Oct 13, 2014 By Cody Ray Shafer Web Exclusive

Lately I've been celebrating the fact that Doctor Who has been successfully pushing itself forward by pulling the science fiction stuff back a bit to reveal a captivating character drama, but this week's episode succeeds by delivering one of the most quintessential Doctor Who episodes this season. More

Oct 10, 2014 By Michele Yamamoto

Over the years, I’ve been to countless Conor Oberst shows. I’ve been late twice. Both times were the result of epic poor planning. Both times involved me charging up the side of a hill. Both times, I walked in on the same song.

Oct 07, 2014 By Cody Ray Shafer Web Exclusive

Last week Doctor Who showed us how to build a story on emotional tension between three central characters. It worked, and together with another standout episode this season, "Listen," established The Doctor's relationship with Clara as a fully realized, developing drama. "Kill the Moon" moves that story further along with its most impactful scene yet, but unlike "Listen" and "The Caretaker," it was nearly dragged down in an otherwise unstable episode. More

Sep 30, 2014 By Cody Ray Shafer Web Exclusive

Peter Capaldi's turn in the TARDIS is giving us one of the most consistently good seasons of Doctor Who since Matt Smith's first year. And, just as Smith's adventures with the Ponds framed the emotional arch of season five, Clara Oswald's courtship with ex-soldier Danny Pink provides a grounded narrative for The Doctor's outlandish attributes to work with. More

Sep 24, 2014 By Joakim Benon Web Exclusive

A song is a chance overlapping of countless variables in an artist's life. Anatomy of a Song is a place where those variables can be dissected and examined. In this edition, jj's Joakim Benon discusses the track "Full" from their recent album, V, out now on Secretly Canadian. More

Sep 22, 2014 By Cody Ray Shafer Web Exclusive

One of the remarkable things about a series like Doctor Who is the potential for versatility in storytelling. It explains the show's enduring appeal, that every week can bring a new adventure in any setting imaginable, on any world, past present or future. Yet for some reason, the last year or two have been uncharacteristically underwhelming. Now, five episodes into the new season, and the adventures are exciting again, and in this week's case, considerably more creative. More

Sep 19, 2014 By Nedelle Torrisi

Nedelle Torrisi is back, and she's solving your dating problems.  More

Sep 17, 2014 By Frank Valish

This collection of eight 7" records reminds of The Turtles' history and cements its legacy as a forgotten group who, despite several charting hits, never got its full artistic due. More

Sep 15, 2014 By Cody Ray Shafer Web Exclusive

After the last couple of earnest but ultimately mediocre episodes, Doctor Who returned this week with one of its most compelling stories in recent memory. "Listen" was again written by Stephen Moffat, and carries his signature throughout, but it also takes major steps in establishing the new rules for this Doctor, something we've been looking for since the premiere a few weeks back. More