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School of Seven Bells, Atlas Sound, Akron/Family and More Contribute to Japan Compilation

100% of the Proceeds go to Recovery And Relief

Mar 25, 2011 Prefuse 73 Bookmark and Share

As part of the on-going recover and relief effort after the March 11 Japan earthquake/tsunami, a notable group of musicians have teamed together to create Benefit for the Recovery in Japan.

The completion is selling for $15 via the Fina digital store, and 100% of proceeds go directly to Civic Force. Check out the impressive track list, including Atlas Sound, Prefuse 73, School of Seven Bells, Bear in Heaven, Akron/Family and more below.


Part One:

1. Fennesz: “Fearless”

2. Helado Negro: “Cabeza Bella”

3. Stephan Mathieu: “(Excerpt from) The Floating World”

4. School of Seven Bells: “Midnight Sun”

5. Lawrence English: “Hotaru”

6. Noveller: “Darkheart”

7. Zeena Parkins: “The Letter”

8. Tom Carter (of Charalambides): “Mended”

9. Akron/Family: “Deep Kazoo”

10. The Ex: “Cold Weather Is Back”

11. Shinji Masuko (of Boredoms/DMBQ): “Botsuon”

12. Oneohtrix Point Never: “The Inside World”

13. Tokimonsta: “Sound Caves”

14. Joshua Abrams: “Jackdaws”

15. Keith Fullerton Whitman: “Anzac #3”

16. Ben Frost: “Snæugla”

17. David Daniell: “Shiho-hiru-tama”

18. Grouper: “Cassiopeia”

19. Tape: “Mirrors”

20. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma: “Moon in a Dewdrop”

21. D. Charles Speer: “Steel Infant”

22. Evan Caminiti (of Barn Owl): “Blue Veil”

23. Blackshaw, Wood, Wood & Tomlinson (James Blackshaw & Hush Arbors): “Are You Alright? (Chump Change)”

24. Nat Baldwin (of Dirty Projectors): “In the Hollows”

25. Chris Forsyth & Shawn Edward Hansen: “Dirty Pool Blues”

26. Zelienople: “Stone Faced About It”

27. Elm (Jon Porras of Barn Owl): “Diamond Dust”

28. Lobisomem: “Kusha”

29. Stabbing Eastwood (Tunde Adebimpe & Ryan Sawyer): “Thundersnow Mountain”

30. Alan Licht & Greg Malcolm: “Natasha Utting Reporting”

31. Scott Tuma: “To: Hasty”

32. Rhys Chatham: “Prayer for the People of Fukushima”

Part Two:

33. Prefuse 73: “The Only Climactic Dissonant Hums”

34. Growing: “Untitled”

35. James Plotkin (of Khanate): “Broken ‘96”

36. Totem Test: “Pulse Prayer for Japan”

37. Marcus Schmickler (of Pluramon): “2.71828 Up”

38. Tim Hecker: “Hatred of Music (Double Gate Mix)”

39. Sylvain Chauveau: “Colours in Darkness”

40. Bear In Heaven: “The Days We Have”

41. Spires That In The Sunset Rise with Michael Zerang: “Collision Theory”

42. C. Spencer Yeh: “Solo Violin March 13th 2011”

43. Lau Nau: “Oi Kuolema”

44. Oren Ambarchi: “Merely A Portmanteau”

45. Warm Ghost: “Uncut Diamond (Dripping Pollen Mix)”

46. Bradley & Geofrey (Atlas Sound + White Rainbow): “Mr. Stephen’s Private Service”

47. Peter’s House Music: “Half Step”

48. Leb Laze: “Da Plane Da Plane”

49. Matthewdavid: “Stop Laughing / Be Honest”

50. Sam Prekop: “Lakes River”

51. Simon Scott: “Of You (Before 2082)”

52. Tetuzi Akiyama/Jon Mueller/Jim Schoenecker: “Untitled”

53. Shelley Burgon: “Let It Be New”

54. Giant Sand: “Recovery Mission”

55. William Tyler: “Tears and Saints”

56. Mountains: “Still Life”

57. Ben Vida: “Quadsweep +2 (snkglazz iii)”

58. Maria Chavez: “Natural Disaster #2_2011”

59. Cleared: “Nova”

60. Neptune: “FIG IV”

61. Water Fai: “Tokitomori”

62. Parts & Labor: “Dokonimonai”

63. Jackie-O Motherfucker: “Blood of Life”

64. Greg Davis: “Sho Sai Myo Kichijo Dharani”


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