Watch: Sigur Rós perform a new song, “Brennisteinn”

Live in Iceland

Nov 05, 2012
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This past weekend Sigur Rós performed in their homeland of Iceland for the first time in over four years. Giving the night a little extra something Jónsi and the band premiered a brand new song called "Brennisteinn" for the crowd. Video of the performance has subsequently made its way online, click you can click below to watch. (via CoS)



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November 6th 2012

I was there.  So. Awesome.  The video doesn’t convey the power of the subsonics in the base.  It felt like an external force was beating your heart in time to the music.  A really incredible effect mixed in with the lights.  The only negative I had with the performance of this track was that the beams on the (amazingly beautiful) light on this part of the show swept regularly across the audience, briefly blinding you every now and then.  It was too focused of a beam to allow to directly hit the crowd.

The concert as a whole was troubled with several technical differences, most amusingly a “No Signal” display during one of the tracks for about 10 seconds ;)  It started an hour late, which in the hot, densely packed room full of people already exhausted from Airwaves was pretty wearying.  But almost nobody left.  Sigur Rós, their homecoming concert in Iceland?  I mean, how could you leave that?  I was nearly to the point of passing out (I was dehydrated and a bit sick as well as overheated and tired) but there was no way I was going to leave that room before the concert ended except on a stretcher.  ;)  And none of the band was “calling it in” in any way shape or form; they performed top notch.  One lucky audience member got Jónsi’s bow when he threw it into the crowd at the end of the (main portion of the) concert.

I feel bad for the bands playing the final shows of Airwaves in Gamli Gaukurinn and Þýski Barinn after the Sigur Rós concert (Sometime, Boogie Trouble, and Skálmöld).  I mean, they’re very good, but how do you compete with this?  Sigur Rós on their own is incredible, and this was Sigur Rós merged with a top-notch hypnotic light-art show, with a sound system most bands could only ever dream of.  I mean, for example, Nóra is one of my favorite Icelandic bands that played at Airwaves, with some strong Sigur Rós notes to their repertoire.  But what chance would a band like that have playing in the basement at Bar 11 (or even their Kaldalón set) versus a professional high-budget show at Laugardalshöllin? It was just a beautiful, emotional experience, despite the technical problems, despite the heat, etc.