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Friday, January 28th, 2022  
Elizaveta on the 10th Anniversary of Her Overlooked Pop Masterpiece “Beatrix Runs”

Jan 24, 2022

“On one hand, I’m a bit of a contradiction—in me reside basically two, three, or four different artists,” Russian-American pianist/singer/songwriter Elizaveta Khripounova explains. “I think that maybe what makes me a bit of a weird artist also is that at heart and in essence, I was always a composer, rather than a performer. So, for me, it was always about writing songs.” More

Cat Power on Her New Album “Covers” and the Influence of Her Grandmother

Jan 14, 2022 Issue #69 - 20th Anniversary Issue

One note twirled out from singer Cat Power’s tongue and it’s clear: the artist is a genre unto herself. When the songwriter, also known as Chan Marshall, offers her voice in melody, it’s like a homemade amalgamation of different woods: birch, cedar, maple, applewood (folk, rock, blues, bluegrass), all fused and nailed together to create some echoing birdhouse tone that’s completely singular. More

Modern Nature’s Jack Cooper on “Island of Noise” and Processing the World Around Him

Jan 06, 2022 Web Exclusive

Modern Nature’s Jack Cooper has an over decade long musical resume going back to earlier projects Mazes and Ultimate Painting. But Cooper considers his latest project, Modern Nature, his true musical calling. More

Protest: Arlo Parks

Dec 28, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

Raised in London, 20-year-old Arlo Parks, aka Anaïs Oluwatoyin Estelle Marinho, leads a new generation of poets and songwriters. With her recent debut album, Collapsed in Sunbeams, Parks has quickly—and deservedly—grabbed the attention of the music world. Now, with a larger platform, she is determined to use it in a positive way, aiming to be active in her desire to create change. More

Roddy Woomble of Idlewild on His Recent Solo Album “Lo! Soul”

Dec 23, 2021

Featuring the single “Architecture In LA,” Lo! Soul is the new solo album from acclaimed singer/songwriter Roddy Woomble (also the frontman of Idlewild). Working in isolation together with his Idlewild bandmate Andrew Mitchell (aka Andrew Wasylyk), this is the latest LP following four solo albums including his applauded debut My Secret Is My Silence and the widely praised record The Deluder. More

Japanese Breakfast – The Under the Radar Cover Story

Dec 21, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

After four years of almost constant movement, 2020 was the year that Michelle Zauner finally had to sit still. For the past half-decade, she had been a one-woman whirlwind of activity, releasing two highly acclaimed albums as Japanese Breakfast, the second one arriving before she was even done touring for the first one. More

Protest: Tegan and Sara

Dec 20, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

Tegan and Sara have always been deliberate in using their platform for social good. In 2012, the Canadian duo appeared on the cover of that year’s Protest Issue wielding a sign that said: “The rights of the minority should never be subject to the whim of the majority.” Sara Quin, who has been making music alongside her identical twin sister, Tegan Quin, for over two decades, fondly remembers how those words strongly resonated with her. More

Protest: Colin Meloy of The Decemberists on Neuro Diversity

Dec 09, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

Colin Meloy, front person and principle songwriter for the Pacific Northwest-based indie band The Decemberists, says he grew up admiring artists who were vocal about their politics. Now, as an adult, Meloy says he intentionally uses his platform to speak his mind on issues important to him. Today, that means speaking out about neuro diversity. More

Protest: Valerie June on Climate Change and the Black Lives Matter Movement

Dec 08, 2021 Issue #68 - Japanese Breakfast and HAIM (The Protest Issue)

Where most may find it ironic that songwriter Valerie June made masks for Memphis police officers in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is as natural to her as the way her songs come to her. Or how she subtly weaves her compassion for Mother Earth in with racial justice issues. June is no doubt a gentle and caring soul, but like her songs’ impact on the listener she can get your head spinning with a patchwork of thoughts and ideas before you realize where you have ended up. To her, it’s all part of the same package. More