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Night Time, My Time


Oct 25, 2013 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

Nature abhors a vacuum and the three-year gulf that stretches back from the drop of Night Time, My Time to the first intended release date for a Sky Ferreira LP has been unreasonably filled with a narrative of expectation, disappointment, resignation, and cynicism. Such an environment can’t fail to factor heavily on both artist and record. Harsh public reaction to the 21-year-old singer’s recent troubles hasn’t helped things either.

Sadly those hoping for a great leap forward à la last summer’s “Everything is Embarrassing”or even just more of the samewon’t find it on Night Time, My Time. The charm and freshness of Ferreira’s breakthrough track played on a forward-thinking pop promise but others came along and picked up the baton when she failed to deliver. Instead, lead single “You’re Not the One” sets the tone for the record’s minor highs. The headrush innocence of “24 Hours,” “Boys,” and “Love In Stereo” plays out an ostensibly underwhelming hand by bringing her in line with an ‘80s pop formula and offers a frustrating glimpse of how the entire record could have sounded with a lot more vision and structure.

Elsewhere, perfunctory guitar-tinged pop-dirgesflipside girl-band filler like the dire “Nobody Asked Me”dominate and color the album’s texture. Producer and co-writer Ariel Rechtshaid may have used Bowie’s Low as a reference point but the scatterings of choppy guitar scuzz (more Steven Severin than Carlos Alomar) add little to an already uneven and unimpressive debut. (

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October 25th 2013

I’m sorry but who in their right mind would want to hear Everything is Embarassing 12 times over on one album…

The artist should experiment, and play with new sounds so that it is more of a fulfilling experience from track to track.

Obviously this reviewer has no idea what he/she is talking about if one provides no supporting evidence alongside claims of people “picking up the baton”.

Can someone else from undertheradar review this album? Someone more credible? ?


Carter Chase
October 25th 2013


Dan Lucas
October 27th 2013

@SavageGonzales sure, I’ll do it. Then I’ll defer to everything Paul has said. He didn’t say he wanted the same thing over and over; he said that he wanted something of the same standard, or some similar great leaps forward, and that those were lacking. It’s a perfectly fair review that holds up to the high standards set by UtR reviewers.

October 29th 2013

Lol. This writer doesn’t even know what music is. My review of this review: 0 out of 5 stars.

Lyle Anderson
October 30th 2013

Not the best review. You seem stuck on the album either being in line with Everything Is Embarrassing or repeating the same formula as three of the songs on the album. Clearly Night Time, My Time is a major jump from EIE, and I don’t know why anyone would rather an artist take one single formula over an entire album than something a little more eclectic that still manages some cohesion. I don’t see much content behind this review, it’s more about being cleverly worded.

November 2nd 2013

A very bad review, not surprising coming from this very pretentious website. Do you ever give good reviews?

November 7th 2013

Quite obviously an outlier. Clearly to be discounted.