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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023  

All of Us Strangers

Studio: Searchlight
Andrew Haigh

Oct 01, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Andrew Haigh’s All of Us Strangers is a devastating, profound look at how we desperately hold onto the people and memories that link us to our pasts.


Strange Way of Life

Studio: Sony Pictures Classic
Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Oct 01, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Although Strange Way of Life is not Almodóvar’s most affecting work, viewers can expect a tender moment or two to make it worthwhile.



Studio: Amazon MGM Studios
Director: Garth Davis

Oct 01, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Foe completely wastes its semi-interesting concept and two steady performances.


Mob Land

Studio: Saban Films
Director: Nicholas Maggio

Aug 23, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Mob Land‘s aim is seemingly to give audiences a Deep Southern neo-noir heist thriller, and it just about does so, but without any distinction.


Asteroid City

Studio: Focus Features
Director: Wes Anderson

Jun 29, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

As every component of Anderson’s films become more and more distilled, as he gets better at the very specific thing he does, his films feel more and more alien within the landscape of cinema — at least to those yet uninitiated to his films.


Maggie Moore(s)

Studio: Screen Media
John Slattery

Jun 12, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Despite its stellar cast, Maggie Moore(s) is unfortunately as bland as Hamm’s brown small town police uniform


Blue Jean

Studio: Magnolia Pictures / Altitude Films
Director: Georgia Oakley

Jun 09, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Georgia Oakley’s Blue Jean is a complex look at gay life in late 1980s Britain, specifically under the conservative tide caused by Margaret Thatcher’s homophobic policies.



Studio: Neon
Director: Zachary Wigon

May 21, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

In addition to being entertaining, absorbing, and thought-provoking, Sanctuary is also rather audacious.


The Master Gardener

Studio: Magnolia Pictures
Director: Paul Schrader

May 19, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

The Master Gardener is more than worth watching thanks to its engrossingly subdued plot and goosebump inducing performances.