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Watch: Patti Smith Covers Rihanna’s “Stay”

A New York Treat

Jan 22, 2014 Rihanna Bookmark and Share

We all knew that covering Rihanna was a music industry past time (eh, Zola Jesus, Low, and Jessie Ware?) But who knew that Patti Smith would be so good at it? Just kidding—she’s Patti Smith, she can do whatever she wants. Check out this fan captured footage, where Smith tears into Rihanna’s “Stay” at a recent concert in New York. Smith’s newest album Banga is out now via Columbia.




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October 5th 2015

I like Rihanna’s song “Stay.” I think it represents how much love that someone has for another. The fact of you two breaking up is just simply out of this world. You want to try to find a way to work it out.

The least you can do is try and make that person stay with you. There are problems with you and her but if they just chose to stay, they can be worked out eventually. If they go now, the relationship might be over with for good.

Your unsure if it ever will though. Either you or her are frustrated with loving each other right now. You feel if they leave now, you might loose them forever. Hope is all you got when it gets this bad.

You hope that you can trust her to be patient. You hope that everything will come together and build up again. The relationship is fragile but tending to it carefully will make it strong again. An example that I like to think of is a thin string.

If you pull on it a little, it will break. If you gradually wrap another string around it, the strength will double. If you keep wrapping more than it will become strong again. Unfortunately, most people don’t understand this concept.

A lot of people let their relationship fall all the way down to the last string before they think about placing more around it. The chances are placing strings on it now after it is on it’s last one might not work.

Try to recognize the strands getting broken when the first one does break. Don’t let your chances decrease with only having one left. If you really love someone, you would prevent the relationship from ever getting down to the last string.

I can’t stress this enough because it happened to me. I tried to keep it together when it was already too late. I didn’t pick up on the signs when I should have. I thought that I had plenty of time to repair it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t. It shocked me beyond belief. It hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s a feeling I never want to go through again.

Knowing that I could have done something about it makes it worse. I learned the hard way with love. Don’t do the same if you are in love.