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Rogue Wave

Jul 02, 2007 Rogue Wave

Rogue Wave’s third studio album, Asleep at Heaven’s Gate, due in September, finds the band with an unlikely new home—Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records. It’s the end result of a tumultuous year marked by loss, kidney replacement, a lineup addition, and fatherhood. More


Jul 02, 2007 Battles

Scheduling mishaps. They happen. For example, one might prepare a set of questions for a phone interview with Battles bassist/guitarist Dave Konopka only to have them answered via email by Battles drummer John Stanier. The result is just as informative—until you get to the questions about John Stanier, of course. Then things get silly. More

Marion Cotillard

Jun 02, 2007 Web Exclusive

Breathtaking is a word that usually is not used literally, but go to a screening of La Vie en Rose, writer-director Olivier Dahan’s chronicle of the life of French singer and icon Édith Piaf, and listen to the folks seated near you at the end of the film. You will hear sniffling and slow gasps as actress Marion Cotillard illuminates the film’s final frames. More

Los Campesinos!

Apr 01, 2007 Los Campesinos!

“We started out as seven friends, just jamming and writing some songs, and then this just kind of happened,” says Neil of Cardiff, Wales’ bright new band, Los Campesinos! “It’s really weird. I’m having a conversation with someone from America, interviewing me. It’s really mental. It doesn’t make any sense.” More



Jan 02, 2007 Air

Nicolas Godin, one half of the French duo Air, sounds like he’s speaking from a monkey cage. In reality, he is in the lobby of a hip New York hotel after having spent hours with his other half, Jean-Benoît Dunckel, convincing passport control they are not the thieves of their own passports which were stolen a few years back. More

The Most Serene Republic

Jan 02, 2007 The Most Serene Republic

With its 2005 debut, Underwater Cinematographer, Milton, Ontario’s The Most Serene Republic established itself as the newest band in a Canadian indie-rock scene led by the likes of Broken Social Scene, Stars, and The Dears. Though the band was still in its infancy, Underwater Cinematographer succeeded on the strength of an experimental, multi-instrumental pop sound that was as engaging as it was eccentric. More

The Helio Sequence

Jan 02, 2007 The Helio Sequence

Time and space seem to be the cornerstones of the untitled work in progress from Portland, OR duo The Helio Sequence (vocalist/guitarist Brandon Summers and keyboardist/drummer Benjamin Weikel). Summers cites the use of odd micing in closets and a more acoustic writing approach as having influenced a record unlike anything the duo have produced before. More

John Waters

Jan 01, 2007 John Waters

As a true legend of outsider films, it should surprise no one that director John Waters also has a taste for the obscure and eccentric in music. Following 2004’s compilation CD A John Waters Christmas, his second set is a celebration of Valentine’s Day entitled A Date with John Waters, with a similarly unconventional set of songs designed to seduce you into submission. More

The Bees (aka: A Band of Bees)

Jan 01, 2007 Web Exclusive

The Bees, England’s pioneers of revamped ’60s psychedelic peace music, will return in 2007 with Octopus. Bees’ songwriter Aaron Fletcher describes the new album as “sound[ing] more like 1666.” More