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Teen Titans #1


Written by Scott Lobdell; Pencils by Brett Booth; Inks by Norm Rapmund; Colors by Andrew Dalhouse; Letters by Carlos M. Mangual; Cover by Booth, Rapmund, & Dalhouse

Sep 29, 2011 DC New 52 Bookmark and Share

The past few runs of Teen Titans were either boring, gimmicky, or filled with sub-standard writing and art. Writer Scott Lobdell (Superboy, Red Hood and the Outlaws) and artist Brett Booth (Justice League of America) seem to understand this team of teenage super-heroes on a deeper level. Thank you New 52 gods. This first issue doesn’t quite possess the drama of Marv Wolfman’s classics Teen Titans run, but it nabs points for trying extra hard to achieve excellence.

Tim Drake (aka Red Robin) is at the center of this issue, following in the tradition of Dick Grayson being the team leader of former teams. Drake’s always been my favorite Robin, partially because I grew up reading his series in the ‘90s. He’s a born leader and is tracking down his super-hero team one-by-one. Thankfully, we’re only truly introduced to Wonder Girl (just don’t call her that!) and Kid Flash. Justice League #1 got this kind of pacing right. The two Legion titles should have followed suit.

The rest of the seven-person team is mentioned in passing as Drake searches his computer database for meta-human news coverage. So, what’s the big plot? Well, as Red Robin states about halfway through the issue, a “clandestine international organization [is] going around plucking up super-powered teenagers.” The N.O.W.H.E.R.E. baddie seems like a grounded villain for the emerging team to beat down. (And I have no clue what N.O.W.H.E.R.E. stands for.)

Bret Booth’s lines are really well done. They’re sketch-like and angular and always kinetic. It’s akin to reading a more mature animated show. Andrew Dalhouse’s vivid colors steal the show, though. His reds and oranges especially leap off the page. It makes sense that he worked on Darkwing Duck. Teen Titans #1 is a pretty solid comic and a welcome surprise for a series that has stumbled quite a bit in recent years. The teens needed a clean slate for a new generation of readers and they got it this week. (www.myspace.com/manifesteternity / www.demonpuppy.blogspot.com)

Author rating: 7/10

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October 7th 2011

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