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Thursday, December 1st, 2022  


Studio: Sideshow and Janus Films
Director: Jerzy Skolimowski

Nov 26, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

EO, Jerzy Skolimowski’s contemporary retelling of Robert Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar, calls forth a profound emotional response.


Bardo: False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

Studio: Netflix
Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Nov 04, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Alejandro Iñárritu seizes the opportunity to have his bardo — his meditation of how far he and his homeland have come.


To Leslie

Studio: Momentum Pictures
Director: Michael Morris

Oct 24, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

To Leslie is an excellent film that searches for redemption among the downtrodden.



Studio: Quiver Distribution
Director: Allan Ungar

Oct 21, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Based on true events, Bandit works well as a straightforward, enjoyable piece of storytelling.


My Best Friend’s Exorcism

Studio: Amazon Studios
Director: Damon Thomas

Oct 18, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

My Best Friend’s Exorcism is an uneven horror comedy that’s often uncertain of what it’s trying to do.


Dead for a Dollar

Studio: Myriad Pictures
Director: Walter Hill

Oct 11, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Dead for a Dollar‘s weak dialogue wastes its immense star potential.



Studio: Netflix
Director: Andrew Dominik

Sep 25, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

Andrew Dominik’s Marilyn Monroe “biopic” Blonde is far too ambitious for its own good.


True Things

Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films
Director: Harry Wootliff

Sep 15, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

True Things is a compelling psychological drama anchored by a strong performance from Tom Burke.


See How They Run

Studio: Searchlight Pictures
Director: Tom George

Sep 07, 2022 Cinema Web Exclusive

See How They Run fails to deliver a cohesive story despite a solid cast.