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Red Lanterns #1


Written by Peter Milligan; Art and cover by Ed Benes & Rob Hunter

Sep 15, 2011 DC New 52 Bookmark and Share

Mega-rager Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps have their own series now. It’s bloody, horrific, and every other badass adjective you can imagine. There are now nine established Lantern Corps in the DCU, yet all three ongoing Lantern books focus on the Green Lanterns. I guess the Red Lanterns are interesting. I would have preferred the avarice-filled Orange Lantern Corps or the Blue Lantern Corps. Even some double-dipping with the Sinestro Corps might prove to be an interesting read.

Red Lanterns scribe Peter Milligan (1000 A.D., Shade, the Changing Man) begins his run immediately after the miniseries War of the Green Lanterns. Atrocitus is pissed because he wasn’t allowed to exaxt his revenge on rogue Guardian Krona. As a result, he’s in a state of emotional limbo. Yes, Atrocitus can feel something other than anger.

That’s pretty much the extent of this issue’s plot. The cloud of dissent hanging over Atrocitus’ clan is a weak subplot. Aside from Atrocitus, fan favorite pet cat Dex-Starr, and sexy Bleez, the Red Lanterns are one-note. Artists Ed Benes (Birds of Prey, JLA) and makes up for a lackluster through-line with crazy alien designs and eye-popping settings. Some of these panels are pretty brutal and a few are less engaging and slack on background details.

The Batman and GL franchises (see: Green Lantern #1) have emerged from the “New 52” relaunch with very few structural changes. Red Lanterns gives the GL books an avenue for branching out. This month, it’s not an id-centric alternative to Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern: New Guardians. It’s merely an emotional Atrocitus story without a dramatic compass. Next month hopefully provides different results. ( / /

Author rating: 5/10

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