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Rhythm Heaven Nintendo DSi


Apr 09, 2010 Web Exclusive Bookmark and Share

I tested Rhythm Heaven for the DSi on the brand-spanking-new DSi XL (that’s the version with the 93% larger screens). Probably a good thing, too: to my way of thinking, the larger screens certainly helped minimize eyestrain. Not sure if they helped with preventing repetitive stress syndrome, as the game only uses a few motions (tap, flick).

Not that Rhythm Heaven is boring by any means; those minimal motions go a long way in navigating the cart’s multitude of fun-and damned frustrating-mini-games. In many ways, this is a prototypical Nintendo game: lower-level oomph on the graphics versus other handhelds (smartphones included), but the company just gets so much more out of less to deliver a cute, immersive, and challenging gaming experience.

Every game is related to music, and certain cues, explained in each respective mini-game, require you to do those flick or tap motions with the stylus on the input touchscreen half of the DSi. If you can get into the beats, and your reflexes allow you to respond in time, you get into a groove, clear many levels, and score lots of “flow points.” But even the slow-fingered should enjoy this casual gaming experience; it’s easy to pick up and play in small increments. There is cumulative payoff in the form of medals, scores, game remixes (which are mash-ups of mini-games that game before), and bonus content that should appeal to the harder-core gamers as well.

The best part of the game is just the inherent goofiness. Monkeys, dancing, pop stars, robots, explosions, glee clubs, Easter Island heads, and much, much more combine to showcase the publisher’s humor along with its keen sense of user interface. For a small taste of the game, even for those without a DSi, check out the game website. (www.rhythmheaven.com)

Author rating: 7/10

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