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Saturday, May 18th, 2024  

Mar 15, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Nobody in indie rock has a knack for sing-along refrains like Dan Boeckner.


Mar 14, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Following their previous, much anticipated and justifiably praised deluxe reissues of the first two 7 Seconds 12 inches (see my review of Walk Together Rock Together) and the first two Circle Jerks LPs, Trust has done it again by reissuing yet another crucial, timeless, West Coast punk rock classic that’s been long out of print.



Forgot About Me

Get Better

Mar 13, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Forgot About Me is Pouty’s official debut full length album, and it’s a brilliant, big-sounding throwback to ‘90s guitar rock.


Mar 12, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Dave’s Picks Volume 49 highlights an era of the Grateful Dead that most may not think of as prime Dead; however, the performances herein stand with the band’s best.


Mar 11, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

On her Country Curious EP, Lola Kirke abandons the pop sheen and brings the steel guitar and fiddle, going full country.


Office Dog


New West

Mar 08, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

The Auckland-based trio Office Dog—consisting of Kane Strang, Mitchell Innes, and Rassani Tolovaa—wield their impeccable chemistry to rewarding ends on their debut album, Spiel.


Mar 07, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

Philadelphia four-piece Sheer Mag are a band that manage a rare trick. Interlacing classic rock with NYC-inspired punk, they offer the warm satisfaction of the former while exuding the street cool and incisiveness of the latter.


Mar 06, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

J Mascis’ fifth solo record is almost exactly what you’d expect and precisely what you’d hope for.


Mar 05, 2024 Music Web Exclusive

It’s been three years since singer/songwriter Faye Webster released her last album, 2021’s critically acclaimed I Know I’m Funny haha, but in that time, the Atlanta native has kept busy.