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Saturday, September 30th, 2023  

Sep 29, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Jack Cooper (the main creative force behind Modern Nature) graces us with another helping of his wonderfully organic compositions on No Fixed Point In Space.





Sep 28, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Following up on last year’s countrified masterwork Cruel Country, Chicago’s finest return with their first album since 2007’s Sky Blue Sky to be guided by an outside producer.


Devendra Banhart

Flying Wig

Mexican Summer

Sep 27, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

For someone whose work has often carried the air of effortlessness, Devendra Banhart’s music comes from a place of painstaking depth. “My whole life has been filled with sadness,” Banhart says. “Everything I do in life is to help cope with that sadness.”


Sep 27, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

After an impressive series of singles and EPs, the London-based band Bleach Lab showcase their musical and lyrical prowess throughout their stunning, glittering, and often emotional debut album.


Sep 26, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

After the nuanced and relatively somber nature of R.E.M.‘s early 2000s, the band comes out with a bang on its penultimate album, 2008’s Accelerate.


Sep 25, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

By the end of the 2000s, R.E.M. had returned to more of a rock band ethos, but Reveal finds the band at its most nuanced best.


Sep 22, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

In the Moment That You’re Born is Brad’s new album. The first Brad album in 11 years. The last Brad album. And it is a force.





Sep 21, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

Versatility has always been one of the defining strengths of Elliott Douglas’ music as M.A.G.S.


Sep 20, 2023 Music Web Exclusive

I don’t know who had a new album by Be Your Own Pet on their 2023 bingo card, but it certainly came as a surprise to me.