Album Reviews

Martha Wainwright
Goodnight City

Dec 02, 2016 Web Exclusive

Every Wainwright family member, Martha included, has a flair for the dramatic, a commitment to emotional exploration that remains unconcerned and even completely detached from musical norms. 

Devil Music

Dec 01, 2016 Web Exclusive

The Men Return With Devil Music, A Primal, 34-Minute Gut-Punch Recorded Live During A Weekend In The Group's Practice Space. 

Being No One, Going Nowhere

Nov 30, 2016 Web Exclusive

STRFKR hits cosmic heightsquite literallyon its psychedelic/celestial fourth album, Being No One, Going Nowhere. In the last decade or so, the Portland group has been unsuccessful in maintaining a low profile. 

Classic Interviews

Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave
Asleep at Heaven’s Gate Album Preview

Jul 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

Rogue Wave’s third studio album, Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, due in September, finds the band with an unlikely new home—Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records. It’s the end result of a tumultuous year marked by loss, kidney replacement, a lineup addition, and fatherhood.

Comic Book Reviews

Superman: American Alien: Written by Max Landis

Oct 20, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

In terms of popularity, Superman is a paradox among superheroes. He is the heroic archetype, iconic and eternal. But when it comes to actual stories, nothing outside of his origins really come to mind, and most fans would even admit that the overpowered nature of Superman's abilities just makes him boring.


The End: Weyes Blood (aka Natalie Mering) on Endings and Death

Dec 02, 2016 Web Exclusive

To end out the week, we ask Weyes Blood (aka Natalie Mering) some questions about endings and death. Weyes Blood's latest album, Front Row Seat to Earth, is out now via Mexican Summer. 

My Firsts: Jack Cooper of Ultimate Painting

Dec 01, 2016 Web Exclusive

My Firsts is our email interview series where we ask musicians to tell us about their first life experiences, be it early childhood ones (first word, first concert, etc.) or their first tastes of being a musician (first band, first tour, etc.). For this My Firsts we talk to Jack Cooper of Ultimate Painting

Pleased to meet you


Nov 17, 2016 Issue #58 - The Protest Issue

Relationships often can be strained for members of internationally touring bands. But for Melbourne, Australia, four-piece Terry, it's not a concern. That's because the band consists of two sets of couples-Amy Hill and Al Montfort and Xanthe Waite and Zephyr Pavey.


TIFF 2016 Preview: The Movies We’re Most Excited to See

Aug 24, 2016

By Jason Wilson

With the 41st Toronto International Film Festival around the corner, the list of films set to be playing cover so many styles and genres that there truly is something for every taste. TIFF is about variety and access. It is friendly to the public and is far from being an exclusive affair. It is a celebration of film, filmmakers and film lovers. That said, deciding on what movies to target is a tall order with such a massive slate.

I’ll be covering TIFF for Under the Radar this year. The festival runs from September 8 – 18. The following are 10 movies I’m especially interested in seeing with a little rundown on why I’m looking forward to them. After this, I’ll have a second 15 titles I’m also interested in. This is only scratches the surface of the total list. If your most anticipated is missing, feel free to pop on down in the comments section and make a case for it. Depending on the schedule, I likely won’t be able to see all of these movies during the festival. It’s 10 days of running around to various venues and still finding the time to eat, sleep and write. Onto the list!


Under the Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Part 3: Collectibles and Toys

Nov 30, 2016 By Mark Redfern

We can all be grown-ups and work jobs to provide for ourselves and our families. But there's nothing wrong with still keeping your inner child not just alive and well, but well fed. Sure, not everyone still gets that adults like to have their toys too (we just call them collectibles now), but it's become much more the norm. 

Cinema Reviews


Dec 03, 2016

No modern actress is better suited to play Jackie Kennedy than Natalie Portman. 

Television Reviews

The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 1: “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Oct 26, 2016 Web Exclusive

There's a small moment in The Walking Dead's season one finale "TS-19," where Rick Grimes tells Dr. Edwin Jenner that he's "grateful" that he and his group have been allowed to enter the safety of the CDC. "The day will come when you won't be" is Jenner's grim reply.