Yann Tiersen

“Another Shore” Video Premiere

Mar 12, 2012

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French composer and songwriter Yann Tiersen will soon be following up his 2010 album Dust Lane with a new full-length entitled Skyline. Leading up to its April 17 release date, Tiersen has been kind enough to provide Under the Radar with the premiere of an animated music video for the included track "Another Shore."Evoking both the bizarre and grotesque work of regular Hunter S. Thompson collaborator Ralph Steadman, the clip follows an old woman having a really bad day as she waits for a bus. According to its makers by Ivan Rusev and Gergana Zabunova, "Yann really wanted something absurd for for this video. A linear story that was simple but strange." As you watch, keep a keen ear out for Tiersen's use of a distorted toy piano, a supposed nod to his early albums.