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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023  

Creed III

Studio: MGM
Michael B. Jordan

Feb 23, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

While Creed III does feel like a soap opera at too many points, it’s hard to look away from the drama as it unfolds.



Studio: Storyboard Media
Director: Neil Jordan

Feb 16, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Marlowe is great fun, and fans of the character, Neeson’s action roles, classic noir, and contemporary noir would be well-advised to check it out.



Studio: Likely Story
Director: William Oldroyd

Feb 02, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Eileen is a slow-paced, surprisingly twisty thriller built upon two great performances and a fascinating script.



Studio: Charades
Director: Charlotte Regan

Feb 01, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

While many of Scrapper’s successes are attributable to its dynamic screenplay, the performances truly make the film.



Studio: Topic Studios
Director: Randall Park

Jan 31, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Randall Park’s Shortcomings is a humorous yet not fully developed story about a man constantly failing to realize that he’s the worst person in the world.



Studio: Tunnel Post
Director: Justin Chon

Jan 30, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Jamojaya has the tools to resonate in a much more striking fashion, but needs a longer runtime or a larger focus on a single narrative to make that happen.


Sometimes I Think About Dying

Studio: CAA
Director: Rachel Lambert

Jan 28, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Sometimes I Think About Dying is a heartwarming yet somewhat clichéd look at a lonely person learning to open up to those around them.



Studio: UTA
Director: Noora Niasari

Jan 27, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

Shayda is a heart-wrenching, if not somewhat familiar, tale about a woman trying to escape abuse and create a better life for herself and her child.


Infinity Pool

Studio: Neon
Director: Brandon Cronenberg

Jan 26, 2023 Cinema Web Exclusive

If the narrative was just as tight as the film’s style, Infinity Pool could have achieved much more in its two-hour running time.