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Josephine Olausson of Love Is All

Wasted on the Youth Guest Blog: Love Is All’s Josephine Olausson on Sports and Bands of Her Youth

Sep 03, 2010 Web Exclusive By Josephine Olausson Bookmark and Share

(Under the Radar's Summer 2010 Issue is a special issue named the Wasted on the Youth Issue that features musicians and actors talking about their childhood memories and things they loved when they were kids. We're also posting web-exclusive essays that were not printed in the issue, including this one by Josephine Olausson, from the Swedish band Love Is All.)

I have a feeling that as I child I was much more into the idea and aesthetic of something than the actual thing itself. I played football (or soccer, as you might know it) just to be able to wear knee-high socks and shin-guards. I think my favorite thing about horseback riding might have been wearing that rounded soft helmet and those impossible to get off boots. I would spend hours outside our house slamming a hockey puck against a garage door with a left-handed stick (I do every thing else with my right hand). I just loved having a hockey stick; I would put tons of tape on the blade to make it look more authentic. One summer my parents bought my sister and me a pretty useless skateboard from the toy store. Being a coward by nature, I'm not sure I ever dared riding the thing, but that didn't stop me from taking it out for walks.

The same thing went for music. I can't remember the amount of bands I was in, but I'm pretty positive that none of them ever came close to writing a song. I just really wanted my own microphone and a cool band name. A cool band name basically meant anything in English that included the word kids. We would make up silly dance moves and sing along to songs that we had recorded off the radio. I don't think I ever really cared about learning the English lyrics. As long as my hair was crimped the right way and I had a microphone in my hand it all felt authentic enough.

(Josephine Olausson is the lead-vocalist in Love Is All. Her band's third album, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, was released this past March on Polyvinyl.) (www.myspace.com/loveisall8, http://loveisallright.blogspot.com/)


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September 7th 2010

Lovely to read an interview with Josephine. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the limited felt Tip releases recently - yipee!!

September 15th 2010

Lovely to read an interview with Josephine.

Josephine is a nice girl. I notice that all girls, that was connected with music in childhood then grow up in wonderful people.

Bozena Joe
July 17th 2012

I always love Josephine Olausson on Sports and Bands of Her Youth. I am big fan of Josephine Olausson on sports and band. I was looking when will came out Josephine Olausson new sports. Thanks for nice review.

Dr. Ken Erickson
January 17th 2013

Great parallel between youthful expression through sport and the creative release of music. Thanks for sharing.

Yours in Health,


July 15th 2013

I understand how you got the inspiration. :) Creative ideas , more often than not, happen by a chance. Love is all is an awesome band and I really love it.

January 8th 2018

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September 8th 2018

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Heather J Redman
January 29th 2019