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Sep 01, 2014

This Friday the film God Help the Girl is released in America. It’s the feature film writing and directing debut of Stuart Murdoch, the frontman for beloved Scottish indie pop band Belle and Sebastian. The film takes place in Murdoch’s native Glasgow and involves, among other things, the formation of an indie pop band. Partly in honor of the film’s release we’ve decided to have a special theme on Under the Radar‘s website this week which we’re simply calling Scotland Week. More


Sep 05, 2014

Since the very beginning, Belle and Sebastian‘s records have been populated by a wide assortment of characters; from Judy, Sukie, and Jane all the way through “Suicide Girl” on Write About Love. In making his first film, God Help the Girl, Belle and Sebastian singer and songwriter Stuart Murdoch had an opportunity to spend more time with his created characters than ever before. More

Sep 04, 2014

In honor of Scotland Week, for this Throwback Thursday we revisit our 2009 article on the genesis of Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian‘s God Help the Girl project. This Friday God Help the Girl, the feature film writing and directing debut of frontman Stuart Murdoch, is released. But back in 2009 Murdoch had done things in reverse, recording the soundtrack to a film that didn’t exist yet. With the film now finally being released we thought it would be interesting to revisit this article. Read on as Murdoch discusses how he was inspired to write a musical and the challenges of finding the right vocalist to realize his vision. More


God Help the Girl

Directed by Stuart Murdoch

Sep 04, 2014

The sheer earnestness and unassuming glee of the film manage to pull off what contemporary musicals have been unable to do lately: evoke pure joy and enthrallment. More