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Thursday, May 30th, 2024  

Seeing Red: 3 French Vigilante Thrillers

Studio: Fun City Editions

May 22, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

​This set from Fun City Editions offers three distinct twists on the Death Wish formula.


May 21, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

The Criterion Collection’s newest box set, featuring a silent film by Yasujiro Ozu and his remake of that film 25 years later, is a fascinating look at the changes and continuities of the acclaimed Japanese director’s filmmaking style.


High Noon [4K UHD]

Studio: Kino Lorber Studio Classics

May 07, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

High Noon is a riveting, wildly entertaining Western.


The Great Land of Small

Studio: Canadian International Pictures

Apr 29, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

Children cavort with all sorts of magical creatures in an ‘80s oddity from north of the border.


Mean Girls [4K UHD]

Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment

Apr 25, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

20 years later, Mean Girls is just as hilarious as ever.


I Am Cuba [4K UHD]

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Apr 22, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

I Am Cuba is a seminal piece of cinematic history and a criminally overlooked film.


Picnic at Hanging Rock [4K UHD]

Studio: The Criterion Collection

Apr 18, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

It might not be an overstatement to claim that Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock is one of the most haunting films ever made.



Studio: Shout! Factory

Apr 16, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

A difficult to watch, nuanced look at how childhood trauma manifests and resurfaces throughout one’s adulthood.


Accidentally Preserved: Volume 5

Studio: Undercrank Productions

Apr 13, 2024 DVDs Web Exclusive

In Accidentally Preserved‘s fifth volume, four lost-in-time silent films return.