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Friday, March 5th, 2021  


Listen: Moby – “Almost Home” (Liars Remix)

Innocents Is Out Now Via Mute

Jan 22, 2014

Perhaps one of the highlights of Innocents, the new album from Moby, was “Almost Home,” a track featuring Damien Jurado. Now labelmates Liars have made it their own. More

Jan 06, 2014

Damien Jurado’s 11 studio album Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son will see the light of day January 21 via Secretly Canadian. Thanks to the internet, you can stream it now.  More


In the Shape of a Storm

In the Shape of a Storm

Mama Bird

Apr 16, 2019

With an output of 14 albums in two decades, singer/songwriter Damien Jurado exhausted pretty much every avenue. On his new album In the Shape of a Storm, Jurado resigns to just the bare elements that anchor his restless career: his voice, his words, and his guitar. Opening cut "Lincoln" concedes as much: "There is nothing to hide." More

Visions of Us on the Land

Visions of Us on the Land

Secretly Canadian

Mar 21, 2016

Throughout his career, Damien Jurado has proven to be a quite versatile, eclectic, and prolific songwriter. His songs excel thanks to his raw and reflective lyrics and unmistakable singing voice. More

Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son

Secretly Canadian

Jan 24, 2014

There's always been a hint of spirituality to Damien Jurado. The Seattle-born singer/songwriter's solo recordings tend to bathe in chiming melodies and puritanical lyricism, creating deep and soulful psalms flushed with introspection. More

Le Guess Who? Day Four: Destroyer, Lonnie Holley, Damien Jurado, and Yo La Tengo

December 1st, 2013

Dec 05, 2013

You know how sometimes at a festival there’s an “off” day, where there just doesn’t seem to be any strong acts that you’re dying to see? Le Guess Who? doesn’t believe in lulls. The final day brought strong sets from DestroyerLonnie HolleyDamien Jurado, and Yo La Tengo. More