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Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer’s Cut)


Oct 17, 2009 Issue #28 Fall 2009 - Monsters of Folk Bookmark and Share

There’s nothing you can say about Monty Python in six hours that can’t be said in the five minutes it takes to re-watch the “Dead Parrot” sketch, but here’s IFC with a brand new documentary featuring new interviews with all surviving Python members, their families and friends, as well as archival photos and video and rarely seen interview footage.

Like The Beatles Anthology 15 years ago, Almost The Truth is a mix of firsthand insights and fanciful retellings of a lot of things you might already know. Yet, as with the Fab Four’s six-hour television phenomenon, there’s so much information crammed in here, that by the end you may not ever want to know anything more on the subject. In that regard it’s a goldmine for fanatics, but also a hindrance to the casual fan. Just like a magician who doesn’t reveal his tricks or a casual diner who doesn’t want to know the dirty mechanics of how a sausage is made, there’s something to be said for keeping secret the gritty inner-workings of comedy. (

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February 10th 2010

Python made fun of the morals and values of culture. And attacked the stereotypes and anything society kept sacred or feared. an example they were attacked an bashed for their film Life of Brian by the Church. Christian Ideals were a constant staple. Meaning of life had the views of sex between Catholics and Protestants.

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August 18th 2010

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May 18th 2018

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Ami Ocelot
September 14th 2018

Monty Python is credited with a sardonic, even cynical edge that took shots at everything proper: pompous barristers, perverted accountants, clenched old women, daffy psychologists, inept military commanders, supercilious news anchors at their desks, who all seemed to represent a ruling class like criminal lawyer Fairfax VA that the writers disdained. But looking at Python in retrospect, one is struck by the ribald joy of the work, the naked romping across the lush literal and metaphorical garden that is England. And about that nakedness, actor Tim Roth and others jump in to note one reason so many little boys tuned into Monty Python: “You had a good shot at seeing some, even a cartoon pair of them”.