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Voodoo #1


Written by Ron Marz; Art and cover by Sami Basri; Colors by Jessica Kholinne; Cover color by Sunny Gho; Letters by Jared K. Fletcher

Sep 30, 2011 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

Similar to last week’s controversial titles, Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws, Voodoo #1 doesn’t soft-pedal its exploration of sexuality. The titular anti-hero(?) is a holdover from DC’s Wildstorm imprint. Alan Moore has written stories for the multi-race, extraterrestrial badass before and she once was on the WildC.A.T.s team.

In this relaunch, though, Voodoo’s an absolute cipher. Priscilla Kitaen pouts lustfully at the reader on the very first page and gyrates on the stage with money raining around her writhing, half-naked body. This is a Teen+ book with plenty of T&A. Most readers expect violence, even gratuitous violence. Sex can be a tricky subject for a comic book. It’s incredibly difficult to walk the tightrope over carnal and politically charged sex in a non-independent comic book. It comes across as crass and/or puerile most of the time. Voodoo is not above these debilitating adjectives.

The main problem with Catwoman, Red Hood, and this well-drawn comic is the self-consciousness and obfuscation involved in the telling of the story. It makes the story very acutely unsexy. Heaving breasts lose all their allure when you show them (sans nipples) over and over again. It’s the Striptease dilemma all over again. Just toss in a Species-esque alien subplot amongst all the stripping.

That being said, Sami Basri’s soft lines are quite exceptional. They resemble the illustrative work of Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist Alphonse Mucha. Basri utilized the same style for the equally voluptuous superhero, Power Girl. Jessica Kholinne’s pastel coloring is also spot-on. It’s too bad the plot is so foolish and debasing.

Feminists have a point in deriding comics such as Voodoo. This is a pretty asinine comic and only a kid in high school or immature men will enjoy this paper-thin plot by Ron Marz. (No offense to either.) His work on Green Lantern in the ‘90s was much better, even taking in consideration that whole girlfriend-in-the-refrigerator fiasco. Those that rankle from this exploitation of female sexuality to sell comic books will take some solace in a three-page sequence of panels where Detective Evans’ partner, Fallon, beats up a snarling pack of chauvinists. Like many men, I enjoy breasts. This is another story. Enough said. (www.ronmarz.com)

Author rating: 2/10

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December 17th 2011

“Feminists have a point in deriding comics such as Voodoo”
Feminist aren’t the only ones deriding this crap comic.

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