Album Reviews

Band of Horses
Why Are You OK

Jun 24, 2016 Web Exclusive

For a while after 2012's Mirage RockBand of Horses' awkward, uncomfortable attempt at the mainstream, it seemed possible that the album would be the band's last artistic statement. 

Strange Little Birds

Jun 23, 2016 Web Exclusive

Indie music fandom 101 tells us that commercial success is overrated. Strange Little BirdsGarbage's first album in four years since Not Your Kind of People, though, is the lowest-charting of their career and perhaps this is telling: for it does feel like their least essential.

Wye Oak

Jun 22, 2016 Web Exclusive

The latest release from Wye Oak, the project of Baltimore duo Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack, is a brief collection of songs that did not make it onto 2011's Civilian or 2014's Shriek. Hence the clever title, Tween, referring to the fact that these songs exist somewhere in between these more official releases.

Classic Interviews

Superchunk: In the Studio

Superchunk: In the Studio
Mac McCaughan Discusses Superchunk's First Album in Nine Years

Mar 29, 2010 Web Exclusive

The Most Anticipated Albums of 2010 section in Under the Radar's Winter 2010 Issue includes a short article on Superchunk's new album. Here is the full Q&A of that interview with Mac McCaughan. North Carolina's Superchunk, an indie rock trailblazer throughout the 1990s, hasn't released an album since 2001's Here's to Shutting Up, but with the recording of the Leaves in the Gutter EP in the spring of 2009, the seeds were planted for the band's ninth album, which frontman Mac McCaughan expects to be released in 2010.

Comic Book Reviews

Clean Room

Jun 15, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

The ever-versatile Gail Simone uses an analog for Scientology, the "Honest World Foundation," as a jumping-off point for examining a world where demons are possibly realand influential. 


Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks and Nicolas Winding Refn on ‘The Neon Demon’

Jun 24, 2016 Web Exclusive

As star Elle Fanning sees it, Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest film, The Neon Demon, is the story of “Dorothy coming to Oz if she was the evil one.” It’s an astute conclusion. Although Fanning’s Jesse – a fresh-faced teen just off the bus and hoping to make it in Los Angeles – is decidedly naïve, there is something sinister about her confidence.

Cat’s Eyes

Jun 24, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Despite dating and making music together for several years as Cat’s Eyes, last summer was the first time Faris Badwan visited Rachel Zeffira’s tiny Canadian hometown, located some 10 hours outside of Vancouver. Zeffira’s wash of emotions, generated by the experience of bringing her boyfriend back to her childhood home, was captured in the swoony ballad “Everything Moves,” found on the duo’s sophomore full-length, Treasure House

Pleased to meet you

C Duncan

Jun 23, 2016 Issue # 57 - M83

Though he has spent most of his life preparing for a career in music, Chris Duncan (who uses "C Duncan" as his stage name) was nonetheless surprised by how quickly he realized his potential.


Ranked: 2016 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

Feb 26, 2016

The 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony will happen on Sunday, February 28th. As in years past, we've taken a look at this year's short film competitions. The Academy defines a short film as an original motion picture running 40 minutes or less, and excludes all advertisments, unaired or unsold television episodes, or credit sequences from feature-length films. Our critic, Shawn Hazelett, watched and ranked all of this year's Oscar-nominated shorts. Today, he looks at this year's animated category. 

Live reviews

Primavera Sound 2016

Jun 09, 2016 By Dan Lucas

If the sun comes up and I still don’t want to stagger home, then it’s the memory of our betters that are keeping us on our feet.” When James Murphy wrote “All My Friends” he might not have been thinking specifically about the Primavera Sound festival


Primavera Sound 2016 Preview: A Day-By-Day Guide to the Spanish Festival

May 25, 2016 By Dan Lucas

Primavera Sound may only have been going since 2001, but few would argue against it having earned a reputation for consistently delivering the most exciting line-ups of any festival the European side of the Atlantic. Tickets are always fervently sought out but this year's bill is so stellar that even the most embittered cynic would be impressed by a festival previously dubbed Europe's largest collection of hipsters.

Cinema Reviews

Free State of Jones

Jun 24, 2016 Web Exclusive

Newton Knight’s legend has a lot of cinematic juice—it’s just a shame it’s been distilled down into dull, preachy melodrama.

Television Reviews

AMC (Premieres Sunday, May 22 at 10/9 Central)

May 20, 2016 Web Exclusive

Preacher is adapted from the Vertigo Comics series of the same name. We might well be in a golden age of television adaptations of other properties: for instance, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and, recently, The Magicians. While it's hard to extrapolate from a pilot whether Preacher will eventually reach a similar critical or popular success as those franchises, it's certainly off to a very strong start.