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Monday, April 22nd, 2024  

Tessa Violet Shares Video For “Games” feat. lovelytheband

Read Our Exclusive Q&A With Tessa Violet Below

Apr 21, 2021 Photography by Ashley Osborn
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Alt pop artist and musician Tessa Violet has returned, sharing a new video for her collaborative reimagining of “Games,” featuring L.A. indie pop trio lovelytheband. The track is the final release in a series of collaborations reinventing standout tracks from Violet’s 2019 debut record Bad Ideas. In 2020 Violet shared new versions of “Words Ain’t Enough” with Chloe Moriondo and “Bored” with Misterwives and followed with “Games” earlier this month.

“Games” was already one of the standout tracks from Bad Ideas, featuring Violet’s colorful aesthetics, slick electro pop instrumentals, and one of the record’s most electrifying hooks. The lovelytheband version finds all these elements intact but turned up to an even more fervent edge. The addition of the band’s slick gang vocals and even more booming production makes an already towering track all the more impressive.

As Violet explains, “Being cheated on is crazy making. You’re suspicious but then your suspicion is dismissed and you start to question your own sense of reality. ‘Games’ for me is about the tension of suspecting something is up but being paralyzed because it doesn’t feel good to call someone a liar.”

The accompanying video released last weekend also playfully pays homage to the famed baseball scene from Twilight. Even better, there’s a hilarious mid-video cameo from Carlisle Cullen himself, Peter Facinelli.

Along with the video, Violet also has announced an upcoming exclusive livestream event - ‘Bad Ideas: The Experience’ - taking place May 12th and 13th. Tickets are available here via Moment House.

Check out the video and our exclusive Q&A with Tessa Violet below.

Under the Radar: How did the lovelytheband collaboration happen? How did having lovelytheband on the song change it up?

I was supposed to open for lovelytheband in 2020 which i was so stoked about. I love being on the road. ANYWAY since that didn’t happen I was like “hey would you want to sing on Games?” I really love Mitchy’s voice on it! He’s got such a killer voice and I think he really adds something special to the song. We also made the song a bit bigger and faster which brought more energy to it which is fun!

You were the sole songwriter on most of the tracks on Bad Ideas. What attracted you to all the collaborations and features you’ve been releasing as of late?

It will have been three songs that I’ve released with a new artist on it! All three of these songs are so special and I just felt like they deserved a little more time in the spotlight, having a featured artist on the song is such a fun way to do that! I feel like I appreciated the songs more when I got to hear them through someone else’s voice. :) Plus it’s super fun to do a release with a friend. Then you have someone to be excited with!

How has it been working through a pandemic, especially with being such an online artist in the first place?

The hardest part was not being able to tour. I’ve spent years now with a single-minded focus on getting to be an artist who is on tour most of the time and I got there in 2019! But that said, it feels like an opportunity to surrender to the reality that we never really have control. Control is an illusion.

Do you think getting your start online and having that built-in online engagement and active presence made things easier in some respects?

Yes and no… on one hand: it was a little intimidating to try to start something new like music when you already have people following you for a different thing. That said, I feel super lucky to have people still following me to this day who were supporters from the beginning! Something that’s really fun now is people who lost touch with me when I started doing music will find me now (years later) and be like wow!!! I watched you when I was in middle school and lost touch, but that’s so cool you made it as an artist. and I really think that’s a super sweet moment!

Why did you go with a Twilight homage for the “Games” video?

Twilight has just really been in the zeitgeist lately. i constantly see it all over my for you page on TikTok and on Twitter. It’s such a beloved movie of so many people and like… there’s three people in lovely, there’s three baddies who enter the baseball scene. And playing baseball just happened to work perfectly with the song being called “Games”. It just seemed like such a funny and off the wall idea. It’s like… can we make a serious music video for this song that is so absurd? It’s amazing. and to answer the second part, I really went into it being like hahaha I think this is a great idea but is it going to work? it took everything coming together in that final moment color/vfx/Peter’s cameo and suddenly it was like YES. This freaking works.

I loved the interlude with the cameo from Carlisle (actor Peter Facinelli). How did the cameo end up happening?

We reached out to his team not really having high expectations as we thought it was a long shot, but they were so receptive and kind and excited - especially to work with and support an independent artist like me. Twilight was such a big moment in my life and the lives of a lot of fans and people I know so it was really the icing on the cake and I’m so thankful to Peter! the scene cracks me up.

Now that the Bad Ideas-era is over where are you hoping to go next?

On one hand, I had a break up since my last album which I was really heartbroken about. but on the other hand, I’ve really transformed as a person. I feel like I really know myself now. we vibe, ya know. so my new music is like, some heart break but also some…Hey look Ma, I made it!

Who are some of the artists that have been inspiring your new music?

Yo, I’m super into Doja Cat right now, I love her.


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