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Halloween 2013 Questionnaire: Still Corners

"I always wanted to dress up as the hotel in The Shining." - Greg Hughes

Oct 31, 2013
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We sent out the same set of Halloween-related questions to a bunch of different musicians. All Halloween week we are posting their responses. Here are some spooky answers from Tessa Murray and Greg Hughes of Still Corners.

What was the best Halloween costume you ever dressed up in and/or what was the best Halloween you ever had?

Tessa Murray: My best costume was a witch when I was about 7. For some reason I thought cat accessories would really make it, so I wore cat slippers and a cat bracelet/purse thing. The best Halloween was in 2011 on tour in Vancouver: we dressed up and had candy on the merch stand. I like having an audience in fancy dress.

Greg Hughes: My best costume was probably this old monk I put together with an old burlap robe tied off with a rope at the waist. I had an old man mask which was very creepy. My grandma had this really ancient encyclopedia which I carried around all night and was really, really heavy. Something I thought about a lot a few blocks down the road.

What was the worst Halloween costume you ever dressed up in and/or what was the worst Halloween you ever had?

Greg: My worst Halloween was when I went skateboarding really late at night at a private parking garage, as we usually did, but this time someone called the cops and my friend mouthed off to one and got arrested.

What do you plan to dress up as for Halloween this year?

Tessa: Barbarella.

Greg: Fidel Castro.

What have you always wanted to dress up as for Halloween but never had the guts and/or resources to pull off?

Greg: I always wanted to dress up as the hotel in The Shining.

What's your favorite scary movie?

Greg: Rosemary's Baby or Halloween. I try to watch both on the run-up to Halloween. Wait, did I say The Fog? That too. Oh, and The Shining.

Tessa: It has to be Halloween.

What's your favorite spooky song?

Greg: Rosemary's Baby's opening theme.




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