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Win Tickets to Empire of the Sun’s Sold Out Show in Los Angeles

October 16 at Club Nokia

Oct 10, 2011 Bookmark and Share

Empire of the Sun is currently on tour in support of their debut album, Walking on a Dream. Wanna catch them live? Under the Radar has five pairs of tickets to their sold-out show on October 16 at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia—plus exclusive signed merch! The show is sold out, so this is your ticket in.

To win: In the comments below, tell us your weirdest dream. Winners will be contacted via email on October 14.

Afterwards: Log on to Facebook here to check out exclusive MP3 and videos.

Good luck!  



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October 10th 2011

Paul and Ringo called me up to replace both George and John on a reunion tour. I agreed, but only if they would re-release every Beatles album with my image replacing both of the others.

Mario Gonzalez
October 10th 2011

Last week I dreamt that I couldn’t walk with my legs but had to use my hands. I was really good at it. I had to meet some friends at a bar and couldn’t give the doorman my ID. When someone finally was able to hand him my wallet for me he said that the ID wasn’t valid because my ID pic was right side up. What!!!?? And then I woke up. WTF!?

October 10th 2011

I was in class, and suddenly my mind drifted. I was sitting on my couch spacing out, when a person broke into my apartment. He looked like someone I knew, but my eyes couldn’t seem to focus, a veil of fog splayed upon my eyes.
He put a thick sticky piece of white tape over my mouth. My living room was just off the kitchen, and so I grabbed the nearest sharp object, a pair of scissors. I flayed them out and around me, as if to ward him off, and ran through the door in the kitchen for the fire escape that would get me outside. He said nothing, and in a moment standing upon the fire escape I knew I had to jump onto the back porch of my neighbors. I landed on the landing with a thump, and no one came to see what was going on.  No one came, and he jumped onto the landing to grab me. I woke up.

October 10th 2011

I dreamed I saw St. Augustine, alive as you or me.

Trinidad Carrillo
October 10th 2011

I am in Tokyo following an international drug cartel smuggle weapons into the port. I am a reporter.
It’s night time, as I follow the drug lords to their meeting point and set up my camera…I hear two gun shots. As the smoke clears, I see Connan O’Brien with a gun standing over the dead body. I flinch from the fear and he hears me. I manage to escape into the streets of Tokyo, just before I am trapped in a corner. Just as I say my last words, I hear rampant gun firing and a voice say “we need to get out of here!”...he grabs my shirt and pulls me with such force it is overwhelming, but when I open my eyes it is Russell Crowe.
It turns out Crowe’s friend was an undercover cop sent to Tokyo to stop the drug cartels. Connan O’Brien is a hired hit-man who also has history with Crowe. We travel all across Japan looking for different ex-cops who have bits of information to help Crowe track and locate O’Brien.
After a vicious car chase, we end up in the same port from the beginning. Crowe kills O’Brien. I return home with a front page story to write about.

Steven Hernandez
October 10th 2011

I dreamt I was walking and a walrus started to follow me. So I started running from it and it still followed me. Then I jumped over a fence and it was able to jump over it. So then I stopped and it turned into a fish. And then a bird pecked at it and I woke up.

Madusha Jayagoda
October 10th 2011

I was a kite and Ben Franklin was flying me.

October 10th 2011

Walking into the bus station and being crucified with pins and robbed.

October 11th 2011

I was in an airplane when it got hit by lightning. The lights inside went off and everyone went hysterical. It was headed down into the ocean and I sat in my seat screaming my lungs out. Right before it hit the water I woke up.

Brenda Salas
October 11th 2011

when i was very little way before he had passed i had a fear of michael jackson and i had a nightmare that i was in my living room with some friends doing gymnastics and my windows and curtains were closed and he came to my house and was trying to come inside. he was outside my front window and he was able to open the curtains from the outside and was starring at us, then we went outside and he was chasing us all around my house and then i fell and could not run because i could not feel my legs then one of my friends was dragging me pulling me by my arm and he was creeping up to me and right before he got to me i woke up…

Troy Kinney
October 11th 2011

When I was younger, I had a reoccurring dream where I was a mouse being chased by a cat. This cat would chase me into a room and I knew that if I made it to the door on the other side of the room I would be safe. The problem was the for me to get the other side of the room and to the door I had to go through a type of obstacle course. The obstacle course was like the game of Parcheesi, all of these little traps that I had to get through. The craziest thing about the dream is that after I (as a mouse) went through the obstacle course and got to the door, I would think I reached safety from the cat but after I passed through the door the dream would start over again…This is the weirdest dream I ever had….

October 11th 2011

I once dreamt my friends and I were on vacation, I am not sure where but it was somewhere tropical.  But the ocean wasn’t filled with saltwater, it was filled with champagne. So instead of swimming we were floating a top bubbles, millions of tiny bubbles. It was awesome, and I have yet to reach that level of euphoria in real life…

Alan Nguyen
October 12th 2011

The weirdest dream that I ever dreamt was when I got abducted by unicorns from my room. I was in bed sleeping and all of a sudden a bunch of unicorns barged into my room. One of them stabbed me with its horn and they all flew me half way around the world and took me to some temple. I asked where they were taking me and they replied to their leader to work for them. As we approached the temple, they dropped me in midair fallin into the ocean and suddenly I found myself already inside of the temple. I then waited for their leader to enter the scene as the unicorns were dancing in sync to entertain me. The leader magically appears and shouts out my name, Alan!!! I looked up at it and saw it standing before me, a giraffe head on a hippopotamus body that had three tiger tails. It then asked me to be their official toe nail clipper. I thought to myself WTF?!?!?!?! and ran.

October 12th 2011

the weirdest dream i’ve ever had began with me waking up inside of my dream and walking around my first house i’ve ever lived in. i called for my parents but no one answered. i walked outside, hoping they’d be in the garage, but no. i saw the doors to my basement open and some noise coming from down below. i looked inside and saw a stairway that spiraled down and began to walk. i didn’t know what was up ahead of my but i then saw groups of families in a long line that started all the way in front of me, so i ran all the way to the front. as i ran, i called out for my parents but no anwer. and then i realize i made it to the front of the line, pushing people as i went, and saw a large pig with an apron and a butcher knife. in front of him stood a platform with a man strapped in a ropes about to be beheaded. i looked away and noticed my parents were also at the front of the line, about to be next. they didnt repsond to me and had blank stares on their faces. i didnt know what else to do, so i chose to stand right behind them and went along with their choice of being this pig’s lunch. it seemed as i was the only one worried about this event, but stood quiet and held onto my parents’ hands. i will never forget this dream and the pig.

October 12th 2011

i recently dreamt that i went to a college radio show and Dinosaur Jr. (but it was them circa 1988) played and did a cover of the Dum Dum Girls’s “He Gets Me High.” If only it was true…

October 12th 2011

It’s between two that I’ve had…
When I was younger I use to dream that Carmen Sandiego would be chasing me..and I jumped into a computer screen to escape her. Then I’d be back in my room in bed and she’d be in the tree outside my window staring at me.
My other dream when I was a kid was that Marilyn Manson was my brother and I was scared of him until he started pushing me on the swing..and then I wasn’t afraid anymore. Haha.

October 13th 2011

I was in a car with these random drug dealers and we were driving along while i ate lollies and suddenly the hills beside us burst into fire. suddenly i was at a port and i jumped on a boat and my computer teacher and boss were there drinking coffee. was totally weirded out..

Cristina Sandoval
October 13th 2011

Weirdest Dream:

Contently sleeping until I tried to wake up but I couldn’t. I opened my eyes only to see an almost transparent figure of woman straddling me with her hands wrapped around my throat.
She begins squeezing and I can no longer breathe, not even make a single move but have my eyes widen in fear.
It was as if we froze in time yet her hair was blowing almost furiously but there was no gusts of wind in my room.
After what seemed to be a very long time, she was gone and I woke up.

Thing was, I wasn’t awake. I almost relived the dream but I ended up being frozen in place.
Finally I woke up and I was sure I was awake now.

michael ross
October 13th 2011

my craziest dream ever was when I was dreaming and all of a sudden I found this strange girl in my dream and I asked her who she was and she said she was dreaming and I was invading her dream. It was like the movie “inception” and once I noticed her I could not get her to leave. Night after night she would appear and tell me I needed to leave…

Melissa F
October 14th 2011

When I was five, I dreamt my mom was having a bath in our kitchen sink and the sink still had dirty dishes in it.  I don’t know what the hell Freud would say about that.

Wendy Redfern
October 14th 2011

Congratulations Michael Ross, Trinidad Carrillo, Amelia, Steven Hernandez and Troy Kinney! You’ve each won a pair of VIP tickets to this Sunday’s Empire of the Sun show. I’ve sent each of you an email with more info. Please check and confirm with us you can make it.

Thank you all for participating. We had a great time reading about your crazy dreams! Thanks for sharing!!

October 14th 2011

There were some flying, then falling, then some diving into water. I went up as a mermaid. Went into a creepy house and started to shoot zombies.

Maritza Aguilar
October 14th 2011

I dreamt about animals wearing clothes and participating in halloween costume parade. But we are talking about elaborate costumes that might be technically impossible for animals to actually wear. Have you ever seen a pug dressed as Carmen Miranda?

Jacqueline Rivas
October 14th 2011

My weirdest dream is recoccuring… I have dreams my teeth are falling out at the most inconvient times. I’ll be trying to tell someone something really important and my teeth are falling out like kernals or corn… or I’m trying to eat the most delicious feast of my life and they will be crumbling like sawdust. Maybe more of a nightmare than a dream but the image stays with me forever!