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Room 237


Mar 28, 2013 Issue #45 - Winter 2013 - Phoenix Bookmark and Share

Rodney Ascher’s somewhat experimental documentary-investigation into Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is at its least an original presentation of some extremely unique theories. Six different film critics and fans explain their interpretations while their interviews unfold over images and scenes from Kubrick’s filmography. Though the over-analysis of cinema can be rather boring for the most part, Kubrick’s work is one of the exceptions to the rule. He truly was a director who painstakingly embedded his films with hidden details and meanings.

Room 237 unleashes a seemingly endless stream of interpretations of Kubrick’s work. Though some are perhaps madone critic explains that The Shining is a metaphor for Kubrick’s experiences at home after faking the moon landing footage for the U.S. governmentother discussion points are plausible or even well-known; Kubrick would shoot literally dozens and dozens of takes, and he rejected author Stephen King’s wishes for the film.

Viewers will walk away from Room 237 with the sensation that Kubrick has layered his film in previously unnoticed ways. The Shining was made at a time in his career when he was desperate to excite his own desire in filmmaking again, and in creating it he undoubtedly experimented with techniques and storytelling. Some of Room 237 might be lunatic, but it is mostly fun. (

Author rating: 7/10

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