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Wednesday, March 29th, 2023  
Philip Selway of Radiohead on His New Solo Album “Strange Dance”

Mar 27, 2023 Web Exclusive

When Philip Selway sat down to write the drum parts for his third solo album, Strange Dance, he knew he wanted to work with another drummer. Selway, whose reputation as Radiohead’s chief percussionist often precedes him, explains: “I realized [it] wasn’t happening within about a day and a half.” More

The End: Duncan Wallis and Robin Richards of Dutch Uncles

Mar 24, 2023 Web Exclusive

To end the week, we ask Duncan Wallis and Robin Richards of Dutch Uncles some questions about endings and death. More

Heartworms on Her Debut EP, Her Love of World War II Aircraft, and Working with Dan Carey

Mar 24, 2023 Web Exclusive

Sometimes a song can literally stop you in your tracks. Heartworms’ recent single “Retributions of an Awful Life,” which arrived alongside a dramatic, cinematic black and white video, is one such track. Intense, compelling, moody, and magnificent, Heartworms is the project of UK musician Jojo Orme, who started creating the music she was destined to make when she began to embrace her dark side. More

Gina Birch on Her New Album, Procrastination, and the Legacy of The Raincoats

Mar 23, 2023 Web Exclusive

It’s taken Gina Birch of beloved British late-’70s/early ’80s post-punk band The Raincoats the best part of 45 years to cross “record a solo album” off her “to-do” list. I Play My Bass Loud, co-produced by Youth and released on Jack White’s Third Man Records, is a sampler platter of what the venerable Ms. Birch has to offer. More

Unloved – David Holmes on “Polychrome”

Mar 17, 2023 Web Exclusive

Composer, DJ, and musician David Holmes is a creative bombshell. Along with Jade Vincent and Keffus Green, Holmes is one third of the band Unloved, who have just released Polychrome, their fourth album. More

“Poker Face” Music Supervisor Thomas Golubić Speaks on the Series’ Music

Mar 17, 2023 Web Exclusive

If you have a favorite music moment from our ongoing prestige TV era, chances are Poker Face music supervisor Thomas Golubić and his SuperMusicVision team curated it. More

Kælan Mikla On Their First Decade As A Band

Mar 15, 2023 Web Exclusive

Icelandic trio Kælan Mikla recently celebrated 10 years as a band. Here, they discuss their first decade, constantly being on tour and misogyny in the music industry. More

Tim Roth Discusses His New Film “Punch”

Mar 11, 2023 Web Exclusive

Tim Roth discusses his moving new film, Punch. More

Xiu Xiu on “Ignore Grief”

Mar 10, 2023

Xiu Xiu’s latest album, Ignore Grief, was released on March 3 via Polyvinyl and falls in line with the experimental facet’s proclivity for arranging harrowing and sonically intense songs. More