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Saturday, April 20th, 2024  
Director Amy Redford on Her New Thriller “What Comes Around”

Aug 17, 2023 Web Exclusive

What happens when a teenager befriends an older man on the internet? This scenario is every parent’s nightmare and in What Comes Around, a psychological thriller that unspools inside a family drama, director Amy Redford eschews old tropes, allowing the narrative space to tread down unexpected paths even as the online relationship takes a sinister turn. More

John Slattery on his Latest Directorial Feature “Maggie Moore(s)”

Jun 15, 2023 Web Exclusive

John Slattery talks about his latest movie, Maggie Moore(s), working with John Hamm again, and the thrill of having creative control. More

Anna Camp Explores New Territory in “From Black”

May 04, 2023 Web Exclusive

Anna Camp discusses the exhilarating challenges of making her new film, From Black. More

Composer Nathan Halpern on ‘Emily The Criminal’

Apr 29, 2023 Web Exclusive

We spoke with film and TV composer Nathan Halpern about his latest project, ‘Emily the Criminal.’ More

Sam Jones reflects on his new Jason Isbell documentary

Apr 10, 2023 Web Exclusive

Director Sam Jones reflects on his new Jason Isbell documentary, ‘Running With Our Eyes Closed.’ More

Director Andy Fickman discusses One True Loves

Apr 04, 2023 Web Exclusive

Director Paul Fickman talks about the genius of Gene Wilder, the current state of the movie industry, and the joys of casting his new film, One True Loves. More

Tim Roth Discusses His New Film “Punch”

Mar 11, 2023 Web Exclusive

Tim Roth discusses his moving new film, Punch. More

Sundance 2023: Ten Films We Can’t Wait To See

Jan 12, 2023 Web Exclusive

Trying to navigate a lineup as complex as Sundance’s can be difficult, which is why we’ve gone through the liberty of selecting 10 films that you won’t want to miss this year. More

Eric Appel on Directing and Casting “Weird: The Al Yankovic Story”

Nov 04, 2022 Web Exclusive

How weird would it be to play “Weird Al” Yankovic? The “Eat It” and “White and Nerdy” singer is so renowned for hilariously reinterpreting hit songs, how could an actor possibly reinterpret this singular satirist in a big-screen satire? More