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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023  

Sep 27, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

After an impressive series of singles and EPs, the London-based band Bleach Lab showcase their musical and lyrical prowess throughout their stunning, glittering, and often emotional debut album.


Sep 26, 2023 Live The Cure Foo Fighters The Postal Service The Breeders

Under the Radar went to Chicago’s Riot Fest earlier this month and witnessed incredible performances from The Cure, Foo Fighters and many others.


Sep 26, 2023 Live Wilco Angel Olsen Wet Leg The Murder Capital

Under the Radar went to Larmer Tree Gardens for the 2023 edition of End Of The Road Festival and photographed a wealth of incredible performances!


Sep 26, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

After the nuanced and relatively somber nature of R.E.M.‘s early 2000s, the band comes out with a bang on its penultimate album, 2008’s Accelerate.


Sep 25, 2023 Live Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Whitelands

Mexican experimental outfit Lorelle Meets The Obsolete hit London last week as part of their sold out UK tour and Under the Radar were there to witness it.


Sep 25, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

By the end of the 2000s, R.E.M. had returned to more of a rock band ethos, but Reveal finds the band at its most nuanced best.


Walter Everett

Sex and Gender in Pop/Rock Music

Published by Bloomsbury Academic

Sep 25, 2023 Books

Walter Everett’s Sex and Gender in Pop/Rock Music takes a studied look at how sex and gender have been dealt with in music throughout the ages.


Sep 24, 2023 Live JoyCut

JoyCut played a breathtaking show in their Italian hometown last weekend accompanied by the Orchestra of the Municipal Theater of Bologna.


Sep 22, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

In the Moment That You’re Born is Brad’s new album. The first Brad album in 11 years. The last Brad album. And it is a force.