Album Reviews

White Lung

May 03, 2016 Web Exclusive

An abrasive hardcore band progressing from pummeling noise to nuanced songwriting is hardly novel in 2016. It's almost perfunctory, part of the Internet's cred-to-buzz-to-respectability-to-longevity arc. 

Julianna Barwick

May 02, 2016 Web Exclusive

Julianna Barwick has occupied a unique space in music since her breakthrough, 2011's The Magic Place. She makes music that isn't quite electronic, because it's too organic; isn't quite instrumental, since it features voice; and isn't quite ambient, since her music isn't all drones and tones. 

Brian Eno
The Ship

Apr 29, 2016 Web Exclusive

Brian Eno's intentions will never cease to be helplessly rooted in discovery. Strikingly modest for a man with such colossal cultural impact and a production résumé boasting John Cage, David Bowie, and John Cale to name a few, Eno is unrivaled in his influence on the dynamics of modern electronic music. 

Classic Interviews

Joachim Trier

Joachim Trier
Co-writer and director of Reprise

May 01, 2008 Web Exclusive

There appears to be a perpetual gleam in the eye of Norwegian director Joachim Trier. Although he remains politely soft-spoken and composed when discussing his directorial feature debut Reprise, his enthusiasm is nonetheless contagious as he gushes about the influence of artists as disparate as Alain Resnais and Bad Brains, whose work he both describes as punk.

Comic Book Reviews

Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam

Apr 20, 2016 Web Exclusive

I'm not sure if there's ever been such a contrast between the beauty of a work's cartooning and the cringe-inducing depravity of its characters as in Simon Hanselmann's Megg & Mogg comics. 


My Firsts: Michael Lovett of NZCA Lines

Apr 29, 2016 Web Exclusive

My Firsts is our email interview series where we ask musicians to tell us about their first life experiences, be it early childhood ones (first word, first concert, etc.) or their first tastes of being a musician (first band, first tour, etc.). For this My Firsts we talk to Michael Lovett from London electro-pop outfit NZCA Lines

Jason Bateman and Christopher Walken on ‘The Family Fang’

Apr 29, 2016 Web Exclusive

Baxter Fang is a young adult novelist whose career is floundering. His sister, Annie, is a washed-up starlet and former tabloid “wild child” similarly on the decline. Their parents, Caleb and Camille, are performance artists and provocateurs, infamous for roping their two young children (sometimes unknowingly) into their projects and impromptu “happenings.” The now-grown Baxter and Annie Fang are estranged from the famous parents they feel exploited them, but when Baxter injures himself and is taken in by their folks, it leads to an unplanned—and most unusual—family reunion. 

Pleased to meet you

Sunflower Bean

Mar 11, 2016 Web Exclusive

You don't have to wear floral shirts and flares to record your guitars backwards, just ask Sunflower Bean's Jacob Faber. His band owe more stylistically to the black-clad cool of The Velvet Underground than Woodstock '69, they make some of the most arresting psychedelic rock of recent times, but Sunflower Bean don't have time for revivalism.


Ranked: 2016 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

Feb 26, 2016

The 88th Annual Academy Awards ceremony will happen on Sunday, February 28th. As in years past, we've taken a look at this year's short film competitions. The Academy defines a short film as an original motion picture running 40 minutes or less, and excludes all advertisments, unaired or unsold television episodes, or credit sequences from feature-length films. Our critic, Shawn Hazelett, watched and ranked all of this year's Oscar-nominated shorts. Today, he looks at this year's animated category. 


Thao Nguyen of Thao & the Get Down Stay Down on How Her Dad Influenced Her New Album

Apr 28, 2016 By Thao Nguyen

When we asked Thao Nguyen of Thao & the Get Down Stay Down to take part in one of our recurring guest blog series, instead she decided to pen a more personal piece about the inspiration behind the band's new album, A Man Alive, which came out last month via Ribbon Music. 

Cinema Reviews

The Meddler

May 03, 2016 Web Exclusive

Marnie Mirnivini (Susan Sarandon) is recently widowed, but she has a lot of time and energy to expend before kicking the bucket herself.

Television Reviews

Houdini & Doyle

Apr 29, 2016 Web Exclusive

In real life, Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle was a believer in Spiritualism, while his friend, the escape artist Harry Houdini, was a fervent crusader against ita clash that ultimately destroyed their friendship.