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Director Charlie McDowell Discusses ‘The One I Love’

Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss Star In The Cerebral Romantic Comedy

Aug 22, 2014

The One I Love is a mindbender of a romantic comedy, and to say much more about it than that would give too much away. In the film, Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss play a married couple whose relationship has totally fallen apart. A counselor sends them to a picturesque cottage retreat to reignite their romantic flame and, well, some truly crazy shit goes down. Mentioning anything that happens beyond the film’s first few minutes would spoil its many surprises; The One I Love is best experienced as a series of unexpected, blindsiding twists. More


The Discovery

Directed by Charlie McDowell

Mar 31, 2017

With one world-changing science experiment, neurological researcher Dr. Thomas Harbor (Robert Redford) has proven the existence of an afterlife. More