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Premiere: Hisko Detria Mixtape (Flow Festival Edition)

August 14-16 in Helsinki, Finland

Aug 08, 2015 Hisko Detria Bookmark and Share

The summer of music continues. From August 14-16 Helsinki is hosting Flow Festival, featuring a collection of artists from around the world. Well be there too. (Because seriously, why wouldn’t we?) In honor of our trek up north, we’re launching a special mixtape series, dedicated to some of the homeland talent. Our first Finnish mixtape comes from Hisko Detria. Listen, love it, and be sure to add them to your record collection ASAP.

“It took us a while to decide how to combine our mixtape,” says the band of their picks. “We were juggling ideas like adding songs we like, our own demo and live recordings etc or music from other bands where members of Hisko Detria play. Eventually we all just picked whatever we felt like and it became a mixture of all of those. Since there’s quite the variety of different kind of stuff, it was kinda challenging to adjust the sound levels. Due to some complications we weren’t able to add “Mother Sky” by Can, which is one of our drummer Mr. Löpöti’s all-time favorites. So after listening to our mixtape please contact your local music dealer, get the song and dance your ass off! Enjoy the summer and eat a lot of ice cream or die trying!”

Listen to the mix below. If you’re heading to Finland along with us, you can get all the festival info you can eat here.

Hisko Detria Mixtape (Flow Festival Edition) by Under The Radar Mag on Mixcloud


1. Singer Vinger: Kasevete aeg - My girlfriend and I are gay for Estonia and especially Estonian punk. This is what I’m listening to now on a daily basis. -Arto

2. Hisko Detria: Iceland Spar - This is an unmixed live recording of one of our latest songs @ Aprillikivi IV festival in Tartu, Estonia. -Arto

3. Lady Gaga: Swine - Artpop was/is a smörgåsbord of everything relevant, be it hip or square - signals and histories unstuck in time, all surface and shallow, and in its detail perhaps the deepest thing you’ve been given. So come on, it’s awesome. -Justus

4. Kylmä Sota: Ei enää kylmää sotaa - Kylmä Sota got picked because our roots are deeply engrained in the DIY-Punk movement and we love d-deat. -Klaus

5. Tuomas-Eliaksen Kettura: Mikki Hiirien marssi - Tuomas-Eliaksen Kettura is solo project of Hisko Detria’s Atte Häkkinen. The project explores songs, rhythm and sound. This music is not made in sweaty rehearsal room with big amps. Actually there are no real amps at all. Just a laptop, an audio interface, bunch of vst-plugins and couple real instruments such as guitar, bass and analog synth. All music is programmed and composed with Renoise Tracker. Influences come from Finnish 90’s underground bands such as Circle. -Atte

6. Descendents: Suburban home - None of these early 80’s American bands are less than best, sitting in that niche between early punk and hardcore explosion the way they do. Descendents is the beee-est ‘cos I don’t know… they’re funny. Who doesn’t like funny? Some bores, I guess. -Justus

7. Fever Knife: Now - Fever Knife is a fresh psychedelic kraut space whatnot rock band from the town of Turku where we live. It includes one ex-Hisko Detria member and one current member as well as guys from such highly recommended bands as Mansion, Acid Elephant, M/S Hornblower and Macchia Nera. Check them out! -Arto

8. Diamond Head: Sucking my Love - Listening to “Sucking my Love” by Diamond Head used to be our pre-gig ritual. Great song, great album, great band! -Arto

9. Pavement: Debris slide - Being way too cool for school is totally important. Fuck maths and stuff! Play some guitar like a weirdo. -Justus

10. Catherine Ribeiro: Paix - Catherine has got the most powerful voice in the world! -Klaus

+ Bonus: Hisko Detria – Bunker. As a super-extra-mega-bonus track we added a song that we used to play a few years back. There’s only this one practice room recording of it but it is listenable and perhaps even enjoyable from time to time. It has kind of a German Oakish lo-fi thing going on so the title “Bunker” seems appropriate. -Arto






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