now, with corpses, they’re already dead so she can’t kill them. But she is killing everyone else with her superior, condescending attitude. Since when does the M.E. go along with detectives and get involved in the questioning? Hunt interrupts interviews, asks inappropriate questions abruptly, undermines her colleagues, and shouts at perps. Her ordering about of detectives, her belittling of the members of her department, and her insubordination to her superiors is supposed to make her edgy and unpredictable, all it’s doing is making her seem like a rude bitch.

This is not a good look for the generally likeable Delany. But even her ex-husband, who has sole custody of their daughter, and the daughter don’t like her. She overcompensates for this by closing cases based on the information the dead bodies tell her. Apparently all crimes can be solved by brilliant medical examiners. Lucky for Hunt, her abuse-suffering cast is more than pleasant and a great balance for her caustic and patronizing personality.

Bones’ Emily Deschanel eloquently delivers quirky and unconventional so you adore her and her offbeatness. Delany’s version unfolds with snarkiness and superciliousness so you can’t bear her. Good show idea, questionable execution. (

Author rating: 4/10

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