May 13, 2019 By Austin Trunick

Some of the best games are the really simple games. Some of the really simple games also happen to be really affordable games. More

May 03, 2019 By Max Freedman Web Exclusive

In 2009, very few people thought that the Annie Clark of 10-years-later would perform at the Grammys. In February 2019, at the storied awards ceremony, the musician best known as St. Vincent joined forces with the massively popular British singer Dua Lipa for a medley of their respective songs "MASSEDUCTION" and "One Kiss." More

May 02, 2019 By Ian King

Twenty-five years ago, updates were trickling in to the UK music press about the chronically delayed second studio album from The Stone Roses. "Baggy revival still on ice!" declared a short NME news item in early February of 1994, reporting that Second Coming (which did at least have its title) was once again being taken off Geffen Records' release schedule, only a month before it had previously been set to come out.  More

Apr 29, 2019 By Frank Valish

For The Well's third album, Death and Consolation, guitarist/vocalist Ian Graham decided to down-tune his guitars and crank out some of the darkest, most cathartic rock and roll of the band's career. More

Apr 26, 2019 By Austin Trunick

Do you have what it takes to be named the Top Quack? More

Apr 22, 2019 By Steve King Web Exclusive

[SCARY COMPUTER VOICE: Control advises a spoiler disclaimer... But you'll keep reading anyway. Struggle is useless.] More

Apr 15, 2019 By Conrad Duncan Web Exclusive

My enduring belief that Lil Uzi Vert will come good is based on one thing: No artist who makes a song as era-defining as "XO TOUR Llif3" does it by mistake. That said, the last few years have been tiring.  More

Apr 12, 2019 By Austin Trunick

Speculation, wishes, wagers, and other thoughts on Games of Thrones' final episodes (and tie-in foods and beverages.) More

Apr 02, 2019 By Conrad Duncan Web Exclusive

Hip-hop is the biggest genre in the world right now, whether you like it or not. And that status attracts more than its fair share of visionaries, chancers, and idiot savants trying their hand at fame. More