Nov 13, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that adage can be applied to fresh British trio HÆLOS. The threesome, while still in their 20s, have a lengthy and varied collective resume: Lotti Benardout featured on tracks from Redlight, Gorgon City's Foamo, and Kidnap Kid; Arthur Delaney headed up Born Blonde; and Dom Goldsmith was a central figure in the spacey beats outfit Get People. More

Nov 06, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Despite being far removed from current trends, LA Priest is remarkably in tune with them. Sam Dust lives in a field outside Welshpool, England, where he's so far from the city that wandering donkeys and the occasional peacock are his closest neighbors. Then, to make things more intense, he ditched the Internet for more than half a decade. He is, to say the least, focused on his craft. More

Oct 30, 2015 Issue #54 - August/September 2015 - CHVRCHES

Although only now being introduced to an international audience, Finnish singer/songwriter Jaakko Eino Kalevi would like to clear up a few misconceptions. First, even though the former tram driver makes cinematic pop and played a carefree character, cavorting with a pack of comely ladies in the surrealistic video for his single "Deeper Shadows," More

Sep 04, 2015 Web Exclusive

The daughter of a Peruvian father and American mother, Marela grew up listening to a mix of traditional folk music. Though she took up the acoustic guitar and began writing her own songs in high school, it wasn't until Marela presented and played a four song EP for a senior project that her classmates even became aware of her extracurricular interest.  More

Aug 21, 2015 Web Exclusive

Going to school in London Ellie Rowsell knew she wanted to be in a band. Unfortunately none of the people she knew within her immediate social circle could even put a few chords together on guitar or play the drums.  More

Aug 05, 2015

"I really like when something crosses over between worlds, to a place where it's not completely innocent anymore, and gets kind of weird, psychedelic and scary," explains Jacco GardnerMore

Jul 29, 2015 Issue #53 - April/May 2015 - Tame Impala

Amason never had a plan. The story of this Swedish band's formation spans years of friendship and admiration, a bond that eventually assembled itself into a band in 2012, when members Amanda Bergman, Pontus Winnberg, Petter Winnberg, Nils Törnqvist, and Gustav Ejstes put aside their musical projects to start anew. More

Jul 10, 2015 Issue #53 - April/May 2015 - Tame Impala

Natalie Prass has always been fascinated by rock 'n' roll iconography. Given that she grew up the daughter of a Motown enthusiast and amateur singer/songwriter father and the fact that her current debut album invokes Stax soul, Dusty Springfield, and big horn-and-string arranged R&B, it is ironic that Prass' favorite garment is a Kiss T-shirt she says she wears almost every day.  More

Jun 26, 2015 Issue #53 - April/May 2015 - Tame Impala

At six feet seven inches tall, Tobias Jesso Jr. tends to literally stand out in most situations. Having such a noticeable physical frame, however, failed to keep Jesso from being mistaken for a speed bump.  More