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Saturday, December 9th, 2023  

Dec 01, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Julie Byrne’s jaw-dropping 2023 LP, The Greater Wings, was her first in six years, and, rightly, likely to make an appearance in numerous album of the year lists.


Nov 30, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Had Me a Real Good Time… is great (and great-sounding!) document of Faces’ live BBC performances.


Nov 29, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

From the moment the rich jangle of opener “Protocol” gives way to a plunging wave of warped guitar and ethereal melody, you know what you’re going to get from Hotline TNT’s second album, Cartwheel.


Nov 28, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Some albums take you right back to the day you first heard them. Green Day’s Dookie, is one of those albums, and this grand, luxurious anniversary reissue is everything and more.


Nov 27, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Recorded at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall and the Lodge Room in Los Angeles, MJ Lenderman’s latest is a rare thing—a live album that’s actually worth the listen.


Nov 27, 2023 Books

TransElectric is an introspective and self-reflective memoir, a beacon for all of those who struggle, who might not feel at home with who they are.


Nov 26, 2023 Live Dina Ögon

Swedish psychedelic jazz quartet Dina Ögon played their first ever UK show earlier this month and Under the Radar were there to see it.


Nov 24, 2023 Live The Sisters of Mercy The Virginmarys

The Sisters of Mercy played an incendiary mix of old and new material at Nottingham’s Rock City last weekend.


Dark Winds (Season Two)

AMC/AMC+, July 27, 2023

Nov 22, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

The AMC drama about 1970s Navajo tribal police officers at an isolated New Mexico reservation begins this season with stony-faced, flinty-eyed protagonist Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergeant Bernadette Manuelito, who is as gravely serious as her boss in the midst of closing in on a formidable new suspect.