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Thursday, May 30th, 2024  

FEUD: Capote vs The Swans

FX/Hulu, January 31, 2024

Feb 01, 2024 TV Web Exclusive

The original “real housewives” are unveiled in Ryan Murphy’s FEUD: Capote vs The Swans. FEUD pivots around Capote’s self-serving and manipulative nature, which he unleashes on the sophisticated and smartly turned out “Swans” with his gossipy stories then turns his poison pen on them.


Dark Winds (Season Two)

AMC/AMC+, July 27, 2023

Nov 22, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

The AMC drama about 1970s Navajo tribal police officers at an isolated New Mexico reservation begins this season with stony-faced, flinty-eyed protagonist Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn and Sergeant Bernadette Manuelito, who is as gravely serious as her boss in the midst of closing in on a formidable new suspect.


Fargo (Season Five)

FX, November 21, 2023

Nov 21, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

The fifth season of FX’s Fargo features some of the acclaimed series’ best performances and most thrilling action sequences. That’s an impressive feat given the heights Fargo reached in prior seasons.


The Curse

Showtime, November 10, 2023

Nov 10, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

The Curse’s persistence to constantly push narrative tension to the brink of chaos makes it a wildly entertaining, thematically rewarding experience from start to finish.


Justified: City Primeval

FX, July 18, 2023

Aug 29, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

Justified: City Primeval has more grippingly precarious stakes than its predecessor. Whether it’s the ugliness of this new city’s underbelly, or the deeper nerves struck by more thorough character development, Timothy Olyphant succeeds at every opportunity to draw Justified viewers in.


Minx (Season Two)

Starz, July 21, 2023

Jul 20, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

Minx was nixed in the midst of the streaming age’s sea changes by HBO Max. Thankfully, Starz picked up the show and let the brilliantly socially conscious writers, period detail-oriented set and wardrobe designers, and this rollicking cast build on the first season’s promise.


The Bear (Season Two)

FX/Hulu, June 22, 2023

Jul 04, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

​Carmy and Sydney are back in their crumbling kitchen in the second season of this critically and commercially acclaimed culinary-based series.


I’m A Virgo

Amazon Prime Video, June 23, 2023

Jun 23, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

A 13-foot-tall teenage giant named Cootie emerges after spending his childhood in hiding in I’m a Virgo, an ambitious new Amazon Prime Video series from quirky creator-director Boots Riley.


Happy Valley (Season Three)

Acorn TV/AMC+/BBC America, May 22, 2023

May 30, 2023 TV Web Exclusive

Murderer, rapist, master manipulator, and primary antagonist Tommy Lee Royce makes his most audacious ploy yet in the third and final season of the hit crime drama Happy Valley.