Album Reviews

Mount Eerie
A Crow Looked at Me

Mar 24, 2017 Web Exclusive

A Crow Looked at Me is an unflinching look at life going on after the loss of someone dear, as much about love as it is about death. 

The Jesus and Mary Chain
Damage and Joy

Mar 23, 2017 Web Exclusive

When The Jesus and Mary Chain reunited in 2007, it was unexpected given the acrimonious breakup that brothers Jim Reid and William Reid experienced while touring for their 1998 album Munki


Mar 22, 2017 Web Exclusive

The difference a couple of years can make. Sun Structures, the 2014 debut album by the English band Temples, often took its cues from '60s psychedelic rock while at times brushing shoulders stylistically with contemporaries like The Last Shadow Puppets.

Classic Interviews

Jeff Lemire

Jeff Lemire
The Beauty of Collaboration

Jan 20, 2012 Web Exclusive

Two of the surprise hits of DC New 52 initiative were Jeff Lemire's trippy horror series Animal Man and his action-packed Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Both made a big splash for the Sweet Tooth scribe. Here we talk for a spell with the inspiring young writer. He dishes back his thoughts on the collaborative environment of DC Comics, reluctant heroes, ceding control to artists, and remaining silent about the Mysterious Red-Hooded Woman. Also, see our discussion with his partner in crime, Scott Snyder (BatmanSwamp Thing).

Comic Book Reviews

Fire!! The Zora Neale Hurston Story
Drawn and Quarterly

Mar 24, 2017 Web Exclusive

The daughter of poor Southern sharecroppers, Zora Neale Hurston emerged as one of the preeminent African American writers and anthropologists of the early 20th Century. 

Book Reviews

Ari Väntänen
Hanoi Rocks – All Those Wasted Years

Mar 20, 2017 Web Exclusive

A big, beautiful book for a beautiful band who should've been bigger, All Those Wasted Years is the tale of how this determined gang of stylish rockers took on the world.


Woody Harrelson, Laura Dern, Daniel Clowes & Craig Johnson on ‘Wilson’

Mar 26, 2017 Web Exclusive

In Wilson, the third illustrated story of artist and writer Daniel Clowes to be adapted for the screen, we are again nudged to pay attention to the overlooked and misunderstood. The difficulty in relating for societal outliers previously touched on in Ghost World and Art School Confidential are maxed out in the character of Wilson, the latest of Clowes’ offbeat protagonists to find cinematic vitality.

Elbow - Guy Garvey on “Little Fictions”

Mar 24, 2017 Web Exclusive

Guy Garvey and his band Elbow may have called their joyous new album Little Fictionsbut in conversation the British alt-rocker is instead frank, forthright, and boldly truthful. 


Ranked: 2017 Oscar Nominated Live Action Short Films

Feb 24, 2017

The 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony will happen on Sunday, February 26th. As in years past, we've taken a look at this year's short film competitions. The Academy defines a short film as an original motion picture running 40 minutes or less, and excludes all advertisments, unaired or unsold television episodes, or credit sequences from feature-length films. Our critic, Shawn Hazelett, watched and ranked all of this year's Oscar-nominated shorts. Today, he looks at this year's live action category.  

Want to judge for yourself? Click here to find a list of theaters and showtimes for this year's Oscar-nominated shorts.


The PLAYlist 02: Watson & Holmes

Mar 23, 2017 By Austin Trunick

Welcome to The PLAYlist, Under the Radar's column which pairs tabletop game reviews with custom-tailored playlists. In our second installment, cinema editor Austin Trunick looks at the new mystery-solving game, Watson & Holmes, and its predecessor, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective.

Cinema Reviews

All Nighter

Mar 17, 2017 Fall 2001 - Grandaddy

J.K. Simmons is able to skate through this comedy-mystery by being effortlessly intimidating.

Television Reviews

24: Legacy

Feb 03, 2017 Issue # 59 - 15th Anniversary

Fox's first reboot of 24, 2014's Live Another Day, was a success because it really was that: a reboot, with a shortened season, a relocation to England, and a good blend of old (including Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer) and newactually new, rather than simply renamed and recastcharacters. A tired series was reinvigorated, fans took interest again and lessons were learnt, right?