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Flashpoint #5


Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Andy Kubert and Sandra Hope

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The final issue of Flashpoint bids adieu to the old DC Universe and ushers in their rejiggered line, dubbed as “The New 52.” If you have the choice, it’s better to skip this issue and pick up the OK Justice League #1. You won’t miss much. Since issue #1, Flashpoint has been a haphazard tale of an alternate DCU where most of the heroes’ histories are askew. It’s an interesting concept from Geoff Johns, but not exactly novel or well-executed. Is this really the final story of a universe that started way back in 1938? Sadly, it is. That being said, the final few pages of this issue stirred some emotions in this 27-year-old comic book fan. Johns is still a great writer when he’s not cramming in too many characters and filler splash pages (see: the rest of Flashpoint). Andy Kubert’s art is always fantastic, but we all picked up this book because we expected an Earth-shattering narrative. Oh well…

Issue #5 opens with Reverse-Flash slugging it out with Barry Allen in the midst of an Atlantean/Amazon battlefield. We are finally told the full reasons why the yellow villain went back in time and screwed up the time stream. The twist is quite emotional and centers on Allen’s family. It’s one of the rare plot elements that doesn’t feel rushed here.

The quick appearances of Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and The Resistance are so underdeveloped that it’s almost laughable. They don’t even need to be there aside from providing a pseudo war or as advertisements to pick up Flashpoint‘s various one-shots and offshoot books. Essentially, they are phantom characters on the periphery that vanish once Allen is back behind at the Central City Police Department. Thomas Wayne, Reverse-Flash, and Allen are at the heart of this story. I wish there were more panels devoted to just them. I could probably recommend this book if that were the case.

As such, Flashpoint is a lame duck with very little heart. Those last six pages don’t make up for an undercooked mini-series. DC can do much, much better. 52 #1 issues will probably remedy that. (www.geoffjohns.com / www.dccomics.com/sites/theflash)

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