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Cardi B

Invasion of Privacy


May 15, 2018 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

Is there a bigger new name in music right now than Cardi B? If so, I must confess myself unable to think of it. It’s been just over a year since a behind-the-scenes clip of her recording as-then-unreleased single “Bodak Yellow” made waves across social media and now, after a string of successful public appearances, performances, and single releases, her debut album is here.

The expectation for this release was palpable, even though it was announced only a week or two prior to it’s eventual releaseCardi’s undeniably raw and authentic personality the main driving factor behind this. Regardless of the hype though, the album still needs to stand up as being good before the discussion about her standing within the hip-hop scene can go much further, and it is this point that sees things begin to get a little more tricky.

There are some objectively fantastic tracks herethe aforementioned “Bodak Yellow,” “Be Careful,” and the SZA-featuring closer “I Do” all serving as worthy highlights. However, there is also a lot of fat to be trimmed“Bickenhead” and “Money Bag,” just two such examples of where this is true.

For some reason, when a new female rapper appears on the scene with this level of notoriety, this is seen as the end of the relevancy of the last woman to achieve this success. When Nicki Minaj burst onto the scene in the late ‘00s, Missy Elliott’s career was surreptitiously declared as “over,” a line now being used, some what equally unfairly against Minaj-an artist of maturing quality whose debut effort was still a few paces ahead of Invasion of Privacy.

It is for this reason that I think we can conclusively call such claims complete nonsense. There is, of course, more room than ever before for a plethora of female rappers to enjoy their share of the spotlight, as there has been for their male counterparts for over three decades. Cardi B is merely the latest to appear into the mainstream, a position she is sure to occupy for some time, and with enough potential showing on her debut release to give hope to anyone listening that she can only get better from here. (

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May 15th 2018

I believe that Nicki still has a few tricks up her sleeve, but I would say that she is approaching an end like said in this article. I know Cardi B is the new Queen and considering how fast she has risen, she will be on top for quite some time.

I have grown up to most of Nicki’s music and there was always controversy over her copying Lil Kim’s original style. I think it was a bit of that, but I also can say that Nicki has brought that originality to a whole another level.

I think it’s the evolution of how these female artists can become popular in the music industry. It’s not about doing what worked before but about making it so much better.

If these female artists do the same exact thing as the former one does, then they will not last as long unfortunately even if they have the talent. Bringing something new every time needs to be always on their top priority.

So far Cardi B is doing a good job at that. She is sticking to herself which makes her a great asset.

RRS Lists
May 29th 2018

Cardi B is a great example of a real girl. She doesn’t act like she is better than anyone. She will tell you what’s on her mind instead of buttering it up due to being scared of what the news might say. I like her fast come up and will continue to follow her talent and unique voice :).