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Tuesday, November 29th, 2022  

Anonymous Club

Studio: Oscilloscope Laboratories
Danny Cohen

Aug 03, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Anonymous Club, a new documentary on Australian singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett, was filmed in vivid 16mm and based on Barnett’s diaries from 2018 (when her second album Tell Me How You Really Feel came out) up until last year. Named after one of her early songs, the Danny Cohen-directed film is the opposite of the traditional “Behind the Music” style rock star documentary with its ups and downs, celebrating success and comebacks after difficulties, etc



Studio: IFC Films
Director: Andrew Semans

Jul 27, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Resurrection, is a fascinating, if not fully realized, portrait of motherhood, revenge, and the act of reconciling with mistakes made in the past.


Clara Sola

Studio: Oscilloscope Laboratories
Dir: Nathalie Álvarez Mesén

Jul 25, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Clara Sola is a tender, personal drama from Nathalie Álvarez Mesén driven by a simmering tension.


Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris

Studio: Focus Features
Anthony Fabian

Jul 17, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris–based on Paul Gallico’s 1958 novel–is the quintessential Sunday matinee film.


Don’t Make Me Go

Studio: Amazon Studios
Director: Hannah Marks

Jul 11, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Don’t Make Me Go is a by-the-books road trip dramedy undone by a bizarre and baffling ending


The Black Phone

Studio: Blumhouse
Writer/Director: Scott Derrickson

Jul 05, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Director Scott Derrickson’s return to the horror genre after a brief foray into the Marvel universe (with 2016’s Doctor Strange) could not have been timelier.


White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch

Studio: Netflix
Alison Klayman

Apr 26, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

An epigraph attributed to Adolph Hitler at the beginning of Bret Easton Ellis’ 1998-published novel Glamorama reads, “You make a mistake if you see what we do as merely political.” This line is especially haunting not only within the context of the book—a scathing satire of the fashion industry and political stage, in which a vapid male model is recruited into a particularly brutal global terrorist ring consisting of his colleagues—but also that of director Alison Klayman’s intriguing documentary White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch.



Studio: A24
Written and Directed by Ti West

Apr 06, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Coming down off the gunpowder rush of his 2016-released Western In a Valley of Violence, Ti West’s newest offering X returns in earnest to the studiously-realized retro horror of 2009’s The House of the Devil, and in doing so, the director has crafted a blood-soaked ’70s Americana fantasia, complemented by explosions of brutal chaos and surreal terror.


The Batman

Studio: Warner Bros.

Mar 22, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Director Matt Reeves’ much-anticipated reboot of this monumental franchise has not failed to please fans and persuade skeptics. The Batman possesses all the necessary traits of a modern American epic—a top-notch cast, sociopolitical relevance, explosive big budget action sequences, and a bold willingness to move its franchise in a fresh direction.