Rats on Rafts

“Last Day On Earth” Video

Apr 18, 2015

Dutch band Rats on Rafts make no secret of their love for Franz Ferdinand. The spiky guitars and glam vibe of their new single says it all. The video’s a tribute to 1980s—think VHS quality and old school MTV green-screen effects. Put it together, and it’s downright glorious. Check out the clip below. If you feel so inclined, there are 7-inches to be had here.



Eternal Death

“Violence (SacredSacred Remix)” MP3 Stream

Apr 17, 2015

Eternal Death’s new remix for album track “Violence” comes via fellow Swedish synth poppers, The Mary Onettes. The band has smoothed down Eternal Death’s spiky beats, replacing them with a smooth, melancholy drone and tropical groove.

“I wanted to make something more cinematic,” Mary Onettes’ Philip Ekström of the rerub. “My thought was to make something could be a lead theme for a movie. Also that the song have a more cinematic structure, that It tells a story from the beginning to end. But still be a good pop song at the same time. Fun fact: The keyboard in the beginning is used in a famous soundtrack. I’m not gonna say which one.”

Listen below. Eternal Death’s self-titled album is out now on Labrador. The Mary Onettes recently released an excellent new single on Cascine.




“The Chemicals (Feat. Brian Aubert) ” Video

Apr 17, 2015

The alternative rock band Garbage has released the video for one of their Record Store Day songs, "The Chemicals," featuring Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups. The video, completely done in black and white, seems reminiscent on the packed punk clubs the band members claim to have frequented as teenagers. Check it out below.


Wunder Wunder

“Wonderful Way” Video

Apr 17, 2015

The new music video from Wunder Wunder for the song, "Wonderful Way" is a trippy experience, not unlike looking through a kaleidoscope. It features thousands of diamonds spiralling throughout the sky over a shining sea and matches perfectly with the hypnotic, echoing nature of the song.

John Carpenter

“Night” Video

Apr 17, 2015

Iconic film director John Carpenter has released his debut album of non-soundtrack songs, Lost Themes, via Sacred Bones Records. The music video for the album closer, "Night," is also out now and features Carpenter himself experiencing another person's nightmare through virtual reality. Check out the wordless yet mesmerizing video below.

The Go! Team

“Ye Ye Yamaha” MP3 Stream

Apr 17, 2015

The Go! Team have premiered their new Record Store Day single, "Ye Ye Yamaha." The energetic song features revving motor sound effects and is reminiscent of '60s pop rock.


Field Music

“Casting Out Pts 2 And 3” MP3 Stream

Apr 17, 2015

Field Music will release a brand new instrumental album entitled, Music For Drifters for Record Store Day. Listen to their new song, "Casting Out Pts 2 And 3" here. On tour, this album will accompany the 1929 film Drifters.

Talk in Tongues

“Still Don’t Seem To Care” Video

Apr 17, 2015

Talk In Tongues has released the music video for their song, "Still Don't Seem To Care." This video shows a white, suburban family undergoing a strange, slow-motion attack from smoke and lights.