“Emotion” MP3 Stream

Apr 01, 2015

“Emotion” is the gauzy new single from Priest (formally known as X Priest X). It’s an airy piece of pop with a big, 1980s heart. Listen to the cut below and revisit the band’s previous offering here. Priest’s self-titled album is due out April 15 on Emotion.   


We Draw A

“Jumbo Love” EP Stream

Mar 30, 2015

Thanks to a little help from their friends, We Draw A’s new EP Jumbo Love is a truly collaborative affair. Adding some star power to the Polish duo’s tunes are Viadrina, Venter, T’ien La, and Olivier Heim—all who remix or recover the tunes and introduce elements of folk, lo-fi, and house into the electro pop originals. Listen below. Jumbo Love is out now on Brennessel.


Sun Glitters

“Galaxy (feat Sarah P) (La Fine Equipe Remix)” MP3 Stream

Mar 30, 2015

"Galaxy," a collaborative track from Sarah P and Sun Glitters has gotten a gritty remix thanks to French artist La Fine Equipe. Listen to the dark rerub below. (Fans of the Knife, you’re going to dig this.) The artists’ joint EP of the same name is out now.


04-04 - CH - Geneva - Electron Festival


04-23 - UK - London - The Stillery (*with Sarah P. on the vocals)

04-27 -  DK - Copenhagen - KB18

04-29 - PL - Warszawa - Progresja

04-30 - PL - Poznan - KontenerArt

05-02 - LUX - Luxembourg - Rockhall

05-05 - CH - Zurich - Dynamo

05-06 - CH - Düdingen - Bad Bonn

05-07 - DE - Oberhausen - Druckluft

05-08 - LUX - Luxembourg - Exit07



Tei Shi

“Verde” EP Stream

Mar 30, 2015

After favoring us with several excellent singles, including “See Me” and “Bassically,” Tei Shi has released a full stream of her upcoming sophomore release EP, Verde. Listen to the playful electro pop romp below.



“Lífsins ólgudub” MP3 Stream

Mar 30, 2015

Samaris’ new single “Lífsins ólgudub” is a haunting piece of ambient pop, featuring a wash of drums and uniquely tuned synths. But to call it “new” may be a bit of a misnomer. The track hails from the band’s forthcoming album Silkidrangar Sessions, an offering which sees the Icelandic group rework tracks from their previous album Silkidrangar to include ambient and dub elements. Listen below. Silkidranger Sessions streets May 25 on One Little Indian.


04-09 - Ace Theatre, Los Angeles, USA


04-11 - The Standard, New York, USA

05-02 - Spot Festival, Aarhus, Denmark

05-03 - Monarch, Berlin, Germany

05-05 - Oslo, London, UK

05-08 - Parktreetret, Oslo, Norway

06-19-21 - Secret Solstice Festival, Reykjavík




Premiere: Deech Mixtape (Tallinn Music Week Edition)

Mar 29, 2015

It’s our last day here in Tallinn. We’re feeling a bit melancholy at the thought of leaving it behind (who wouldn’t?) but at least we have one last mixtape. The sounds are brought to you by hip-hop artist and Tallinn Music week participant Deech. If this doesn’t get you moving, you’re even more jetlagged than we are. Listen below.

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Deech Mixtape (Tallinn Music Week Edition) by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud


1. Young Marco: Sea World

2. Andras Fox: Native dance

3. Miami Mais: We Can Desire

4. GANGSIGNS: In Transition

5. The Lady Tigra: Bass On The Bottom           

6. Deech: paypal

7. KP & Envyi: Shorty Swing My Way

8. Yung Wall Street: Chettles

9. Deffie: Too Much w/Amerie           

10. Deech: Unwanted Memories

11. Ca$h Bandicoot: She Can Get It

12. Deech: Why U Mad

13. Deech: Comfort

14. Mila J: My Main ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Deech Remix)            

15. New Fear: Passed (Jon Phonics Remix)

16. Die & Addison Groove: HydroPump

17. INOJ: Love You Down






Premiere: Polkov Mixtape (Tallinn Music Week Edition)

Mar 27, 2015

Austrian band Polkov deals in glam—so it makes sense that their Tallinn Music Week inspired mixtape would feature the likes of Queen, Madonna, and Echo and the Bunnymen.

“Due to our time's aspiration for omnipresent supervision and because of the restrictive politics in our hometown Graz, we once played a live set made up entirely of cover songs from the year 1984,” the band explains. “This mixtape is more or less the recreation of the setlist.”

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Polkov Mixtape (Tallinn Music Week Edition) by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud


1. Hüsker Dü: Pink Turns To Blue

2. Queen: Radio Ga Ga

3. Fiction Factory: (Feels Like) Heaven

4. Billy Ocean: Caribbean Queen

5. The Alan Parsons Project: Don't Answer Me

6. Don Henley: The Boys of Summer

7. Echo and the Bunnymen: The Killing Moon

8. Culture Club: Karma Chameleon

9. Ray Parker Jr.: Ghostbusters

10. Madonna: Material Girl

11. Nik Kershaw: Wouldn’t It Be Good





Jennie Abrahamson

Premiere: Jennie Abrahamson Mixtape (Tallinn Music Week Edition)

Mar 26, 2015

In honor of her upcoming Tallinn Music Week performance, Swedish singer/songwriter Jennie Abrahamson made us a mixtape celebrating her country. She calls it, appropately enough, Swedish Awesomeness.

“I'm often asked what it's like to be an artist from Sweden, and especially Stockholm, and be part of the incredibly strong pop scene we have here,” says Abrahamson of her mixtape. “The answer is yes—Sweden's small and all that, and there's killer competition, but all the fantastic music that's being made around me is more than anything an incredible source of inspiration. I have such gifted friends and colleagues, and for that I'm forever grateful. I could've easily compiled a list of 100 favorite songs, but I narrowed it down and chose a bunch that I thought would go well together. Some old, some new. Some artists well-known outside of Sweden, some not so much. They're all great. Deportees, Nina K and Ane Brun have new and great albums coming out this year, look out for that! Amason, Winhill/Losehill and Linnea Olsson just released new material. And yeah, I threw one of mine in there too—“Entity”—the unofficial title track of my upcoming album Gemini Gemini. Hope you'll enjoy this list!

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Jennie Abrahamson Mixtape (Tallinn Music Week Edition) by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud


1. Deportees: Islands & Shores

2. Ane Brun: Directions

3. Amason: Duvan

4. Loney dear: My heart

5. Shadow Shadow: Riviera

6. Nina Kinert: Down on heaven

7. Winhill/Losehill: Hope Village

8. Linnea Olsson: My work

9. Jennie Abrahamson: Entity

10. Kendal Johansson: Blue moon