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Metronomy Announce “Late Night Tales” Compilation

Due Out September 3

Jun 21, 2012 Metronomy Bookmark and Share

Metronomy is the latest band to curate an album for the ongoing Late Night Tales series. As per tradition, the British band also recorded a cover for the comp, choosing to put their spin on Jean Michel Jarre’s “Hypnose.” Take a gander at the eclectic tracklist below. The album streets September 3.


1. Outkast - Prototype

2. Tweet - Drunk

3. SA-RA Creative Partners - Cosmic Ball

4. Chick Corea - El Bozo (Part 1)

5. Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers

6. Lonzo & The World Class Wreckin Cru - Cache Vocal

7. Metronomy - Hypnose (Exclusive Jean Michel Jarre Cover Version)

8. Alessi Brothers - Seabird

9. Autechre - Fold4,Wrap5

10. Mick Karn - Weather The Windmill

11. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky

12. Geneva Jacuzzi - Love Caboose

13. The Lone Swordsmen - You Are…

14. Tonto’s Expanding Head Band - Cybernaut

15. Pete Drake - Forever

16. Appaloosa - The Day (We Fell In Love)

17. Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Complainte Pour Ste Catherine

18. Herman Dune - Winners Lose

19. Cat Power - Werewolf

20. Paul Morley - Lost For Words Pt.4 (Exclusive Spoken Word Piece)



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September 26th 2012

Sorry, there seem to be two separate cmoments threads going here, on the original post and the repost (riposte?). Here:Many years ago a female colleague pointed out to me that I was doing the exact same thing. Although it was uncomfortable at the time I am glad she had the courage to do that, since it was something of a turning point for me in how I think about women.The thing is it didn’t occur to me to consider if there was any harm in it. I reckon most decent guys would be mortified to know that their behaviour was upsetting someone. The others, well, fuck em.This is the truth   the same thing happened to me, and I’m grateful. Most men have never really considered how this situation feels from the other side. They’re only thinking about themselves (a statement that goes both ways, I should add). Like any other effort at understanding difference, it takes some effort and some discomfort, but it’s worth it.If you genuinely want the staring to stop, the best response is to say (or ask a colleague to say) something direct, polite, kind, and firm   you can even use the language my freshman dorm’s residential staff taught us for resolving roommate conflicts:  You may not realize it, but when you _________, it makes me feel ___________. I can understand that a lot of women feel angry in these situations, but you have to understand that until you tell them directly, most men have no way of knowing why you’re angry. The golden rule does not apply here   if you asked most men if they’d mind knowing that their female students and colleages viewed them as sexual objects, they’d probably say of course not   that’d make me feel really good about myself!  The larger culture tells them that their own view is the dominant and correct view. And so when you show the kind of anger that a lot of the posts above show, to them it just looks irrational.  Which it is not. Venting your anger in a blog comment is great   this is where that activity belongs. But as always, when you actually want to solve a problem between people, respect and clear communication are the keys.I should add, too, that most parents   mothers and fathers   don’t really give their sons much guidance on this topic when they’re growing up. If you’re a mom or a dad, it’s probably a good idea to say something kind and clear when your son hits puberty   something like,  Women really don’t appreciate it when men stare at their bodies. It makes them feel bullied and powerless, much the same way you’d feel if someone threatened to beat you up. A good man will try to make everyone around him feel comfortable.  It might be awkward at the time, but he’ll thank you for it later.

September 26th 2012

After reading goloirus Godess Isis problems with jerks I have a couple of comments:1. Godess’s hotness should be out of this world2. Stupid jerks should be banned from calling themselves men I live in a tropical latinamerican country and here I have to admire my female friends. The things that they must hear in the street just because they are pretty, make me wish to have a machine gun and a licence to kill.Those so called men don’t have sisters, daughters, girlfriends or mothers? What would be their reaction if somebody tells the same grotesque or obscene words to their mother or daughter?My female friends protect themselves by going to every place in groups and if with a male friend the better, because the jerks then abstain of saying anything (cowardice is another of their defining characteristics). I don’t have any problem to escort them but sometimes, like when they want to buy shoes, it is impossible (only for my wife and daughter I would do that).Finally: yes, we look.  There are 2 million years of evolution against a few dozen years of education, but the art of the matter is using that education to make our female friends and females in general feel safe, beautiful and admired.