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Sunday, November 28th, 2021  

Under the Radar’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide Part 4: Collectibles

Action Figures, Statues, Stuffies, and More From Funko, Mondo, Diamond Select Toys, NECA, Fun.com, Kidrobot, Warner Bros., and Hasbro

Dec 10, 2020 Photography by Wendy Lynch Redfern and Mark Redfern Holiday Gift Guide 2020
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It’s been one helluva year, mainly down to the pandemic and an incredibly divisive election. Don’t we all owe ourselves and others something a little fun? In part four of our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide series we present a whole lot of geeky gifts ramped up to warp speed. Do we need to beam up any of these items? Certainly not. Holiday giving isn’t always about need. But at the end of these difficult 12 months how about indulging in some wants? Below is a selection of action figures, vinyl figures, stuffies, statues, and more featuring superheroes, time travelers, robots, monsters, and video game characters. There has to be someone in your life who would get a kick out of a multitude of items found here and, if not, then why not spoil yourself?

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Back to the Future Ultimate Marty McFly 7-Inch Scale Collectible Figure (NECA/Fun.com)

RRP: $29.99

When I was a kid Back to the Future was my all-time favorite movie. I’m going to age myself by saying that I saw it three times in the theater when it came out in the summer of 1985 and also devoured the two sequels. Thirty-five years later it remains my favorite, perhaps tied with Blade Runner (which came out three years earlier, but which I saw when I was a bit older). In the 1980s there were no Back to the Future action figures, or even really any toys. In fact, it’s surprising that it’s taken 35 years for deluxe action figures to be made of the characters. Now NECA has finally stepped up to the plate with various figures from the beloved movie. There have been several smaller Back to the Future figures before, but none as realistic or as big as these. First up is Marty McFly, the time traveling teenaged hero, as he looked in the first movie. He comes with various accessories: a second head with sunglasses on, a backpack, a skateboard (to ride behind cars on), a video camera, three interchangeable hands, and an electric guitar (to accidentally invent rock ‘n’ roll with). Fun.com sent us the Marty figure from Part 1. (Buy it from Fun.com here.)

Back to the Future Part II Ultimate Marty McFly 7-Inch Scale Collectible Figure (NECA)

RRP: $29.99

Four and a half years after the first film, audiences were treated to Back to the Future Part II, which took place in the far off future of 2015. Writer/producer Bob Gale and writer/director Robert Zemeckis didn’t initially count on a sequel happening when they wrote the ending of the first movie, which set up a trip to the future. That left them locked into a visit to a world of flying cars, even though they knew we likely wouldn’t have flying cars (or true hoverboards) by 2015. Gale and Zemeckis weren’t really trying to predict the future (no, we don’t all have fax machines in every room and the latest fashion is not to wear your pockets inside out), they just wanted to make a fun movie. Still, they did get a few things right, such as wall mounted flat screen/widescreen TVs and the Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series again (although it actually happened in 2016 and against the Cleveland Indians, rather than a team from Miami).

One of the highlights from NECA’s Back to the Future line is an action figure of Marty McFly in his 2015 garb. He’s got his self-drying jacket and Nikes with power laces. And yes, his jeans pockets are inside out. The figure comes with two heads (one with the shiny baseball cap), a Pepsi Perfect, and, of course, a hoverboard. It also comes with a clear plastic stand you can place the hoverboard and Marty on to make it look like he’s really hovering, which is a mild consolation for those who still long for actual hoverboards to be real. (Buy it here.)

Back to the Future Ultimate Biff 7-Inch Scale Collectible Figure (NECA)

RRP: $29.99

What’s a hero without a compelling villain, and Marty and Doc had a great one in Biff Tannen (played by Thomas F. Wilson). In Back to the Future Part II, old Biff secretly stole the DeLorean and went back in 1955 to give his younger self a sports almanac with 50 years worth of sports statistics. That led to an alternate 1985, where Biff controls the town of Hill Valley, has turned the courthouse into a tall casino and hotel, and Marty’s dad has been murdered. Co-writer/producer Bob Gale has confirmed that the alternate 1985 version of Biff was inspired by Donald Trump, which led to various Trump as Biff memes when he lost the election in November.

NECA’s Back to the Future range includes 1955 Biff from Back to the Future Part II. And yes he comes with a Grays Sports Almanac (which is also the artwork for the front of the action figure’s box), as well as a second head, three interchangeable hands, a receipt for when Biff had his car fixed after ramming a manure truck, and a mini flyer for the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. A copy of Ooh La La magazine is also hidden. NECA’s line also includes action figures for Doc Brown and Marty in the yellow radiation suit, as well as separate figures based on the designs for Back to the Future: The Animated Series. (Buy it here.)

Funko Pop! Back to the Future Marty in Jacket (Funko)

RRP: $11.00

Funko’s Pop! line of vinyl figures also includes various Marty McFly variations. This one features Marty in the self-drying jacket Doc Brown gives him when he arrives in the future in Back to the Future Part II. The jacket also has a size-adjusting feature, which Marty doesn’t realize at first, hence the sleeves too long for his arms. (Buy it here.)

Wonder Woman 1984 Mystery Minis (Funko)

RRP: $7.00 Each

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally coming out on Christmas Day. Once upon a time it was going to be a fall 2019 release, before it settled on a June 5, 2020 release date. That was of course delayed due to the coronavirus, first to October 2 and then to December 25. And now it’s also coming out on HBO Max at the same time as it’s in theaters, something Warner Bros. also now plan to do with all their 2021 releases. One challenge with all of 2020’s movies being pushed back is that in some cases, the merchandise was already produced and released. Case in point, Funko’s Wonder Woman 1984 Mystery Minis. Each blind-box includes a different mini little figure from the movie, featuring various versions of Wonder Woman, as well as Steve Trevor (complete with a fanny pack), and villains Cheetah and Maxwell Lord. Included are three figures of Wonder Woman in her new (and already iconic) winged gold armor costume. Early word is that Wonder Woman 1984 is worth the wait and if so you can celebrate with a Mystery Mini on release day. (Buy it here.)

Funko Pop! DC Heroes: DC Holiday (Funko)

RRP: $11.00 Each

Who says holiday decorations can’t be superheroic. Funko’s Pop! line of vinyl figures have taken a pleasing holiday turn with their DC superhero range. Various members of both the Justice League and the Legion of Doom get makeovers, sometimes as classic literary characters. Batman becomes Ebenezer Scrooge and The Joker becomes both Santa and Jack Frost. The Penguin is a snowman. The Flash turns into a speedy reindeer, with a sack of presents. Wonder Woman has a lasso of Christmas lights and Harley Quinn’s pet hyena becomes a pet reindeer. There’s also a snowy Silent Knight version of Batman. The most festive one might be the Man of Steel dressed as Santa opening his coat to reveal a Superman Christmas sweater. (Buy Batman as Ebenezer Scrooge here. Buy Silent Knight Batman here. Buy The Flash Holiday Dash here. Buy Harley Quinn with Helper here. Buy The Joker as Jack Frost here. Buy The Joker as Santa here. Buy The Penguin Snowman here. Buy Superman in Holiday Sweater here. Buy Wonder Woman with String Light Lasso here.)

DC Classic Movie Gallery Batman 1989 PVC Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

Many were pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Michael Keaton would be reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Flash movie, opposite Ezra Miller returning as The Flash, a role he played in 2017’s Justice League. Keaton had, perhaps wisely, decided not to return for 1995’s Batman Forever, when director Joel Schumacher took over from Tim Burton (who had directed Keaton in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns). He was replaced by Val Kilmer and then George Clooney took over the role for 1997’s Batman & Robin (considered the worst Batman movie ever and one of the worst superhero movies as well). In 2014’s Birdman, Keaton also poked fun of his former superhero role, playing an actor attempting to be taken seriously in a Broadway play years after playing a comic book character named Birdman. And yet he’ll be back as the Dark Knight in 2022’s The Flash movie and will be joined by Ben Affleck as another Batman. DC is wisely leaning into the multiverse concept, as they’ve already done with their TV shows on The CW, allowing multiple versions of different characters from separate parallel universes. Hence Robert Wuhl reprised his Batman role as reporter Alexander Knox on TV’s Supergirl last year, as part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event encompassing all the CW superhero shows.

Marvel Comics has had many cinematic blockbusters in the last 10 years, but in the ’80s and ’90s DC were the only ones making it work on the big screen, primarily with the Superman and Batman movies. Meanwhile, in those decades Marvel was making big time flops like 1986’s Howard the Duck, movies that went straight-to-video in the U.S. (such as 1989’s The Punisher and 1990’s Captain America), and films that never even officially got released (Roger Corman’s 1994 version of The Fantastic Four). Still, while 1978’s Superman birthed the modern superhero movie, 1984’s Supergirl and 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest for Peace were both big flops, meaning the genre was not in a strong position when Tim Burton and Michael Keaton took a swing at The Dark Knight. The result was an enduring critical success that was also the biggest movie of 1989 at the U.S. box office. Many were skeptical of Keaton’s casting, thinking of him more as a comedy actor due to roles in Mr. Mom and Beetlejuice, but he proved them all wrong with his serious portrayal of Batman. Diamond Select Toys’ impressive DC Classic Movie Gallery Batman 1989 PVC Diorama features Keaton’s Batman standing guard high above Gotham City. It is 11-inches tall, designed by Shawn Knapp, and sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. (Buy it here.)

DC Movie Gallery Diorama Batman Returns Catwoman PVC (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

Michael Keaton and Tim Burton returned for inevitable sequel, 1992’s Batman Returns, but Michelle Pfeiffer arguably stole the show. There have been a lot of live action Catwomen over the years. In the 1960s Batman series she was played by Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt (with Lee Meriwether taking on the role in the accompanying theatrical movie in 1966). Camren Bicondova played a teenaged version of Selina Kyle in TV’s Gotham and the less said about Halle Berry in 2004’s abomination Catwoman the better (its way too revealing costume the film’s only memorable feature). Anne Hathaway gave it her all in The Dark Knight Rises, playing a more grounded but no less stylish take on Batman’s adversary and lover. But it’s Pfeiffer’s turn as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in Batman Returns that is the one to beat. It is Pfeiffer who critics will most compare Zoë Kravitz’s version to, when she takes on the part in 2022’s The Batman (although Kravitz already briefly voiced Catwoman for 2017’s The Lego Batman Movie.

Diamond Select Toys’ DC Movie Gallery Diorama Batman Returns Catwoman PVC statue features Pfeiffer’s Catwoman on a snowy rooftop (the movie took place at Christmas), clad in stitched together costume, with her long whip ready to strike. Shawn Knapp designed the statue, which was sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. (Buy it here.)

Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure – Mondo Exclusive (Mondo)

RRP: $165.00

Inspired by Batman and Batman Returns, Batman: The Animated Series debuted in 1992, the same year as Batman Returns. The show had a serious film noir tone, won four Emmys, launched the DC Animated Universe, and is routinely regarded as one of the greatest animated shows of all time. It was generally appropriate enough for kids to watch, but deep and complex enough for adults to appreciate.

Although the two-part episode “The Cat and the Claw” was technically episodes 15 and 16 of season one, part one was actually the very first episode of Batman: The Animated Series to air, so for fans at the time it was their first taste of the show. The episode introduced the show’s version of Catwoman, aka Selina Kyle, as voiced by Adrienne Barbeau. In it Catwoman teams up with Batman (voiced by Kevin Conroy of course) to face a terrorist named Red Claw (voiced by Kate Mulgrew, later of Star Trek: Voyager).

Mondo’s Catwoman 1/6 Scale Figure is a wonder to behold. It features Selina in the grey costume she wore in season one of Batman: The Animated Series. The Mondo Exclusive version features four different heads, three with the mask on and one without a mask (this version of Catwoman has blonde hair) and eight hands (some with claws). It also comes with two whips, two black cats, a diamond necklace and diamond to steal, and more. The figure comes from artists Brent Ashe, Hector Arce, Jason Wires Productions, Joe Allard, Phantom City Creative, and Ramirez Studios. Also available is Mr. Freeze. (Buy it here.)

DC Comic Gallery Poison Ivy PVC Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

Batman Returns was regarded as too dark for the kids that are the partial target audience for superhero films, so Tim Burton was replaced by Joel Schumacher for 1995’s Batman Forever and 1997’s Batman & Robin, to take the franchise in a campier and lighter direction (and to introduce Batnipples). The former was a hit, the latter was not, and so everything was rebooted with 2005’s Batman Begins (it’s hard to believe that came out only eight years after Batman & Robin, they feel as though they come from eras many decades apart). Batman & Robin brought us Uma Thurman as Dr. Pamela Isley (aka villain Poison Ivy), whose powers allow her to control both plants and men. Alas Thurman’s Poison Ivy is not as fondly remembered as Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, although given a better script and a more suited director, she could’ve excelled in the role. More recently Poison Ivy has been better served in Harley Quinn, the very adult animated show from DC Universe and HBO Max where she is voiced by Lake Bell and is often the voice of reason to Kaley Cuoco’s more impulsive Harley Quinn, her best friend (and perhaps more). Diamond Select Toys’ DC Comic Gallery Poison Ivy PVC Diorama doesn’t portray either version of the character, but features the green-skinned redheaded anti-hero emerging from a giant flower that has bloomed. Shawn Knapp designed the sculpture, which was sculpted by James Marsano. (Buy it here.)

DC Movie Gallery Birds of Prey Harley Quinn PVC Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

Speaking of Harley Quinn, the most recent DC Comics big screen movie was this year’s Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn). The film was fairly well received by critics and is Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, but was a bit of a box office disappointment. Its success was hampered by the pandemic closing movie theaters a month after the film’s release and, in fact, because of COVID-19 it is still the third most successful 2020 release at the U.S. box office this year. Margot Robbie reprised her Harley Quinn role from 2016’s Suicide Squad and was joined by a mainly female supporting cast featuring such comic book staples as Black Canary, The Huntress, and The Question. Robbie was born to play Harley Quinn, she was the clear highlight of The Suicide Squad and easily commands center stage in Birds of Prey despite the fun ensemble that surrounds her. And regardless of the film’s box office fortunes, Robbie will already be back as Quinn next year in The Suicide Squad. Diamond Select Toys’ DC Movie Gallery Birds of Prey Harley Quinn PVC Diorama features the anti-heroine in her garish costume from the film, on roller skates and clutching her signature mallet behind her head. The stand features the imprint of a kiss from lips adorned with bright red lipstick. Shawn Knapp designed the sculpture, which was sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. (Buy it here.)

DC Comic Gallery Green Lantern PVC Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

Ryan Reynolds may like to still make fun of his disappointing Green Lantern movie from 2011, but the character is much more than one ill-fated big screen outing. Alas, few speak of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, which debuted on Cartoon Network but only lasted for one season despite receiving critical acclaim and coming from Bruce Timm (the creator of Batman: The Animated Series, considered one of the best cartoon series of all time). However the space cop will be back on our screens soon enough, with HBO Max recently giving a series order to a new Green Lantern show featuring the characters Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Alan Scott, Sinestro, Kilowog, and more. There’s also a long-in-the-works big screen Green Lantern movie still being developed featuring Hal Jordan and John Stewart that is being written by Green Lantern comics writer Geoff Johns and has been described as “Lethal Weapon in space.” While Reynolds played the Hal Jordan version of the character, this will be a reboot not connected to his movie (whether or not it’s connected to the HBO Max show remains to be seen). Diamond Select Toys’ DC Comic Gallery Green Lantern PVC Diorama features Hal Jordan in a dramatic pose, riding on the green energy from his willpower-fueled ring and clad in additional ring-generated armor. Joe Allard designed the statue, which was sculpted by Joe Menna. (Buy it here.)

The Iron Giant Light & Sound Walking Robot Toy (Warner Bros./Goldlok)

RRP: $19.87

The Iron Giant was perhaps ill-timed when it was released in 1999. A traditionally animated film set in the 1950s was maybe not what family audiences were looking for in the aftermath of Pixar’s first computer animated hits with Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and A Bug’s Life. The marketing campaign for the film was also reportedly botched, leading it to only earn $31 million worldwide, way below its $50 million budget. Still, the film was acclaimed by critics and is regarded as an animated classic today, even if it remains under-seen by general audiences. It was Brad Bird’s first film as a director, but he went on to greater success with the two Incredibles movies, Ratatouille, and his first live action film, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

While a lack of promotional tie-ins has been one of the reasons cited for The Iron Giant’s box office failure, there’s no shortage of merchandise available now. Case in point, Goldlok’s The Iron Giant Light & Sound Walking Robot Toy, which is available exclusively from Walmart. The 15-inch motorized toy actually walks across the room, thanks to two wheels on the bottom of each foot. While is marches, it is accompanied by walking sound effects and The Iron Giant intermittently saying “I am Superman” (a line from the climax of the film) while its eyes light up green. Open up its chest and push the button there to put it into war mode, in which the chest lights up, its eyes light up red, and there are additional sound effects. There’s also a Robby the Robot from Forbidden Planet version. (Buy it here.)

Iron Giant Gallery Superhero PVC Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

The Iron Giant is a large alien robot that crashes to Earth in 1957 and forgets that he’s supposed to be a war machine. He befriends Hogarth Hughes, a nine-year-old boy who lives with his single mother, a waitress at a diner. Soon enough paranoid government agents and military men come calling to the small Maine town of Rockwell and things get out of hand. At one point the robot is inspired by Hogarth’s Superman comic books and makes his own “S” medallion to wear. At the end of the movie the Man of Steel inspires the Man of Iron to embark on a heroic action. Diamond Select Toys’ Iron Giant Gallery Superhero PVC Diorama features our hero with the “S” medallion and in a Superman pose. Joe Allard designed the 10-inch tall statue. (Buy it here.)

Legends in 3D Movie Rocketeer 1/2 Scale Bust (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $150.00

There were a slew of comic book/comic strip movies released in the 1990s that were set in the 1930s—including 1990’s Dick Tracy, 1994’s The Shadow, and 1996’s The Phantom—but the best of these was 1991’s The Rocketeer. Unlike the source material for other mentioned films (which all date back to the 1930s), Dave Stevens’ comic book series was created in 1982. It stars then unknown Billy Campbell as Cliff Secord, a pilot who finds a rocket pack designed by Howard Hughes (Terry O’Quinn). Aided by Alan Arkin’s A. “Peevy” Peabody, Secord fights a plot by Neville Sinclair (Timothy Dalton, fresh from his turn as James Bond), the number 3 box office star in America, but also a Nazi spy, and must rescue his girlfriend, an aspiring actress, Jenny Blake (Jennifer Connelly). Alas, like The Shadow and The Phantom, The Rocketeer underperformed at the box office and didn’t exactly make Campbell a household name (a planned sequel never materialized), but it is better remembered than those films and hopefully has a new life on Disney+ (a reboot is reportedly in the works for the streaming service). In part because of The Rocketeer, director Joe Johnston got the gig to direct another comic book period piece, 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, which helped launch the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Diamond Select Toys’ Legends in 3D Movie Rocketeer 1/2 Scale Bust is a handsome reproduction of upper torso and head, including his art-deco helmet. It’s10 inches tall and cast in resin. Joe Allard designed the hefty bust, which was sculpted by Rocco Tartamella. It’s a limited edition of only 1,000 pieces and is numbered on the bottom of the base. (Buy it here.)

Marvel Comic Gallery Mysterio PVC Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

I had long thought that Mysterio would make for a cinematic antagonist in one of the Spider-Man films, what with all his illusions. Quentin Beck (aka Mysterio) finally made his big screen debut in last year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, although there was a twist on the character I won’t reveal in case you haven’t seen it. Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Comic Gallery Mysterio PVC Diorama doesn’t pull from the Jake Gyllenhaal version of the character, but is more inspired by the villain’s original silver age look. Caesar designed the statue, which was sculpted by Alterton. (But it here.)

Marvel Movie Gallery Captain Marvel Binary PVC Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $49.99

DC may have beat them to it with 2017’s Wonder Woman (not to mention the pre-DC Extended Universe films, such as 1984’s Supergirl and 2004’s best forgotten Catwoman), but with 2019’s Captain Marvel the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally had a movie headlined by a female character. Some misogynistic fans may have gotten worked up about all the girl-power/feminism chatter surrounding the release of the movie, but Captain Marvel was generally well received by critics and made over a billion dollars worldwide. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck directed the film, which starred a game Brie Larson as the Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, who might just be the most powerful hero in the MCU. The film is filled with delights, including a convincingly de-aged Samuel L. Jackson as a young Nick Fury, the Los Angeles in the 1990s setting, and Goose the cat/Flerken. A sequel is planned for 2022, one that takes place in the present day and will be directed by Nia DaCosta (making her the first Black woman to direct a Marvel movie). Diamond Select Toys’ Marvel Movie Gallery Captain Marvel Binary PVC Diorama features the hero all powered up with binary energy, in midflight and ready to face Thanos. Gentle Giant Studios sculpted the statue. (But it here.)

Spider-Gwen Polystone Statue (Mondo)

RRP: $150.00

My daughter is almost 8 years old and Spider-Gwen is her favorite fictional character these days, ever since I took her to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on opening weekend in 2018 (and then we watched it again in the theater and then lots and lots of times on Netflix and Blu-ray). She dressed as Spider-Gwen for Halloween 2019 (and the wife and I were other characters from the movie, Peter B. Parker for me and Spider-Man Noir for her) and her seventh birthday party was Spider-Verse themed and she again wore her Spider-Gwen costume (and now has a Spider-Gwen dress). It’s great that there are so many strong female characters for young girls to identify with these days. Some of my daughter’s other favorites include Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Rey, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Starfire, the Jessica Cruz version of Green Lantern, Rapunzel from Tangled, the 13th Doctor from Doctor Who, and many others, but Spider-Gwen currently tops them all (previously it was Supergirl).

Spider-Gwen goes by various names, including Ghost-Spider and Spider-Woman, but her real name is Gwen Stacy. In the original 1960s Spider-Man comics, Gwen was Peter Parker’s girlfriend who was tragically murdered by the Green Goblin in 1973’s The Amazing Spider-Man #121. But the modern Gwen comes from an alternate universe and was introduced in 2014’s Edge of Spider-Verse #2. Gwen is the drummer in a high school band called The Mary Janes, but is also the costumed hero Spider-Woman. In her universe it is Peter Parker who dies (he’s not Spider-Man, but instead becomes the Lizard). In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse she was voiced by Hailee Steinfeld and the character has also appeared in various animated series, video games, and TV specials (including the Marvel Rising series). Steinfeld will be back in the 2022 sequel to Into the Spider-Verse, with a female-centered spin-off revolving around the character also planned. With her stylish hooded costume and rock drummer side-gig, Spider-Gwen is one of cooler Marvel characters of late.

Mondo’s Spider-Gwen Polystone Statue is quite impressive. It features the hero perched on the top of a building, midway through firing a web. But it also has interchangeable hands, so you can make it look like she’s taking a selfie instead. She also has interchangeable heads, if you want to see her without her mask instead. It is inspired by Phantom City Creative’s artwork and is also the work of artists Jason Wires Productions Matthew Black, Mireya Romo-Bowen, and Sara Diesel. My daughter is going to flip out when I give her one for her room. (Buy it here.)

Legends in 3D Comic Marvel Spider-Gwen ½ Scale Resin Bust Diorama (Diamond Select Toys)

RRP: $150.00

Diamond Select Toys’ Legends in 3D Comic Marvel Spider-Gwen ½ Scale Resin Bust Diorama is another Spider-Gwen option. It features the hero’s masked head atop a webbed-up pillar base. It is 10 inches tall and limited to only 1,000 pieces. Joe Allard designed the bust, which was sculpted by Joe Menna. My daughter already has one on her shelf. (But it here.)

Ghost Spider Spider-Gwen Phunny Plush (Kidrobot)

RRP: $12.99

And here’s one last Spider-Gwen collectible. As part of Kidrobot’s Phunny Plush line they have one of Gwen, in her costume, but mask-less with a black headband on. This cute little stuffie will make a great addition to my daughter’s bed. (Buy it here.)

Back to the Future Marty McFly Phunny Plush, Back to the Future Doc Brown Phunny Plush, and Back to the Future 11” DeLorean Time Machine Plush (Kidrobot)

RRP: $12.99 Each for Marty and Doc, $14.99 for DeLorean

Great Scott! Has it really been 35 years since Back to the Future hit theaters, becoming the biggest box office success of 1985 and turning Michael J. Fox into a movie star (he was already a TV star thanks to Family Ties)? It’s enough to make anyone who saw it in the theater on its original run feel really old. If only we had a real time machine, so that we could revisit our youth. Kidrobot’s Phunny Plush line now includes three Back to the Future items. There’s teenaged time traveler Marty McFly, clad in his 1985 outfit from the first movie and wearing headphones. Alternatively, you’ve got Doc Brown, with the silver-haired scientist wearing his white science coat from the Twin Pines Mall (later Lone Pine Mall) parking lot scene in Part 1. Also available is the silver and black DeLorean time machine. (Buy Marty McFly here. Buy Doc Brown here. By the DeLorean here.)

Back to the Future Marty McFly Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure and Back to the Future Doc Brown Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure (Kidrobot)

RRP: $11.99 Each

Kidrobot also has two other Back to the Future collectibles to consider, both part of their Bhunny 4” vinyl figure range. Each Bhunny is a more artistic collectible and often features the character with bunny like ears and comes with a paw keychain. Kidrobot describes the Bhunny collectibles as “art pieces that won’t break the bank.” Either way, they sure are cute. (Buy Marty McFly here. Buy Doc Brown here.)

Hello Kitty Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, The Simpsons Homer Simpson Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, Spongebob Squarepants Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, TMNT Donatello Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, and Disney Winnie the Pooh Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure (Kidrobot)

RRP: $11.99 Each

Kidrobot’s Bhunny also includes several kid-friendly options. We were sent Hello Kitty, Homer Simpson, Spongebob Squarepants, Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Winnie the Pooh. (Buy Hello Kitty here. Buy Homer Simpson here. Buy Spongebob Squarepants here. Buy Donatello here. Buy Winnie the Pooh here.)

Alien Xenomorph Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, Beetlejuice Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, Bob Ross Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, Gremlins Gizmo Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, IT Pennywise Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure, and Predator Bhunny 4” Vinyl Figure (Kidrobot)

RRP: $11.99 Each

Kidrobot also has some less kid-friendly Bhunny figures, some of which center around horror movie characters/monsters. We were sent an Xenomorph from Alien, Beetlejuice (we only got halfway through that movie with my 7-year-old daughter before we had to turn it off, even though it’s rated PG), Gizmo from Gremlins (one of the movies that helped inspire the PG-13 rating), Pennyworth from IT, the Predator, and… Bob Ross. Okay, the latter was a beloved PBS art teacher, but kids today don’t know who he is. (Buy Alien here. Buy Beetlejuice here. Buy Bob Ross here. Buy Gizmo here. Buy Pennywise here. Buy Predator here.)

Ghostbusters Plasma Series Action Figures (Hasbro)

RRP: $19.99 Each

Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the fourth Ghostbusters film, was supposed to come out this past summer, but like most of 2020’s blockbusters it has been pushed back to next year. Unlike 2016’s all-female reboot (also simply titled Ghostbusters), Ghostbusters: Afterlife is a direct sequel to the first two films from the 1980s. Little is known about how much the original Ghostbusters actors are featured in the new movie, but Bill Murray (Peter Venkman), Dan Aykroyd (Ray Stantz), Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore), Sigourney Weaver (Dana Barrett), and Annie Potts (Janine Melnitz) are all in the film in some capacity. Alas Harold Ramis passed away in 2014 and Rick Moranis only very recently came out of retirement and so isn’t in it (although with the release date delay, maybe they could now get him for an end credits scene).

2016’s Ghostbusters is a bit underrated in my opinion. It’s at least probably better than 1989’s Ghostbusters 2. And for all the complaints about the gender swamped leads, I can attest that the film did make a positive impact on some girls and young women (it’s my second grade daughter’s favorite of the franchise). Still no Ghostbusters movie, cartoon, or video game can hold a candle to 1984’s original. Hasbro has put out a great line of action figures featuring most of the original Ghostbusters, including Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Winston Zeddemore, Dana Barrett, and Gozer. Each figure includes a different part of a Terror Dog figure, buy them all to build the figure. (Buy Peter Venkman here. Buy Ray Stantz here. Buy Egon Spengler here. Buy Winston Zeddemore here. Buy Dana Barrett here. Buy Gozer here.)

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Phunny Plush Toy (Kidrobot)

RRP: $12.99

Speaking of Ghostbusters, as part of their Phunny plush line Kidrobot has a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stuffie. It’s eight inches tall and a lot more adorable than the menacing skyscraper sized one in the movie. (Buy it here.)

PAC-MAN Small Collectible 4” Interactive Plush (Kidrobot)

RRP: $8.99 Each

Speaking of ghosts, Kidrobot also has these cute PAC-MAN stuffies. They are all available separately and include the round yellow ghost-muncher and four of the ghosts. And the ghosts are reversible, you can switch them to their dead mode. (Buy it here.)

PAC-MAN Hungry PAC-MAN 15” Interactive Plush PAC with Sound Chip (Kidrobot)

RRP: $59.99

Speaking of PAC-MAN, Kidrobot also has a much larger version of the classic video game character. This one is 15 inches tall and very cuddly. But it also makes sounds from the game. Inside its mouth are four removable small plush: two ghosts, a cherry, and a bell. (Buy it here.)

Hello Kitty x Team USA Mini Figures (Kidrobot)

RRP: $9.99 Each

In a year of postponements, one of the biggest 2020 events to be put off was the Olympics, which were due to take place in Tokyo this summer and has now been pushed back to July 2021. This year Kidrobot and Saniro teamed up with Team USA, along with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games, to produce a line of Hello Kitty vinyl mini figures. Each figure features the iconic Japanese cat in different athletic guises. You can find Hello Kitty in a karate outfit, dressed as a fencer, clutching a surfboard, with boxing gloves on, as well as being ready to play tennis, soccer, baseball, and lift weights. These aren’t blind boxes, instead they are clear, so you can see which figure you’re getting. Also available are Hello Kitty x Team USA Vinyl Keychains at $5.99 each. Hopefully with the vaccines now in play the 2021 Olympics will still happen. If not we may have to wait until 2024. (Buy it here.)

Hello Kitty Time to Shine Mini Figure Blind Box Series (Kidrobot)

RRP: $9.99 Each

Kidrobot also has a new blind box series featuring Hello Kitty. Each vinyl figure features everyone’s favorite cartoon cat from Japan in different costumes. The logline for the series is that Hello Kitty has dressed up for her “moment in the spotlight.” Costumes include: kaiju monster, green alien, angel/devil, scary clown, steampunk, zombie, pirate, robot, rockabilly, and even as the American President. There are also two mystery figures. Also available are Time to Shine Keychains at $5.99 each. (Buy it here.)

King Kong Plush Phunny (Kidrobot)

RRP: $11.99

Another of this year’s big movies to be pushed back to 2021 due to the pandemic was Godzilla vs. Kong. The showdown between the two titans was due to come out this November, but is now coming out in May 2021, showing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max at the same time. The two monsters have battled before, in 1962’s Japanese production King Kong vs. Godzilla, but this is the first time since then and the first time in a Hollywood production, taking place in the same continuity as 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters and 2017’s Kong: Skull Island, with some of the cast members from the former returning (such as Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler). Another addition to Kidrobot’s Phunny plush line is this cute little seven-inch tall King Kong. His mouth is open in mid roar and he even has a gold crown on his head. It’ll be a perfect companion for watching Godzilla vs. Kong next year. (Buy it here.)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack 27” Pillowbuddy (Jay Franco & Sons/Fun.com)

RRP: $26.99

The Nightmare Before Christmas was perhaps not the most likely film to become an enduring holiday classic. Created by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Selick, the stop-motion film wasn’t exactly a runaway success upon its initial theatrical release in 1993, grossing a respectable $50 million. But then the film was reissued in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, bringing its total to $91.5 million. And over the years it’s found new young fans every season and the Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise has been plentiful. In the film Jack Skellington is the King of Halloween Town who launches a disastrous attempt to take over Christmas Town, which makes it a perfect film for either holiday. At Fun.com they have a Jack Skellington Pillowbuddy, which is a delightful 27-inch tall stuffie perfect for cuddling up to on cold winter nights. (Buy it at Fun.com here.)

Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Bobble-Head and Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child with Control Knob (Funko)

RRP: $11.99 Each

We all know that 2020 has been an incredibly tough year, but one of the bright spots may have been the cultural phenomenon that is Baby Yoda. Okay, he not really a baby version of the Jedi Master, but another of his species. And he is referred to on the show as The Child (with his real name being revealed in a recent episode). The Mandalorian’s first episode debuted in November 2019 on Disney+, but a lot of people caught up on the first season this year and season two debuted in October and cements the Star Wars show as one of the most watching streaming shows of modern times. Obviously Jon Favreau, who created the show and has written most of the episodes, deserves a lot of credit for the series’ success, as does star Pedro Pascal, who gives an amazing and emotive performance, especially considering that he never removes his helmet. The overwhelming cuteness that is The Child cannot be underestimated. My 7-year-old daughter was already a big Star Wars fan prior to The Mandalorian, but she is positively in love with The Child and it fuels us as a family to watch each new episode every Friday, the day it airs.

There has been an onslaught of Baby Yoda merchandise this year and Funko sent us two of their POP! figures featuring the Child. Both are bobble-heads. One features him practicing the Force, his left hand outstretched. The other features him clutching the control knob of The Razor Crest, the main spaceship from the show. For whatever reason, The Child covets the knob and it later becomes useful in his Jedi training. POP! figures of various other characters on the show are also available, including The Mandalorian himself, Cara Dune, Moff Gideon, and more. (Buy the basic bobble-head here. Buy the control knob version here.)

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Video Gamer Teen Groot HugMe Plush (Kidrobot)

RRP: $34.99

The Guardians of the Galaxy is the corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe most like Star Wars and Baby Groot is almost as beloved as Baby Yoda. But babies grow up and eventually become teens. Groot is a sentient walking and talking alien tree, but as a teenager he is more interested in playing video games. Kidrobot has a version of teen Groot as part of their HugMe line. This Groot is 16 inches tall and if you hug him he vibrates and hugs you back. (Buy it here.)

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Video Gamer Teen Groot Phunny Plush (Kidrobot)

RRP: $12.99

There’s also a smaller less expensive eight-inch tall version of the video game playing teen Groot, as part of their Phunny plush line. I am Groot! (Buy it here.)

13th Doctor 5” Doctor Who Ornament (Kurt S. Adler/Fun.com)

RRP: $9.99

Sure, some longtime Doctor Who fans were no doubt skeptical when the lead character of The Doctor changed gender from male to female with the casting of Jodie Whittaker in the role. Unfortunately some fans still haven’t gotten over it, but for the rest of us Whittaker has been a delight and has won over a new generation of young girls who could now picture themselves in control of the TARDIS. Since David Tennant’s first episode as the Tenth Doctor, “The Christmas Invasion,” which aired on Christmas Day in 2005, Doctor Who has had a tradition of airing a special episode at Christmas or on New Year’s Day and Whittaker returns as the Thirteenth Doctor on January 1, 2021 in “Revolution of the Daleks,” with a new season currently filming for transmission next year. Actors who play The Doctor in modern times tend to do it for about three seasons and the next season will be Whittaker’s third, but here’s hoping she sticks around a while longer and that The Doctor stays female for at least one more regeneration. To get you in the Christmas spirit and prepare you for “Revolution of the Daleks,” how about this Thirteenth Doctor Christmas ornament? It features the Time Lord in her signature costume, is five inches tall, and is available from Fun.com. I’m putting it next to my light up TARDIS ornament. (Buy it from Fun.com here.)

And that’s a wrap, but stay tuned for more gift guides featuring toys, DVDs/Blu-rays, music reissues and box sets, books and graphic novels, and more.

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