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Rose McGowan On Her Short Film, ‘Dawn,’ Her L.A. Film Festival, and Charli XCX

‘Dawn’ Plays For One-Week Engagement Alongside Films Selected By The Actress

Sep 19, 2014

Throughout her acting career, Rose McGowan has had the chance to watch and learn from the many great directors she’s worked with. Now, for the first time, McGowan has taken on the new role of director on a movie set. Her debut short film, Dawn, is set in an idyllic America of the early 1960s. A young girl, is bored with her sheltered life. She makes eyes with a good-looking at a filling station. As she lets the boy and his delinquent friends into her life, she finds the world to be a much darker place than she’d bargained for. At just 17 minutes long, it’s a strong debut; a subversive bit of old-fashioned, pop-melodrama with a scary, Blue Velvet­-esque undercurrent. More

Tara Lynne Barr

Identifying With Offbeat

May 11, 2012

Actress Tara Lynne Barr doesn’t want writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait to know this, but contrary to her character in his dark comedy, God Bless America, she likes the movie Juno. In Goldthwait’s film, Barr plays Roxy, a spitfire who abandons high school to band with a suicidal middle-aged divorcé, Frank (Joel Murray), on a killing spree. Roxy precociously opines on myriad topics, and when Frank sarcastically calls her Juno, it sparks another of her zealous, foul-mouthed rants. “That’s who we should kill next,” Roxy says, referring to Juno writer Diablo Cody. “Fuck her for writing that movie. She’s the only stripper who suffers from too much self-esteem.” More