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Sunday, August 7th, 2022  

Barry (Season Three)

HBO, April 24, 2022

Apr 24, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

It would be an understatement to say the new season of Barry starts off with a bang. The best gag from the HBO dramedy’s new episodes involves the titular aspiring actor by day, mob hitman by night fiddling with a cutesy phone app for a deadly bomb. It’s an explosive satire of our relationship to tech in 2022.


A Very British Scandal

Prime Video, April 22, 2022

Apr 22, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

Scandal is never as delicious as when it is upper-class British. Based on the notorious real-life divorce of the Duke and Duchess of Argyll in 1963, the three-episode A Very British Scandal ticks all the soap-y, and the reality show boxes.


Better Call Saul (Season Six)

AMC, April 18, 2022

Apr 13, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

The final season of TV’s best current show kicks off with some heat.


Tokyo Vice

HBO Max, April 7, 2022

Apr 06, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

The grim and grisly new HBO mini-series, Tokyo Vice is loosely based on real-life American expat Jake Adelstein’s memoir about his crime cub reporter adventures in 1990s Tokyo.


Starstruck (Season Two)

HBO Max, March 24, 2022

Mar 23, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

The reason why romantic comedies never have sequels is because either everything is going well with the couple and there’s nothing to watch. Or, there is conflict and the original love story is ruined. Starstruck’s second season suffers from the latter.


Atlanta (Season Three)

FX, March 24, 2022

Mar 22, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

Four years is far too long to wait for Donald Glover’s multiple-award-winning, brilliantly written, cast and acted series, Atlanta, to return.



HBO Max, March 17, 2022

Mar 17, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

Charming new HBO comedy, Minx, is fun and feel-good.


The Dropout

Hulu, March 3, 2022

Mar 03, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

“Truth is stranger than fiction,” as the timeless quote goes. This seems to be the driving force behind a glut of biopic series focused on high-profile individuals the general public could not, and cannot, take its eyes off of. The latest in these is The Dropout, the story of the ambitious, wannabe visionary, Elizabeth Holmes, her company Theranos and her failure of an invention that claimed to change the face of the medical field, which never actually worked.


Better Things (Season Five)

FX, February 28, 2022

Feb 28, 2022 TV Web Exclusive

This much-awaited final season continues to deliver the goods. Thematically, it deals with the trials that most women in their late 40s and 50s face—the looming specter of an empty nest, re-assessing finances and reflecting on what the next stage in life will look like.