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Saturday, April 13th, 2024  


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Apr 12, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Over the course of 30 plus years and six albums, Grandaddy have at various times taken the form of twisted guitar pop ensemble, searching lo-fi experimentalists, and lounge band from outer space.


Apr 11, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

The previous vinyl reissues of Nico’s landmark 1970 album, Desertshore (her third under her own name after a stint in The Velvet Underground that followed her debut single “I’m Not Sayin’”), left something to be desired both sonically and packaging-wise.


Apr 11, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

One can only imagine what it was like hearing Nico’s sophomore album, The Marble Index, in 1968, given how different it was, and still is, from anything else in the “pop” music landscape.


Apr 10, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Joe Pernice is a busy man.


Chastity Belt

Live Laugh Love

Suicide Squeeze

Apr 09, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

After five years away, Walla Walla, Washington’s low key dream rock legends Chastity Belt have new stock on the shelf with their fifth album, Live Laugh Love.


Apr 08, 2024 Live Tom Jones Elvis Costello Jimmy Barnes Little Quirks

The 35th anniversary of Byron Bay Bluesfest was a blast. Here’s a selection of Under the Radar’s highlights.



Studio: Lionsgate
Terry McDonough

Apr 08, 2024 Cinema Web Exclusive

Catching a serial killer goes international in some interesting ways in this by-the-numbers thriller directed by Terry McDonough.


Apr 08, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

On Matthew Houck’s first album of originals in six years, he steps away from the glistening, quicksilver chimes of 2018’s C’est La Vie.


Tim Blackett

Grandview Drive

Published by Nightwood Editions

Apr 08, 2024 Books

Grandview Drive, the debut effort from Tim Blackett, is a collection of 16 interconnected short stories that exude loneliness, isolation, and the often desolate nature of human experience.