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Oct 17, 2013

Forgotten Songs is our recurring series where a musician or one of our writers examines a song they love that they feel has been overlooked. For this edition of Forgotten Songs, Elf Power frontman Andrew Rieger writes about Pink Floyd's 1967 song "Vegetable Man" by way of The Jesus and Mary Chain.   More

Elf Power Plots Tour

Film Major Organ + the Adding Machine to Open Each Night

Sep 21, 2010

Elf Power is hitting the road on a tour that will take them to each coast of the U.S. In addition to a set of indie pop, each night will open with a screening of Elephant 6 film, Major Organ + the Adding Machine.  We have the dates.  More

Sep 10, 2010

Under the Radar's Summer 2010 Issue is a special issue named the Wasted on the Youth Issue that features musicians and actors talking about their childhood memories and things they loved when they were kids. We're also posting web-exclusive essays that were not printed in the issue, including this one by Elf Power's Andrew Rieger. More

Elf Power Announces September Release of 10th LP

Dedicated to Friend and Collaborator Vic Chesnutt

Jun 10, 2010

Elephant 6 collective alum Elf Power have announced the release of their 10th album, the appropriately titled Elf Power. It's due on September 14 and dedicated to their late friend and collaborator Vic Chesnutt. We have the details. More


Sunlight on the Moon

Sunlight on the Moon

Darla/Orange Twin

Sep 30, 2013

Elf Power has been creating intricate, melodic, insightful indie-pop for so long now that the occasion of a new album is simply another opportunity to bask in all the things the band has been so good at since starting as a bit player in the Elephant 6 scene in the mid-'90s. More