Dec 08, 2017 By Margaret Butler Web Exclusive

GGOOLLDD are an idiosyncratic bunch, unconstrained by the usual music industry formula. This flashy electro-rock outfit has so far shown no inclination to lock into big record deals, churning out template album after template album. Led by Margaret Butler, they've instead chosen to put out a collection of EPs, the latest, Teeth, at the start of this month, and basically do their own thing. More

Dec 07, 2017 By Mark Redfern Web Exclusive

Welcome to part 7 of our Holiday Gift Guide 2017, in which we look at technology. To paraphrase Kip's wedding song to LaFawnduh at the end of Napoleon Dynamite, we love technology. Some may resist its grasp on society, but fun technology isn't going anywhere, at least not until Skynet finally takes over.  More

Dec 02, 2017 By Austin Trunick

Welcome back to Under the Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide. This section focuses on video games and game-related items, and we’ve done our best to track down some of the coolest, more outside-the-box releases from 2017.  More

Dec 01, 2017 By Stephen Mayne Web Exclusive

To North Korea we go this week. Following yet another successful launch, we walk back a few decades to summarize the current situation threatening us all. Beneath the prospect of nuclear annihilation, there's also change afoot in the White House, an insulting president, tax reform, and the Grammys.  More

Nov 30, 2017 By Mark Redfern Web Exclusive

Welcome to part 5 of our Holiday Gift Guide 2017, in which we look at collectibles (aka wonderful toys for adults who are film, TV, and comic book fans). Gone are the days when you have to give up your action figures and toys as you enter adulthood, you just graduate to cooler, more detailed, and likely more expensive toys.  More

Nov 29, 2017 By Mark Redfern Web Exclusive

As the father of a near 5-year-old girl and before that the uncle to various nieces and nephews, I have spent many an hour wandering the aisles of toy stores and browsing Amazon and other websites to find the perfect gift for the children in my life.  More

Nov 26, 2017 By Mark Redfern and Austin Trunick Web Exclusive

Part 3 of Under the Radar's Holiday Gift Guide 2017 features various DVDs and Blu-rays released in 2017. We didn't have space to feature everything in one post, so below are full entries on four DVDs/Blu-rays we couldn't fit, along with a longer list of other DVDs and Blu-rays we wanted to highlight but couldn't do full write-ups on. More

Nov 26, 2017 By Mark Redfern and Austin Trunick Web Exclusive

Welcome to part 3 of Under the Radar's Holiday Gift Guide 2017. Just like your CD and vinyl collection represents you in some small way to friends and visitors to your house, so do the DVDs and Blu-rays you choose to own and display.  More

Nov 24, 2017 By Austin Trunick

Happy holidays, board gamers! Welcome back to the 2017 edition of Under the Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide. If you’ve been following our regular game review column, PLAYlist, you’ll know that it’s been a pretty fantastic year for new releases. If you’re looking for a perfect present (or just to spoil yourself), we’ve broken down some of our top picks for 2017’s most gift-worthy board games. More