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While certainly targeting anyone nostalgic for 1980s toys and cartoons, does this crossover between the worlds of Eternia, home to He-Man, and Third Earth, home to the ThunderCats, succeed as a book for true fans? And does it succeed as a story irrespective of its IP mashup?

Well, yeah. We think it certainly achieved the goals of scratching a nostalgia itch, of providing an actual cohesive story-driven reason for these properties’ heroes and villains to clash, and showcasing a lot of what makes these properties appealing, from the frenetic fights characterized by Lion-O and company, to the archetypes, idealism, mysticism, and cheesiness inherent in the denizens of He-Man’s world. It also manages to infuse Skeletor with the menace of his counterpart, Mumm-Ra, quite literally, to make them a far more viable threat together than they ever were in after-school animation. Good job by writers Rob David and Lloyd Goldfine.

Is it a compelling book for the barely-aware, or even a non-fan? Yeah, we think so. If even the references pass you by, and you never owned the barely-articulated Ram-Man figure, you can thrill to the really lovely art by Freddie E. Williams II, which in this volume takes a turn for the epic, with so many characters and such large-scale fights (for which the colors by Jeremy Colwell are quite complementary).

Does it transcend beyond being a well-realized adaptation of two long-lived properties? Maybe not, but that’s enough. It’s a fun book-much better than we thought it would be. (www.dccomics.com)

Author rating: 7/10

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Average reader rating: 1,418/10


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