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Aug 18, 2011

Soft Metals released a throwback video today for album cut “Voices.” We have the clip. More


Soft Metals

Synth-pop Cinema

Aug 08, 2011

As what now could be considered an electro-pop power couple, Patricia Hall and Ian Hicks have been making music together as Soft Metals since 2009. He was looking for someone to add vocals to his catchy synth tracks, while she was writing songs in need of music. A prosperous relationship quickly bloomed, both creatively and romantically. Drawn together by a mutual love for early ’80s synth-pop and retro film scores, Hicks uses vintage gear to create rich soundscapes that are at times both addictively danceable and darkly cinematic, acting as the perfect backing for Hall’s airy vocals. Their self-titled debut LP, Soft Metals, is now available from Captured Tracks. More


Jul 16, 2013

Two years from its self-titled debut, this “synth-pop romance” has entered into a drab second phase. More

Sep 22, 2011

Hypnotic. It’s an easy starting point to describe what Soft Metals vocalist Patricia Hall and keyboardist Ian Hicks accomplish with their self-titled debut. More