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Green Lantern Corps #1


Written by Peter J. Tomasi; Art by Fernando Pasarin; Inks by Scott Hanna; Colors by Gabe Eltaeb; Cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy

Sep 23, 2011 DC Universe Bookmark and Share

Peter J. Tomasi’s work on Blackest Night, Brightest Day, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors, and the “New 52” relaunch of Batman and Robin, showed readers that he knows drama. He’s basically a human version of TNT. The drama we’re talking about here is typically ensemble-oriented. In Green Lantern Corps #1, Tomasi presents the famous intergalactic peacekeeping force in the midst of a mystery involving a serial murderer. The killer is taking down GLs one by one. The true emotional core of the story can be seen right on the cover: polar opposites John Stewart and Guy Gardner.

Both are trying to land jobs. (With the U.S. unemployment rate hovering around 9%, many people can relate to that plot thread.) Their dialogue-heavy scenes give new readers a quick peek into the vast GL universe. It’s not nearly as heavy-handed as the exposition from the recent Green Lantern movie. (Speaking of which, the Oa’s fluorescent Emerald City is no more. In its place is a craggy, hilly landscape from the film. I’m OK with that.)

This promising issue is drawn with panache and energy by Fernando Pasarin. He worked previously with Tomasi on Emerald Warriors, so they’ve already developed an artistic shorthand. Pasarin’s lines aren’t flashy. The human facial structures can be a little wonky, but striking inker Scott Hanna (The Amazing Spider-Man, Detective Comics) and lucent colorist Gabe Eltaeb (Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps) make this gruesome and alien tale a pleasurable journey. Pasarin excels at creating extraterrestrial forms that twist your imagination into a pretzel.

Aside from a bit about Hal’s ostracism, this is the first GL book from the “New 52” that doesn’t truly acknowledge past events. Dangling plots from previous GLC stories are ignored. It’s a clean slate with a purposeful person holding the chisel. The breezy issue is better because we don’t have to wade through the muck of continuity. Tomasi thankfully takes his time developing his plot. The only narrative hiccup is when he introduces five other Corps members on one page. It’s a hasty introduction for sure. Everything else is solid. ( / /

Author rating: 7/10

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Average reader rating: 6/10


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