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Friday, September 29th, 2023  

Car Seat Headrest

Twin Fantasy


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The solo project of songwriter and musician Will Toledo, better known as Car Seat Headrest, garnered attention with his two previous releases Teens of Style (2015) and Teens of Denial (2016) for good reason. They’re loaded with energetic fuzz-rock that’s gritty, sassy and honest, and occasionally very catchy.

A lot of the appeal is Toledo’s unique songwriting and vocal delivery. Both are different than anything else out there. And while he’s no honey-throated crooner, he’s neither whiny nor out of tune, but you can make the case that he has those tendencies. His implausible delivery is simultaneously deadpan and heartfelt so his vocal deficiencies can be overlooked. Played with passion and fortitude, the schizophrenic rhythms and fuzzed out quirky guitar bursts can be alluring but are just as often challenging.

Twin Fantasy is no different. In fact it’s a bit more challenging. Resurrected from home recordings originally released in 2011, the 10 tracks have been spit-shined with a new mix and a bigger production. But while it shows flashes of brilliance it also exposes Toledo’s early shortcomings as a songwriter. Filled with angst and the genuine spunk of Toledo’s frantic guitars, Twin Fantasy is also erratic and inconsistent. Regularly shifting gears from soft and slow to loud and fast. Through rambling and sprawling to high and tight, this record is sublime but also dreadful. More conceptual musical ideas than fully formed songs, Toledo packs a lot into a tiny space. Like someone who has a lot to say with not much space or time to say it.

Instead of building off the buzz and promise of Teens of Style and Teens of Denial, that show a marked development in songwriting, Car Seat Headrest decided to release a bit of revisionist history showing off the band’s potential but also its shortcomings. (

Author rating: 4/10

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Average reader rating: 9/10


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February 20th 2018

I believe you just described the loud-soft dynamic of Nirvana… also, this album is 72 minutes long, yet you believe that Will doesn’t have enough time to say anything? It’s almost as if you didn’t listen to the album, or had any idea of its prior lyrical or thematical context in Car Seat Headrest’s discography. This review is a joke, you can’t just spout stupid similes and expect that to be a decent explanation as to why you don’t like the album. Of course, this particular review is “under the radar” for a reason.

February 20th 2018

Author’s Score: 4.0/10
Reader’s Score: 9/10
I think that says it all.

February 20th 2018

Well, I guess I should give you credit for being the first critic to give this album an unreasonable score, well done.

February 21st 2018

This is a great album. There is not a bad song on it. Would be interested what the reviewer thinks is inconsistent.

February 21st 2018

What is the author talking about? These songs are amazing and the shifts in tempo are greatly timed. Also, as another reviewer said, the album is 72 minutes long. Will has plenty of time to say what he needs to say.

Big Jay
June 19th 2018

Here we have a writer trying to make a name for him or herself (I don’t know if the writer is male or female as I haven’t looked at his or her name). Unfortunately for the writer, the writer can’t write.

November 20th 2018

This is an extremely ironic review. The same reasons for which you think Teens of Style is great, are the same reasons you think Twin Fantasy is awful? Do you not realize Will did the same thing with Teens of Style? Also, it’s not only the fact the production is more polished, it’s the fact it’s a full band now. Maybe you should do a bit of research before writing a review on something you know absolutely nothing about.