Young Jesus

Listen: Young Jesus “This Is Not A Session” Live Session/Interview

Nov 19, 2018

Young Jesus is an emerging powerhouse of a band from LA by way of Chicago. Their recent record, The Whole Thing Is Just There, is a cohesive collection of songs that reign in their sprawl of late 20th century influences...and there's still sprawl.

Today, the band's radio performance and interview at WERA-LP Arlington, for a show called This Is Not A Show with Rusty Roberts, was published. It's a great hour of listening. Check it out. And get into this band if you haven't yet.


Protomartyr & Preoccupations

Listen: Preoccupations cover Protomartyr’s “Pontiac 87”

Nov 15, 2018

A couple of weeks ago, Protomartyr released a cover of the splendid Preoccupations song "Forbidden", off of arguably the Canadian quartet's best 2016 S/T album. It was a damn good cover by their buddies from Detroit and today, Preoccupations shared their awesome cover in kind, of "Pontiac 87". It completes a split 7” the two friendly bands are releasing entitled Telemetry at Howe Bridge.


The Dandy Warhols

Listen: The Dandy Warhols “Be Alright”

Nov 14, 2018

The second single from the forthcoming The Dandy Warhols album, humorously titled Why You So Crazy was just shared. "Be Alright" makes you want to go back and listen to recent releases, like this year's live album Live Sonic Disruption and 2016's Distortland. Consider it done.

Goat Girl

Listen: Goat Girl “The Man” Re-imagined

Nov 13, 2018

London four-piece Goat Girl is releasing the "Udder Sounds" EP - five re-imagined tracks from their debut, self-titled album plus one interlude. They just shared the slowed down whiskey blues version of "The Man".


Watch: Closeness “End of the Maze” Video

Nov 12, 2018

Closeness is made up of husband and wife tandem Todd and Orenda Fink. Their debut album Personality Therapy came out last year and the video for "End of the Maze" was just shared.

Todd is the frontman for The Faint and Orenda is one half of Azure Ray. This cool musical pairing yields fine fruit. Here's a bit more from their Bandcamp page:

"Their debut work, which Todd recorded, produced and mixed in his home studio, is ripe with dreamlike scenarios, skirting the edge of otherworldliness. Pulsating rhythms boom and break around futuristic vocals from both. Together, they create a unified archetype that is moody, therapeutic and deeply inspired by the most basic questions about life, meaning, love and death."


The Putbacks

Stream: The Putbacks Debut S/T Album

Nov 08, 2018

What do we have here? The Putbacks (love it) out of Melbourne, Australia have just put out a dope record with an old house, breakbeat feel. This a funky fun one that should shake things up a bit. Here's some more background from the band's Bandcamp page:

The Putbacks - Melbourne’s dirtiest, darkest and heaviest funk rhythm section - bring you an album of crunchy post-soul post-jazz mystery-cinema instrumentals for your turntable and your sampler. Produced by Paul Bender (Hiatus Kaiyote) and featuring collaborations with luminaries such as Bilal and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, this record is a hard-hitting, abstract journey into an alternate reality where The Meters specialised in Sci-Fi soundtrack art and Dick Dale played guitar on Madlib records. Known for their instrumental 7inch funk cuts and their collaboration with Emma Donovan, this self-titled LP is the first full-length release to the band’s name and is well worth the wait. 

The Putbacks take their cues from the great house bands of the 60s and 70s soul studios - The MGs, The Meters and The Wrecking Crew, as well as film composers from David Axelrod and Lalo Schifrin to Adrian Younge and contemporary instrumental groups like BADBADNOTGOOD and Khruangbin.

Elijah Wolf

Premiere: Elijah Wolf “Far From Heaven” B-side From Debut Album

Nov 07, 2018

Elijah Wolf hails from The Catskills mountains in New York and his debut album refers to where he grew up there. On The Mtn Laurel Rd. came out back in September and it's a listen well worth your while. Under the Radar now has the premiere of b-side "Far From Heaven", produced by Simone Felice of the Felice Brothers. You can feel the Woodstock woodlands of his origins pervading through this uplifting song. 

"'Far From Heaven' was written while spending a week in the Catskill Mountains with producer & songwriter Simone Felice," recalls Wolf "It felt fitting as we were both born in those Mountains. We spent the first bit of these sessions in his own studio, listening to music, throwing ideas back & forth, playing around on guitar/drums, talking about life. Once we had the songs figured out we joined David Baron in his Sun Mountain Studio, deeper out in the Catskills, & began recording. All three of us played the instruments & found our way to this song, 'Far From Heaven;' a song about understanding the changes around you as you grow older. "

On The Mtn Laurel Rd. is a culmination of a year of familial upheaval for Wolf and its meaning translates throughout. Building from influences like Built to Spill and Modest Mouse, Wolf's tangible folk-tinged music authentically addresses the grappling we all must encounter at one point or another.





Watch: Mastersystem “Old Team” Video

Nov 05, 2018

For any fan of Scott Hutchison and Frightened Rabbit, the just shared "Old Team" video from Mastersystem, Hutchison's group with Justin and James Lockey and his brother Grant, could be painful to watch. But it's important. The really fantastic Mastersystem album Dance Music was released last spring and the final single "Old Team will be released November 30th. All proceeds will be going to the Scott Hutchison foundation.

The footage of the video was shot during the first, and last Mastersystem tour. Here's what the band had to say about it: 

“This footage was shot during the first and last Mastersystem tour. The great thing about it is it just shows a bunch of fellas, having the best time, ripping the piss out of each other, laughing and doing some shows. There’s something fucking brilliant about this…something free of the pressure that bands can turn into…That’s what Mastersystem was about, just a record, a band built from going back to how we all started, throwing riffs and cords around until it sounds something like a tune. No fuss. 

 This was Scott’s favourite tune on the record, and the spark that lit the paper that led to the whole Mastersystem album. It was always in our plans to be THE single off the record. 

 We’re very fucking proud of it, which is why we’re honouring our original plans to put it out. It will not be a thing to propel Mastersystem forward into new places, but serve as a monument to all involved and to all that listened….That we made a class record we all believe in.

 Cheers for listening. Justin, Grant, James and Nick.”