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Nightwing #1


Written by Kyle Higgins; Artist by Eddy Barrows

Sep 21, 2011 DC Universe Bookmark and Share

Dick Grayson just spent a year as Batman. Now he’s back in the Nightwing costume, battling crimes in Gotham more in his own style, rather than his mentor’s.

A few days ago, I proclaimed that Deathstroke #1 was the dog at the bottom of DC’s “New 52” pile. Kyle Higgins, who wrote that questionable use of paper and ink, is also the writer on the new Nightwing #1. I’m very happy to say that Nightwing is much, much better.

There are still some clunky things going on here, though. The whole issue is in Dick Grayson’s first-person narration, and it’s a little to wordy, a little too involved, a little too navel gazing. I understand that “new readers” may need that mythical jumping-on point which recaps all of Nightwing’s history (He’s the original Robin. There. That wasn’t hard, was it). But I’ll admit that the tension when Dick’s current situation runs into his former life is compelling, and the person-to-person dialogue is less stiff than the omnipresent narration. And there’s a pretty funny snippet about how a circus clown feels when he comes to Gotham (white skin, green wig).

One of the coolest things about Nightwing is his constant motion; he’s athletic, acrobatic, and kinetic. Both script and art put him in plenty of positions to display this. I’m not sure how cool the “generic claw-wearing villain” at the end is. The casual slaying of two cops (or at least maiming) didn’t really establish him as some kind of dangerous criminal; struck me more as gratuitous. But his accusationthat Grayson (not Nightwing) is some sort of killeris mildly intriguing.

Barrow’s art is very solid, with nice figures, faces, and flow. At times, it’s also very pretty.

This was decent; middle of the pack when it comes to the relaunch thus far, which puts it far ahead of Higgins’ other offering. I’d be happy to check out the next issue. (

Author rating: 5/10

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