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Tuesday, May 21st, 2024  

Hellblazer (Issue #275)


Story by Peter Milligan; Pencils by Giuseppe Camuncoli and Stefano Landini; Colors by Trish Mulvihill and Lee Loughridge; Letters by Sal Cipriano; Cover by Simon Bisley

Feb 02, 2011 DC Universe Bookmark and Share

Several comic book series have their main protagonist getting hitched (Spider-Man and Superman come to mind). It’s typically a straight story, aside from some big mishap or a villain showing up to ruin the momentous occasion. In the Hellblazer universe, a chapel hosting John Constantine and Epiphany Greaves’ nuptials, of course, morphs into the demon Nergal’s “theatrical” battleground. That devilish setup largely works for this amusing and action-packed anniversary issue (#275).

Longtime writer Peter Mulligan (Bad Company; Shade, the Changling Man; X-Force) takes time to develop each plot thread and characterization within each panel. I especially enjoyed the through-line concerning Greaves’ mob boss family and the sinister cliffhanger for Constantine’s niece, Gemma. The subject matter is decidedly grave, but Giuseppe Camuncoli’s pencils (The Intimates, Swamp Thing), and Trish Mulvihill (100 Bullets, Wonder Woman) and Lee Loughridge’s (Fables, House of Mystery) colors, lend this comic a Saturday morning cartoon-like tone. Stefano Landini (House of Mystery) finishes it all off with a muted tone.

This cartoony vs. gritty juxtaposition proves disastrous in spots, principally during Constantine’s bloody mêlée with Nergal. When Constantine yells “fucking whore killer,” the three-quarter splash page hardly translates the true violence of the brawl.

Overall, “Bloody Carnations: Part Five: Confetti and Brimstone,” is an enjoyable issue that sort of leaves you wanting more. The $4.99 price isn’t exactly warranted this time, but John Constantine’s misadventures still pack a whallop. (www.insanerantings.com/hell / www.dccomics.com/vertigo)

Author rating: 6/10

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Average reader rating: 2/10


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February 2nd 2011

The callbacks to ennis’ run were the best part (brenden, kit, etc). But you can’t truly go home again . . . totally agree on the number rating.

Kyle Lemmon
February 3rd 2011

I need to read more Ennis era Hellblazer. Any suggestions? I had no idea he was just 20 when he began writing it.

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