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Wednesday, March 29th, 2023  

Dutch Uncles

True Entertainment

Memphis Industries

Mar 29, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Manchester UK’s Dutch Uncles are leading the charge to somehow make the ’80s cool again.


Mar 29, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Having released four critically acclaimed albums since emerging nearly two decades ago with the groundbreaking Start Something EP, it was somewhat inevitable that James Chapman (aka Maps) would go back to basics on his fifth collection.


Mar 28, 2023 Live Weyes Blood Vagabon

Weyes Blood and Vagabon lit up Denver’s Gothic Theater the other weekend and Under the Radar were there to see it.


Eaves Wilder

Hookey EP

Secretly Canadian

Mar 28, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Emerging UK artist Eaves Wilder began recording, producing, and releasing her own music at the age of 16. However, despite receiving offers, she didn’t want to sign a record deal until she turned 18 because nobody wants their mum, no matter how cool they may be, to sign a deal on their behalf, right?


Enys Men

Studio: Neon
Director: Mark Jenkin

Mar 27, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

A surreal and macabre atmosphere in Enys Men cannot compensate for the film’s lack of engaging plot or characters.


Party Girl

Studio: Fun City Editions

Mar 27, 2023 DVDs Web Exclusive

The cult comedy that inspired a generation of librarians arrives on a deluxe, features-filled Blu-ray.


Mar 27, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

As opening lines go, “Sometimes I wake up/And I wonder/What is my job?” is pretty sweet.


Great Expectations

Hulu, March 26, 2023

Mar 25, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

Changing times necessitate an update on Charles Dickens’ classic tale of class and social mobility in Victorian England, Great Expectations. In this FX and BBC co-produced six-part adaptation, we follow the fate of orphan, Pip who while learning to be a gentleman under the tutelage of the cruel Miss Haversham, predictably falls in love with her beautiful but cold charge, Estella the during the last great push of the British Empire.


Mar 25, 2023 Live Rianne Downey

Glaswegian singer/songwriter Rianne Downey is one of the UK’s brightest new talents.