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Thursday, December 8th, 2022  

Jun 29, 2021 Books

Changes attempts to document the life of Tupac Shakur through a new lens, featuring interviews with many people involved in Shakur’s life, often to a peripheral degree, who share new insights.


Jun 17, 2021 Books

Mercy Fontenot, a member of the notorious GTO’s, details her outrageous story in this fast-paced, drug-fueled memoir.


Clint Brownlee


Published by Bloomsbury

May 23, 2021 Books

The 154th installment of Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 paperback series takes on Pearl Jam’s sophomore album, Vs.


Michelle Zauner

Crying in H Mart

Published by Knopf

Apr 20, 2021 Books Web Exclusive

Michelle Zauner is an internationally known indie rock songwriter and singer, who records and performs under the moniker Japanese Breakfast. But if you come to Crying in H Mart to read about Zauner dishing on others in that scene or how she broke into it herself, you will be disappointed.


Mar 31, 2021 Books

Brian Eno’s diary, originally published in 1996, has been reissued for its 25th anniversary, with a new introduction by Eno.


Ginny Fanthome

Loose Gravel

Published by Self Published

Feb 10, 2021 Books Web Exclusive

Something of an On the Road for the punk set, Ginny Fanthome’s self-published debut is a rock and roll character study of epic proportions.


Oct 29, 2020 Books

With Mirror Sound, Spencer Tweedy, designer Lawrence Azerrad, and photographer Daniel Topete take a deep look into the how, where, and why of musicians who self-record.


Oct 19, 2020 Books

In Cursed Objects, J. W. Ocker examines just that, objects that for whatever reason seem cursed, objects that have left a trail of death and destruction in their wake.


Oct 02, 2020 Books

Hidden History of Music Row presents a sort of guided tour of the Nashville area that was so important in establishing a country music sound.