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Jul 23, 2018 Web Exclusive

One step forward, two steps back. So goes the retro-futuristic bachelor pad music on Jellies, the debut album by former members of The Bees (aka A Band of Bees), Aaron Fletcher and Tim Parkin, the duo now known as 77:78

Ty Segall and White Fence

Jul 20, 2018 Web Exclusive

Psych-rockers Ty Segall and White Fence (aka Tim Presley) make a groovy return with Joy, the follow-up to their 2012 collaboration, Hair. This is the second 2018 release for each artist, both of whom have released separate projects this year:

Endless Scroll

Jul 19, 2018 Web Exclusive

As is the norm for warm-up bands, audience expectations were low for the relatively unknown Brooklyn band Bodega as they opened for Franz Ferdinand on a leg of their current tour. But eyes and ears perked up instantly on the first note played because Bodega is neither your average warm-up band nor your average post-punk band.

Classic Interviews

Five Questions With Director Deon Taylor

Five Questions With Director Deon Taylor
2014 LA Film Fest Interview

Jun 12, 2014 Web Exclusive

After earning a biology degree from San Diego State University on a basketball scholarship, and then playing professionally in Germany for a year, filmmaker Deon Taylor established himself as a director in the horror genre, with titles such as Nite Tales (2008) and Chain Letter (2009). He was looking to transition into drama, in search of stories with complex themes and topical issues, when producer Vince Cirrincione brought Eric J. Adams' screenplay for Supremacy to his attention. The story, about a white supremacist who takes a black family hostage in their own home, is based on true events.

Comic Book Reviews

Drawn & Quarterly

May 17, 2018 Web Exclusive

Drnaso beautifully weaves an intricate story-simultaneously a riveting character study and a parable about the dangerous spread of misinformation and doubt-that blooms wider with every subsequent panel.


The End: The Essex Green

Jul 20, 2018 Web Exclusive

To end out the week, we ask The Essex Green some questions about endings and death. The indie-pop trio (Sasha Bell, Jeff Baron, and Christopher Ziter) haven't released an album in 12 years, since 2006's Cannibal Sea, but last month they released a new album, Hardly Electronic, via Merge.

Amen Dunes on “Freedom”

Jul 16, 2018 Web Exclusive

I found Damon McMahon on the southern route of his U.S. tour, headed to Louisville from Nashville in a van with his bandmates listening to him answer questions about, among other things, them, which is strange. 

Pleased to meet you

Soccer Mommy on “Clean”

Jun 26, 2018 Issue #63 - Courtney Barnett

On the final track of Clean, the debut full-length album from Nashville's Soccer Mommy (aka Sophie Allison), the ground opens up. Under the weight of the uncertainty and pain that Allison describes on the proceeding tracks, she imagines the ground buckling: "I dreamt the sidewalk broke in two. 


Beach House - 10 Best Songs:  Ranking the Best Tracks from Teen Dream to 7

May 23, 2018

With their latest album 7, Beach House has now released eight albums (seven studio albums and one rarities and B-sides release) and 83 songs. Distilling these 83 songs down to a 10 best was a daunting task but one that was met with an enthusiastic glee. Not much is better than revisiting Beach House's entire catalog of their signature dream-pop formula of airy guitars, hushed indie-rock beats, and ethereal vocals. From their self-titled 2006 debut to the recently released 7, their sound shimmers with lush and gossamer melodies, catchy beats and softly soaring guitar riffs. Of course it proved too difficult to pick just 10 tracks, so below is list of the top 14. A 10 best and four honorable mentions.

Of course all of this is subjective, this is simply the opinion of one writer. No doubt you have your own list of favorite Beach House songs. And yes, we are aware there are no songs from the band's first two albums, 2006's Beach House and 2008's Devotion; we feel they truly came into their own with their third album, 2010's Teen DreamBy Matt the Raven

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Live reviews

SOPHIE at Ladyland in Brooklyn, NY on June 22, 2018

Jul 12, 2018 By Max Freedman

There is no such thing as a SOPHIE DJ set. Behind a table littered with MIDI controllers and with the volumemostly the bassturned to at least 12, she can make any pop song with even a hint of darkness sound like she produced it. Each and every sound heard when she takes the stage is an expression of herself, her influences, her musical goals. 


Reissued and Revisited: Matthew Sweet

Jul 19, 2018 By Frank Valish

Intervention Records reissues Matthew Sweet's 1995 album 100% Fun on vinyl with an additional LP of extras.  


Cinema Reviews

Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town

Jun 22, 2018 Web Exclusive

Propulsive, kinetic, and unapologetically crass, Izzy feels like an indie film that would have been put out by Miramax in the early ‘90s.

DVD Reviews

From the Vault: No Security—San Jose ’99
Studio: Eagle Vision

Jul 20, 2018 Web Exclusive

The latest Rolling Stones From the Vault release finds the Stones playing a rescheduled date at the San Jose Arena in April of 1999, on the final leg of the band's No Security tour in America.

Television Reviews

Sharp Objects
HBO, Sundays at 9:00 p.m. (Premiering July 8)

Jul 06, 2018 Web Exclusive

The announcement hit all the right notes. Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson starring in a miniseries based on a Gillian Flynn's novel for HBO sounds like an automatic hit. While Sharp Objects, the miniseries, is indeed everything Flynn's fans could have hoped for, the end result will likely leave some viewers vexed.