“To Go Away” MP3 Stream

Jun 24, 2016

Cerise has shared "To Go Away," a hazy, shoegaze-dusted track from her debut album Smoke Screen Dreams, which is out today. Listen below, and check out our premiere for her prior single "Shades in Shade."


Premiere: “First Time” Video

Jun 23, 2016

Next month, PNKSLM will release Radius, the debut EP from Swedish quartet Hater. For now, you can satiate yourself with the perfectly compact and melancholic single "First Time." While the interweave of gorgeously melodic bass playing and guitar jangle work to create a serene atmosphere, the track's hoarse, husky vocal take (sounding as if it were recorded just after a fierce lover's quarrel) pierces through the blanket of reverb with a startling urgency. Head below to check out our premiere of the video for "First Time."

Yumi Zouma

“Keep It Close To Me (Cyril Hahn Remix)” MP3 Stream

Jun 22, 2016

Last month, Cascine released Yoncalla, the debut album from New Zealand dream pop band Yumi Zouma. Now, you can check out Cyril Hahn's remix of the single "Keep It Close To Me." Listen below.

Methyl Ethel

Premiere: Methyl Ethel Mixtape (Roskilde Edition)

Jun 21, 2016

Roskilde starts a week from today. Thankfully, we’ve got this new mixtape from Methyl Ethel to help us get pumped up for our week of shows. They call the blend Melodies of Metamorphosis & Mind Control. So brace yourselves.

Wrap your ears around the band’s offering below. Then be sure to revisit previous Roskilde mixes from Dream Wife, YAST, and Colin Stetson. If you’re headed out to the fest, grab all the last minute info you can eat here.


1. Gary Wilson: I'd Like To Talk To You

2. Yamasuki Singers: Yamasuki

3. Half Japanese: 10th Ave. Freezeout

4. Lightning Bolt: 13 Monsters

5. Arca: Mutant

6. Scott Walker: Pilgrim

7. Arthur Russell: All-Boy All-Girl

8. Cara Stricker, John Kirby: Logic Temp

9. Trio Bulgarka: Kalimanku Denku mari

10. Palmbomen II: Leo Danzinger






Premiere: PINS: “I’ll Get Mine” Video

Jun 21, 2016

Back on Record Store Day, Manchester's PINS released the 10-inch single "Trouble." Today, we're premiering a video for the B-side "I'll Get Mine" and sharing a remix of "Trouble."

With a swaggering bassline and prowling melody, "I'll Get Mine" exudes an atmosphere of pleasurable goth monochrome; the lyrics, which nod to the "Venus in Furs" school of bleak sensuality, are rendered all the more sinister by the song's aura of cool detachment. Directly inspired by Warhol screen tests, the accompanying video has a suitably gritty menace.

Head below to watch the clip and check out the remix of "Trouble," which was handled by Bernard + Edith.

The Legends

“Roses” (The Chainsmokers Cover) MP3 Stream

Jun 17, 2016

Below, you can stream a new single from The Legends (Johan Angergård's enduring, ever-changing one-man project). Somewhat surprisingly, it's a cover of "Roses," a track originally recorded by EDM duo The Chainsmokers.


“Chitter Chatter” MP3 Stream

Jun 16, 2016

Australia's Terry has shared "Chitter Chatter," another new song from their forthcoming debut LP Terry HQ (out July 1 on Upset the Rhythm). Listen below, and check out the prior single "Third War."


Premiere: YAST Mixtape (Roskilde Edition)

Jun 16, 2016

Roskilde Festival is a week and a half away. Getting us in the mood for our Denmark adventure is Swedish five-piece YAST, who made us a mixtape filled with “tired of electric guitars.” Judging by their inclusion of Blood Orange and Jaakko Eino Kalevi, we’re going to be BFFS.

Listen to their mix below. The revisit Colin Stetson’s contribution to our series. Coming with us to Denmark? Great, we gunna party. Check out any last minute info you might need here.


1. Jaakko Eino Kalevi: Everything Nice

2. Ruff Sqwad: Functions On The Low

3. Tommy Genesis: Angelina

4. Bitstream: Monolith

5. Little Simz: Gratitude

6. DÖDEN: Iris

7. Blood Orange: Chosen

8. Von Spar: Chain Of Command

9. Fatima Yamaha: What's A Girl To Do

10. Kuno Linds Orkester: Hålligång