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When floods destroyed Suburban Homes Studio-which is ran by Hookworms’ MJ and birthed the band’s two previous studio albumsit was hard to imagine a third Hookworms studio LP ever coming to fruition. Two years later, the Leeds outfit return with undoubtedly their best effort to date.

There’s still a place for the high-velocity Krautrock force that the band demonstrated on 2014’s The Hum (“Static Resistance,” “Ullswater”), but Microshift sets itself apart by channelling the uncertainty that surrounded its creation into something affirming and powerful. At times, you can hear the record figuring itself out: layers of loops, modular synth sequences and samples are toyed with freely, allowing songs to emerge rather than abruptly come to liferecalling the late Dieter Moebius. There’s a warmth to Microshift that flies in the face of that comparison, with the band exploring body image, heartbreak, and death with a tenderness that previously wasn’t put on display on the band’s previous outings. Rather than distorting the severity of the subject matters with heavy vocal effects and ear-shattering walls of noise, Hookworms allow themselves to be vulnerable here.

Hookworms have always been a band that lean towards the sort of experimental sound that translates smoothly to a live environment, but that’s less apparent here. There are songs on Microshift, namely melancholic highlight “The Soft Season,” that are hard to imagine having a place on the setlist for any previous incarnation of the band’s live setupfurther evidence that the band’s shift since 2014 is by no means small.

“There’s nothing wrong with being fragile” sings MJ on “Static Resistance.” It’s a refrain that encapsulates this new incarnation of Hookworms. Over an impossibly difficult three years, the band have learnt to fuse the seismic nature of their sound with an emotional transparency that elevates them as a band hugely. (www.hookworms.bandcamp.com)

Author rating: 8.5/10

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Drogi do łączności
February 4th 2018

Good album. I like this band and I listen theirs.

April 11th 2020

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June 30th 2020

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