Album Reviews

Nik Turner
Life In Space

Dec 15, 2017 Web Exclusive

Space noise, as is Nik Turner's wont, pervades every aspect of this record. And yet after a minute of such introductory interstellar vibrations, track one, "End of the World," emerges as a ballad of such gorgeous English melodic melancholy that you can bet if Oasis had recorded it, the song would be a Top 10 single the world over. 

Exit Index

Dec 14, 2017 Web Exclusive

"Where are my millions?," Grooms' frontman Travis Johnson sings in nearly a catatonic stupor on the crepuscular Exit Index opener "The Directory." It conveys the dystopian nightmare of living in modern America, a fool's gold promise predicated upon avarice and a disdain for aesthetic beauty, making money and gaining power at any cost possible.

Margo Price
All American Made

Dec 13, 2017 Web Exclusive

Margo Price is one of the most praised alt-country singers of the last few years. Her aclaimed  2016 debut Midwest Farmer's Daughter is now followed by this, her second proper studio LP (although an EP entitled Weakness was released earlier this year). 

Classic Interviews

Andrew Bujalski

Andrew Bujalski
Interview with the writer/director of Beeswax

Aug 10, 2009 Web Exclusive

With his third feature film Beeswax, Bujalski abandons the lighthearted romantic miscues that lent humor to his first two films, in favor of slow-building dramatic tension.

Comic Book Reviews

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book One

Nov 22, 2017 Web Exclusive

Part one of acclaimed European writer-artist Enrico Marini's American debut is an instant Batman classic.

Book Reviews

Dianne Lake and Deborah Herman
Member of the Family

Nov 22, 2017 Web Exclusive

From the ages of 14 to 16, Dianne Lake was a member of Charles Manson's cult. With Member of the Family, she tells her incredibly personal story from out of place child to teenager enrapt with this twisted "guru," including with it all of the horrors that would inevitably follow.


The End: Emily Haines on Endings and Death

Dec 15, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

To end out the week, we ask Emily Haines some questions about endings and death. Although born in New Delhi, India, she grew up in Ontario, Canada. Haines is perhaps best known as the lead vocalist for Metric, who formed in Toronto in 1998 and have released six albums, the most recent being 2015's Pagans in Vegas

Loney dear on “Loney dear”

Dec 15, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

It has been six long years since Emil Svanängen released his last album as Loney dear, 2011's Hall Music. In the interim, Svanängen has endured much change, suffering ends to relationships both personal and professional and ultimately finding himself at an artistic crossroads, one that informs Loney dear's seventh album, the self-titled Loney dear.

Pleased to meet you

Alex Lahey

Dec 14, 2017 Issue #62 - Julien Baker

Alex Lahey is honest on her debut album I Love You Like a Brother. "I've gained weight and I drink too much, maybe that's why you don't love me as much," she speculates on "I Haven't Been Taking Care of Myself." "Am I scared of losing you or am I scared to be alone?" she asks on the biting "Lotto in Reverse." 


Under the Radar’s Top 50 Albums of 2017 So Far

Jul 13, 2017

In the past we've avoided posting midyear best albums lists. It seemed somehow impatient and premature to evaluate the year's albums halfway through. And how do you decide which period the list covers, which arbitrary release date do you work out is the cut off point, as every midyear list seems to cover a different period? But 2017 is a year that demands a partial evaluation. The first half of the year has already produced enough strong albums to easily fill a Top 50, but also the second half of 2017 is stacked with so many high profile releases that threaten to overshadow some of the gems released so far. For example, we've already heard some August and September releases that we're certain will make the upper echelons of our final best albums of 2017 list come December.

To make this list an album had to be released for the first time (no reissues) somewhere between January 1, 2017 and last Friday, July 7. That means there are some good albums out tomorrow (such as Waxahatchee, Japanese Breakfast, and The Dears) that may made this list had we extended the period that far. Fourteen of our writers and editors (including myself and my co-publisher/wife Wendy Redfern) each submitted a list of their 20 favorite albums released this year thus far. Their number one album was worth 20 points, their number two worth 19 points, and so on until their number 20 album and any honorable mentions were worth one point each. All of that was calculated into the final list. By the way, this year we've interviewed 38 of the artists in the Top 50 and reviewed almost all these albums, so continue reading Under the Radar, both in print and online, for further proof that in-depth music journalism is far from dead. By Mark Redfern

Live reviews

Lydia Loveless at Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA, November 4, 2017

Nov 10, 2017 By Frank Valish

Lydia Loveless presents a new and improved self to Philadelphia on a beautiful Saturday night.


Under the Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Part 8: Apparel and Household Items

Dec 14, 2017 By Mark Redfern

Welcome to part 8 of our Holiday Gift Guide 2017, in which we look at apparel and household items. We highlight two of our favorite T-shirt companies: England's Last Exit to Nowhere features exclusive clever and cheeky designs that play off of classic movies/TV shows and Spread Shirt (founded in Germany in 2002) features a wide range of fun designs for T-shirts and other products (you can even submit your own designs). 

Cinema Reviews

I, Tonya

Dec 15, 2017 Web Exclusive

As the film itself points out, our collective memories have a way of twisting the past.

Television Reviews

Will & Grace
NBC, Thursdays 9/8 Central

Sep 28, 2017 Web Exclusive

The revival of Will & Grace or Season 9, depending on how you want to look at it, feels like it picks up right where the show left off, 11 years laterwhich is also the title of the first episodeand that is not a disappointment.